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New 19-02, 00:15
Sarri now 1.44 (4/9) to be next manager gone, ouch.
New 18-02, 23:03
Smallings pressing was excellent tonight and if Rashford doesn't have 20 Stamina and Workrate on the next update, i'll support Liverpool
New 18-02, 23:00
wolves grrrr i wanted a manchester derby
New 18-02, 22:51
Man City with a pretty sweet path so far - Burnley/Newport/Swans
New 18-02, 22:49
Millwall or Brighton heading to Wembley as is Watford or Palace
New 18-02, 22:48
Worst draw Swans could get and for me - ANYTHING away bar Manc clubs I would have likley gone to
New 18-02, 22:47
tough for Utd
New 18-02, 22:47
Swans at home - that's all they wanted - will be a fecking lively atmos
New 18-02, 22:40
End of the run for The Swans though it looks like!
New 18-02, 22:39
Man City Redders!! Enjoy!
New 18-02, 22:31
Wonder when Alonso will get dropped - constantly at fault for goals recently and offering feck all going forward seemingly
New 18-02, 22:30
Chelsea were in 4 compns but you wouldn't be surprised if they sacked Sarri
New 18-02, 22:29
Chelsea in dire straits - good performance from Utd tonight
New 18-02, 21:56
He is a legend
New 18-02, 21:56
Eve - he's a Sunday league keeper who scored a hattrick whilst playing in the outfield
New 18-02, 21:53
He's Norwegian and so am I. He's a legend.
New 18-02, 21:52
Chelsea lost to Man C 6-0. Hes nothing special
New 18-02, 21:51
New 18-02, 21:50
Solskjśr. What a legend.
New 18-02, 21:30
You’ll win 1300 if they win.
New 18-02, 21:30
evesham, I noticed today that you’re on England in the rugby, you could be back in the game soon!
New 18-02, 21:29
i'll pass, 2nd half soon, game on
New 18-02, 21:27
Google it
New 18-02, 21:23
hi jacob, who's darrel the barrel?
New 18-02, 21:21
I'm sick of both of em
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