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New 18-08, 15:08
Don't feel bad about the fine. Refusal of work means you are right to not pay him salary. Why pay a worker who doesn't show up for work?
New 18-08, 15:07
If he keeps being an asshole just sell him.
New 18-08, 15:07
Do you want to give him a hard time? Discipline player, fine for 2 weeks, reason: unprofesisonal behaviour.
New 18-08, 12:11
absent traininh
New 18-08, 12:10
guys if player always absent what need to do ?
New 18-08, 09:43
New 18-08, 08:39
man city were deffo lucky to escape with a point
New 18-08, 08:38
yo yo yo
New 17-08, 22:11
No fallers so far in Last Man Standing this week!
New 17-08, 21:43
Ah bless - is ZZ deciding to back Bale now?
New 17-08, 21:41
Happy with how Utd have done in pre-season etc Infoooooo?
New 17-08, 21:37
meh. GGMU
New 17-08, 21:20
A good day - was in Cardiff watching NUMBER 1 IN THE WORLD Wales beat England in egg chasing, Pool win and Swans win
New 17-08, 20:07
Clear penalty not given in first half too
New 17-08, 20:07
City should have scored like 7 goals
New 17-08, 19:50
The stats say Spurs should have gotten their asses kicked. Was it that bad?
New 17-08, 19:48
decent point away at city. think we just about shaded it.
New 17-08, 19:42
When it is ready
New 17-08, 19:36
new update release ?
New 17-08, 19:28
Please make it more obvious that they have decided that liverpool shall win the PL