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New 22-07, 16:28
mallon1982 - A solution could be to uninstall the patch and then run it again, this error I believe may come sometimes after running patcher more than one
New 22-07, 15:34
Running as admin? Seems to be the solution for someone with the same problem here:
New 22-07, 15:27
I feel like I followed the steps exactly as I have done in previous downloads. It is a new PC
New 22-07, 15:25
Also a CPP 900 error
New 22-07, 15:25
Hi all has anyone seen this error before v3.9.68t utils.cpp 652
New 22-07, 14:24
just mount the cd
New 22-07, 14:17
Hi guys. Just went to load a save game there and it's asking me to insert CD. I have virtual clone drive app installed but I do not see the drive. What am I missing? Sorry if this has been posted millions of times before
New 22-07, 13:45
No need to apologise - I was actually gonna PM you in case you had't noticed!
New 22-07, 13:38
entered riise - thought i was automatically entered because i wont previous tourny sorry
New 22-07, 12:30
had never heard of it before
New 22-07, 12:29
it seems crazy
New 22-07, 12:27
Good man! I haven't actually tried playing it yet... should be interesting.
New 22-07, 12:08
ok im in
New 22-07, 09:25
Need a few more volunteers for latest arcade tournament...
New 22-07, 07:56
WTF - Awful tackle. Needs more than the usual ban! Prat!
New 22-07, 07:49
wow, disgusting behavior from Gnagnon there
New 22-07, 00:54
ah no - lovely finish by the fella to be fair
New 22-07, 00:54
AGAIN - a foul they ref couldn't be bothered to give - ref had an awful game
New 22-07, 00:53
Last min OG I think and Sevilla win it
New 22-07, 00:50
New 22-07, 00:41
Deserved red card for Sevilla - fucking discusting "tackle"
New 21-07, 23:51
Ever Banega lucky not to have had a 2nd yellow here - some dirty challenges
New 21-07, 23:47
1-1 Origi
New 21-07, 23:44
Some very dirty stuff from Sevilla
New 21-07, 23:40
1-0 Sevilla - deserved - we've been shit after first 10 mins. Hottest day in Boston since 1991 though
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