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New 17-11, 00:57
He fixed a couple of issues. It's not perfect but it's better than anything else and works on Windows 10
New 17-11, 00:56
ah sweet!
New 17-11, 00:39
And it's pretty much the only decent editor for patched savegames
New 17-11, 00:38
It's like CM God, when CM God used to work
New 17-11, 00:38
New 17-11, 00:37
New 17-11, 00:35
I can't wait for the refs to start rolling over
New 17-11, 00:34
New 17-11, 00:34
Leicester looking strong - if they have no injuries/suspensions they'll go close. Few injuries though and will test squad depth. But at the mo, they have that feeling around the club when they won the title
New 17-11, 00:31
He was playing two guys who covered CM/DM and then had a dedicated AM. Now he's swapped that to a dedicated DM and and two guys who cover CM/AM.
New 17-11, 00:30
He's formalised and systematised something that some clubs have been sort of doing for a long time. Gary Neville's most famous moment in an England shirt - crossing for the opener against Scotland in Euro 96 - was overlapping from RCB
New 17-11, 00:26
Wilder is awesome - love his interviews and th way he has them set up
New 17-11, 00:22
And yet this board wouldn't countenance a lower division manager
New 17-11, 00:21
They have some career lower-division players, they're playing through teams but they also have a defensive side
New 17-11, 00:20
It's teams like Sheffield United that West Ham should feel most embarrassed by
New 17-11, 00:19
Ah Ravel - not sure he's played for Sheff Utd yet
New 17-11, 00:19
I think the transfer window doesn't help. I remember when they'd give a kid three months to impress. If he didn't make it, they'd sign an experienced pro in October. Now you need the experienced pro there beforehand
New 17-11, 00:17
But, again, sometimes it feels like when the board sour on you or really like you, it doesn't matter what the manager thinks. They kept Ravel Morrison around despite Allardyce wanting him out.
New 17-11, 00:16
He did OK for Moenchengladbach, Augsburg took him on and then bought him over the summer. Last season, the club were crying out for defenders and defensive midfielders but the couple of games he did play, some people said it wasn't the same player
New 17-11, 00:14
After that, they soured on him and his agent was trying to get him over to Germany and away from the spotlight
New 17-11, 00:13
He went on loan to Reading, didn't impress and it seems the academy people weren't impressed with his application.
New 17-11, 00:13
thats a biggie when they think hey have "made it"
New 17-11, 00:13
And once he got into the first team, his performances in the under-18s/under-23s seemed to suffer. His agent got him a new contract, managed to get 20k per week out of the club
New 17-11, 00:13
meh - could have been like Trent. Must have been more behind it
New 17-11, 00:12
He was 16 when he got into the first team. He was way too young and underdeveloped to actually be in the team. It was a work-in-progress.
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