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New 19-02, 23:51
Not exactly
New 19-02, 23:09
Felix just
New 19-02, 23:09
I dunno, there were chances, but mainly down to odd defending.
New 19-02, 23:06
Very boring game to watch anyway
New 19-02, 23:04
think they tried enough during the game just odd at the end!
New 19-02, 23:02
Yep, delighted there’s no away goal, I’ll take it.
New 19-02, 22:57
Embarrassing for a team like Bayern to not even try to win
New 19-02, 22:55
Why the feck didn't Bayern lump it into the box last minute?! Bizarre! Meh - Bayern were great - worked like badgers. We didn't have the cutting edge tonight but no away goal for them - that could be key
New 19-02, 22:05
I'll never understand the "support another team because they are from your country" mentality
New 19-02, 21:55
If it was Arsenal or Spurs v Madrid though I'd be happy enough if you guys won as ain't a fan of RM
New 19-02, 21:54
There were about 8 nominations - not sure you need to as the "host"
New 19-02, 21:53
Not sure I want any others to WIN it but not arsed about Spurs or Arsenal. Man U, City and Chelsea is another thing though
New 19-02, 21:51
Yeah I felt I had to as nobody else did
New 19-02, 21:50
hi btw
New 19-02, 21:49
Red, how do you feel about other English sides in europe? i'd love to support them, but i just can't. I want you to lose!
New 19-02, 21:48
Helluva half that - feel as though we should be ahead but they are dangerous
New 19-02, 21:48
T'was OK apart from the host putting in a suggestion
New 19-02, 21:00
Did you enjoy the Ban this Filth update redders
New 19-02, 20:56
very odd he doesn't even now play Kante DM
New 19-02, 20:48
Now he's wedded to 4-3-3. It makes no sense.
New 19-02, 20:48
They might give him cup final. After that he's gone I reckon
New 19-02, 20:48
I understand why people are frustrated. He won't change his system, he won't change certain players. He left Empoli and went to Napoli as a 4-3-1-2 manager and then was convinced by the president to try 4-3-3
New 19-02, 20:46
Too early
New 19-02, 20:46
I somehow doubt it
New 19-02, 20:43
Are Chelsea seriously going to sack Sarri?
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