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New 20-05, 23:48
AMC can i replay against redknap and ray please both had red cards and i couldnt score seems some setup against me ? lol
New 20-05, 22:50
New 20-05, 22:44
CML up guys
New 20-05, 21:30
Oh, you noticed that too...
New 20-05, 20:52
New 20-05, 20:51
The most furtful thing about CM0102 is that the Netherlands win the world cup, like, all the time.
New 20-05, 20:50
Weirdest I've seen in this game is Switzerland in two consecutive world cup finals
New 20-05, 20:50
New 20-05, 20:50
League 2
New 20-05, 20:49
Depends on what league they were in. I've seen Coventry become champs of the Premier League three times in a row. This game...
New 20-05, 20:36
bit of a drop that
New 20-05, 20:35
Northern Ireland just hired Neil Lennon as manager, had a look at his history: Celtic - Crystal Palace - Celtic - Newcastle... Hereford
New 20-05, 20:33
...never heard of him
New 20-05, 20:32
Almost have to sign him :p
New 20-05, 20:32
My scout just found a Scottish midfielder called Mark Kerr
New 20-05, 20:31
arhhh, that's sad... imagine the echo...
New 20-05, 20:22
47250 capacity, 1251 average :p
New 20-05, 20:20
The joys of being a 3rd division team with a 45k stadium (Queen's Park)
New 20-05, 20:20
My board are keen to point out that the financial situation could be better, so the obvious thing to do is filling up the backroom staff and go hunting for more players to sign in january
New 20-05, 20:17
New 20-05, 20:14
I've bene looking for scouts with 20 in physiotherapy
New 20-05, 20:14
I've been wondering why no scouts showed up in the staff search
New 20-05, 20:13
New 20-05, 20:01
Yeah the series stays pretty close to the books as far as I can tell.
New 20-05, 20:00
Of course there's more to it than that, but if I had to summarize, that'd be it.
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