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New 26-05, 12:22
Beat the Best updated
New 26-05, 11:40
morning/afternoon fellas
New 26-05, 00:01
the oppositions conversion rate always seems to be 90%
New 26-05, 00:00
New 25-05, 23:59
just played 21 chances scored 3!
New 25-05, 23:58
They are persistent
New 25-05, 23:58
Spammer banned and threads removed
New 25-05, 23:51
New 25-05, 23:49
with the new update most teams play 433 with the out side forwards coming inside
New 25-05, 23:48
from what ive looked up the best generally seems to be 4132. although having more possetion and more chances i cant convert even with world class strikers?
New 25-05, 23:47
but currently I prefer the very formation u are playing with one forward lying deep
New 25-05, 23:44
there is no simple answer to that... depends on sooo many things...
New 25-05, 23:41
ill give it a go but im sure i already have. whats the best formation and tatic in your opinion?
New 25-05, 23:39
u could try playing 1 man up front and 1 behind him instead of 2 strikers flat...
New 25-05, 23:37
yea, it's a common thng with that formation...
New 25-05, 23:32
man utd, 4132 just started playing the updated version but had the same problem years ago... goals would only come from the midfield???
New 25-05, 23:28
Who and how do u play them ?
New 25-05, 23:24
got a strikers just dont score goals???
New 25-05, 23:12
Seems like the spammer is at again...
New 25-05, 22:42
That was exactly what I was looking for! TYVM =D
New 25-05, 22:34
And welcome btw
New 25-05, 22:33
There's many more options on that patcher too
New 25-05, 22:33
Pancake, with this patcher you can increase the game speed which also increase the commentary speed:
New 25-05, 22:18
Hmm maybe so, just saw last 15 minutes or so. In stoppage time Valencia missed two sitters though
New 25-05, 22:16
Hi, Im new here Does anyone know if there is a download for the game, where I can speed up the commentaries?
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