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New 26-03, 17:24
I did give it a go when the idea was first discovered. Became too much of a pain to make sure my home PC was always turned on!
New 26-03, 16:58
" anyone using teamviewer to play on the phone?? lolololol" - I also do it sometimes, lol
New 26-03, 16:43
anyone using teamviewer to play on the phone?? lolololol
New 26-03, 16:42
New 26-03, 13:35
afternoon geekzoids
New 26-03, 13:19
And don't select Swedish 2nd Division if you're on .68
New 26-03, 13:13
Kloot29: try this one
New 26-03, 13:11
Or you can try using a non-UK VPN if you're desperate.
New 26-03, 13:09
I should have it on my home laptop, will upload it tonight.
New 26-03, 13:09
Are you in the UK? Seems Zippyshare is blocked here
New 26-03, 12:56
Morning all, I've just dowloaded the game.. again.. on my old laptop, done the .68 patch and want to use the Lussenhoff update. but the zippyshare wont work. Anyway around this
New 26-03, 12:32
80GBP donated this month
New 26-03, 10:22
Never got a work perm
New 26-03, 10:22
Don't stress riise - I haven't either
New 26-03, 10:21
Tuesday = vipers day!
New 26-03, 09:55
I don't think I've ever had Tsigalko.
New 26-03, 09:54
Guys, I know this is a judgement-free space... I have a confession...
New 26-03, 09:50
Stupid Tuesday.
New 26-03, 01:18
And Maxim can't get a work permit yet
New 26-03, 01:18
His brother isn't on .60, only on .68
New 26-03, 00:55
or his brother is in the sticks for me in my Swans story
New 26-03, 00:54
Anyone got Maxim yet?
New 26-03, 00:48
We haven't played eachother yet
New 26-03, 00:48
Well I'm 13-1-0 top of the league and OT is 12-3-0 right behind, but I got a game in hand
New 26-03, 00:48
Ah yes
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