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New 17-10, 15:04
Mark to the rescue. I'm so looking forward to the 32nd!
New 17-10, 14:50
all lies, it's out the 32nd of Octomber, everyone knows that!
New 17-10, 14:16
well done...thank you man,I forgot password for my old account so I created new one.
New 17-10, 14:15
Wondered why you couldn't open the page, lendovan. Your account hasn't been activated after registration. I've done it for you so you should be able to view now.
New 17-10, 14:14
Huh? It's 20th October. That means it'll be released in 3 days. Not in the next 3-4 days.
New 17-10, 14:14
So I expect it will be released in next 3-4 days...
New 17-10, 14:09
Release dates 17-10-15, 23-10-16, 29-10-17, 21-10-19
New 17-10, 14:09
Oh that's quicker than I expected. Good busy.
New 17-10, 14:05
So 20-11-19 is release date? Can't open this page.
New 17-10, 14:00
It's in the preview thread - 20th October:
New 17-10, 13:59
Two weeks???tnx mate
New 17-10, 13:55
When the team thinks it's ready. I'd guess about two weeks, but I'm not part of the team.
New 17-10, 13:53
When can we expect new data update?
New 17-10, 10:25
Also a couple of spaces still in latest arcade tournament!:
New 17-10, 10:24
Saturday football and Rugby World Cup up in 0102Bet if anyone fancies a dabble
New 17-10, 07:35
Reports that Allegri is incoming
New 17-10, 06:39
Utd should definitely buy more players. Sure, what's the worst that could happen?
New 16-10, 20:48
De Gea, Shaw, Lindelof, Maguire, AWB, Pogba, McTominay, Mata, Rashford, Martial, James.... yes its not class of 92 class, but enough in that side to be doing better than they are.
New 16-10, 20:45
Maybe they should do as I did on Fifa with Real. Bought Mbappé, De Ligt, Robertson, Eriksen, Dybala etc
New 16-10, 20:44
Players, management and owners
New 16-10, 20:44
Problem lies not with the players. But more with the tactics and management.
New 16-10, 20:43
At this pace, United will be a bottom team soon
New 16-10, 20:43
But an improvement has to take place ASAP
New 16-10, 20:43
Clearly, when it has gotten worse and worse for 6 years straight
New 16-10, 20:43
Zenden wasn't too bad.. not great, but not awful.
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