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New 17-10, 19:02
In my game Koeman just got fired in 2019 for not qualifying for Euro 2020. Cant blame them, he didnt call up De Ligt, De Jong and Van de Beek. Im given the opportunity to fix this now
New 17-10, 19:01
That's always a bit awkward ya
New 17-10, 18:48
I'm paying less than his value ffs....
New 17-10, 18:47
signing a guy with an unprotected contract. He's worth 450K, compensation will be 325K... i'm Juventus.... board cancels it because they think the offer is unrealistic
New 17-10, 18:47
stupid game....
New 17-10, 18:44
Great stuff on DTL today. Sad to see 2 people leaving tho
New 17-10, 18:43
Hi Mark
New 17-10, 18:43
I'll stay in CML
New 17-10, 18:42
AMC you convinced me
New 17-10, 18:42
On VP now if any FIFA lads fancy a game
New 17-10, 18:19
Well I think that's the main reason to do it here.... take money away from criminal groups.... sell and tax it like alcohol
New 17-10, 18:15
Legal Cannabis lowered crime in The Netherlands. A few years back they shortly introduced a pass which only Dutch people could get. Dealers started showing up, selling to tourists, so that plan got cancelled.
New 17-10, 14:02
It's like the Ralls debate all over again Bet the Cyprus manager didn't complain about it like Warnock did
New 17-10, 13:54
Probably worth it in the 96th minute, guessing a draw in Slovenia is a good result for Cyprus.
New 17-10, 13:53
Haha nice.
New 17-10, 13:52
Took one for the team
New 17-10, 13:49
New 17-10, 13:49
What the bloody hell was the Cyprus captain doing with this challenge? Ball long gone and just took the player out!
New 17-10, 13:48
Cannabis legal in Canada as of today.... don't think it'll change much
New 17-10, 12:02
Well that's it then, two managers are now fired from the DTL!
New 17-10, 11:34
New 17-10, 11:31
sorry lads. been on it all weekend and a group of scottish lads on tour who are premier league drinkers is not good for following what is going on in the rest of life
New 17-10, 11:14
Had a few missing for CML too
New 17-10, 09:40
Missing 5 managers actually ebfatz/drkshadow1 will be resigned if they don't post today. Not like they haven't had enough strikes
New 17-10, 09:39
It's today mate, get it posted ASAP or just post stick
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