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New 19-08, 11:02
now hopefully Man Utd win in convincing fashion
New 18-08, 21:37
LAST MAN STANDING is back - deadline next Saturday - takes you 1 min per week to play! -
New 18-08, 20:51
Ball like glue to his feet - cracking player - Arsenal missed 3 sitters from 5 yards though!
New 18-08, 20:49
yea, he just keeps getting better doesn't he... a joy to watch
New 18-08, 20:42
aha no i wont, only a saturday thing for me. crazy game, hazard looked very good when he came on
New 18-08, 20:35
cheers jonny - don't get hooked now to be fair Chelski deserved that win - Arsenal are way off
New 18-08, 20:24
i cheered chelsea on today, last team on my 5fold acca for 430quid. first time i've won a decent bet in about 2 years lol
New 18-08, 20:09
That Arsenal v Chelsea was a mad game - crazy 1st half - shame Chelsea won it
New 18-08, 16:58
Least cardiff have more points than West Ham, Arsenal, Brighton, Fulham and Huddersfield
New 18-08, 16:26
New 18-08, 16:26
true enoguh
New 18-08, 16:26
New 18-08, 15:54
cardiff will be back with swansea next season in championship
New 18-08, 15:48
welcome to PL>
New 18-08, 15:48
New 18-08, 15:20
yea agreed, Kenedy's game was so awful he just had to miss
New 18-08, 14:58
Fair result in the end I guess. Would have loved Shelvey to get the winner against them though
New 18-08, 14:57
No idea why Shelvey didn't take the FK or Pen
New 18-08, 14:29
one of the worst performances I've ever seen in the premier league...
New 18-08, 14:27
New 18-08, 13:20
what a scramble in Cardiff... loads of power and pace but zero composure...
New 18-08, 12:48
hi eve
New 18-08, 12:43
hi guys, CMCZ I'll do Spain most likely Tuesday
New 18-08, 12:12
that was actually funny
New 18-08, 12:12