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New 18-07, 23:16
Liverpool fans now: well it is part of the natural development of the football to buy the worlds most expensive defender and goalkeeper in history within 7 months
New 18-07, 23:15
Liverpool fans some years ago: It is such a disgrace to buy the mot expensive players! Fuck City, Chelsea and United
New 18-07, 22:30
another sander westervveld then, they called him Peg...he was always on his line
New 18-07, 21:59
and shot stopping which at top level isnt good enough
New 18-07, 21:58
I really like Ederson last year. Aggressive starting positions. Brave, great distribution and good shot stopper. I'd probably have De Gea over him just, but not Allison for me. From watching him I think he is glued to his line and relies on his size
New 18-07, 21:33
Ederson aint all that IMO
New 18-07, 21:33
They're both really good keepers.... I just think Alisson is slighty better at actually being a goalie while Ederson is slightly better with the ball at his feet
New 18-07, 21:23
Ederson is so overrated
New 18-07, 21:23
He's much better trunky
New 18-07, 21:11
he's not as good as ederson
New 18-07, 21:06
Don't forget, at 25, he's just starting to get into his good GK years
New 18-07, 21:05
I think so. I watched him at Roma and at the WC.... I think he's going to be one of the top keepers in the world in a year or two.... I don't like that you bought him because it just boosted your team a lot
New 18-07, 20:57
Alisson had 1 good season for Roma from what I can see (and then we stuck 7 past him in CL) - is he really that good?
New 18-07, 20:34
De Gea? My dad is convinced he did cover himself in $$$ if nothing else
New 18-07, 19:26
After the success of the World Cup Game I did recently I've come up with a new format:
New 18-07, 18:56
I'm a goalie.... I don't want the ball anywhere near my feet.... I want it far away from me.... pass back to me if you have to and I'll deal with it.... but it should be rare
New 18-07, 18:53
Too much is made of goalies being good with their feet.... yes, it can be useful, but shot stopping and being solid in the air are the most important factors.... and Alisson is better than Ederson in both those categories
New 18-07, 18:51
u reading my thoughts?
New 18-07, 18:50
ederson is better for me. Much better at coming off his line and with his feet. Allison possibly better shot stopper. But id rather have ederson behind me
New 18-07, 18:49
hmm i prefer Edison and surprised he wasn't Brazil's no. 1
New 18-07, 18:45
Alisson? He's pretty damn good and only going to get better
New 18-07, 18:43
I know he played in the WC but anyone think he's better than Edison?
New 18-07, 18:39
but remember that the press ripped de Gea when he first came over too
New 18-07, 18:39
Unless he puts in a string of solid performances first
New 18-07, 18:34
If he makes one mistake the tabloids will ruin him
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