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New 10-12, 23:49
New 10-12, 23:40
You're very wrong GFRay but ya right about a new challenge soon
New 10-12, 16:58
New 10-12, 16:15
nope, yr right. We're almost done!
New 10-12, 15:59
AMC: correct me here if I'm wrong
New 10-12, 15:59
The Challenge team is far advanced with a new challenge and I think they will release something soon
New 10-12, 15:58
New 10-12, 14:44
New 10-12, 14:44
Do we know if tehre are any plans for a new official challenge with the new DB?
New 10-12, 14:08
New 10-12, 14:08
I do a bit of IT work here and there ti
New 10-12, 14:06
Trying to get it up again
New 10-12, 14:05
I run a radio show nowadays and assist in running premier league fantasy site TOGGA.
New 10-12, 13:31
oh good. Monday meetings are the best. Already had three.
New 10-12, 13:30
I'm at work, but between meetings
New 10-12, 13:29
don't you people have work to do?
New 10-12, 13:28
I've got family in Melbourne that are at the same time
New 10-12, 13:27
Yeah so that's a 10 hour difference
New 10-12, 13:10
AEST time
New 10-12, 13:09
11pm right now
New 10-12, 13:06
What time is it for you know? How much hours are you ahead?
New 10-12, 12:50
New game for me tomorrow. Sevilla on Oct 18
New 10-12, 12:47
I know. Anytime from like 8:15am onwards this weekend works for me
New 10-12, 12:43
Not sure when I got time for Skype as there's a big time difference
New 10-12, 12:43
I'll get back to you later this week
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