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New 18-03, 15:06
3 of them heavily injured
New 18-03, 15:06
3 dead, 9 injured
New 18-03, 14:47
Possibly more suspects
New 18-03, 14:47
They're looking for a 37 y/o Turkish lad now
New 18-03, 14:46
Still unconfirmed CF
New 18-03, 14:39
I see that 1 was killed
New 18-03, 14:35
No news about casualties, at least no confirmed new
New 18-03, 14:35
They're still looking for the gun men
New 18-03, 14:35
Still much unclear
New 18-03, 14:17
nevermind all the actual casualties and horror stories, let's find some random Norwegian that COULD have been hit!
New 18-03, 14:16
Norwegian media: "Sofie (24) was supposed to take the tram today, but has the day off!" hahaha oh lord.. if my boss told me to write such a story I would be sooooo ashamed.
New 18-03, 14:14
Opening fire against civilians - pretty much the definition of 'terrorist' right there. No matter the background - if you do something like that you're f'ed up and terrorising people.
New 18-03, 14:13
New 18-03, 12:35
Possible terrorist attack in Utrecht, Holland...
New 18-03, 10:55
New DB is almost upon us! Very exciting
New 18-03, 10:18
Int'l footie now then is it - friendlies/qualifiers etc?
New 18-03, 10:18
I went to see Wales winning the GRAND SLAM - was also decent
New 18-03, 09:55
Went to see Captain Marvel yesterday, it was decent
New 18-03, 09:55
New 18-03, 09:53
And maybe a new update week
New 18-03, 09:48
Morning All - here's to a new week
New 17-03, 22:31
Omfg! Messi with the cutest of goals
New 17-03, 20:38
Babel’s goal may as well have been a van Dijk own goal.
New 17-03, 20:37
Might seem a soft pen but they brought it on themselves.
New 17-03, 20:37
I don’t know why Fulham keeper did it - clear foul
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