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New 16-07, 22:01
Yes thanks Redders, planning how I can move here
New 16-07, 21:28
Thank you Redknapp69 ;-)
New 16-07, 21:24
I have done it for you now though
New 16-07, 21:23
Yes - we made a change
New 16-07, 21:21
A few months ago I succesfully downloaded march 2018 data update. Do I need to activate my account again?
New 16-07, 21:03
I mean Riise
New 16-07, 21:03
Having a good time Felix?
New 16-07, 20:56
Need to activate your account
New 16-07, 20:21
Why don´t I have permission to download March 2019 Data Update?
New 16-07, 18:59
Hola from sunny Spain... I'm an extremely burnt man.
New 16-07, 16:39
info0 that'll be just like PES then
New 16-07, 15:42
jedai - you should be good
New 16-07, 13:27
FIFA 20 will not have Juventus FC. It will have to be rebranded to Piemonte Calcio, the logo will also have to be changed.
New 16-07, 13:27
New 16-07, 07:52
please activate my account
New 16-07, 07:51
Can we please ban all non-activated accounts from the SB?