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New 18-10, 18:01
Good to see you back Geoff. Hope you are well
New 18-10, 15:47
That's the goal with life though.... keep progressing every day. Even when you get to a point where you are happy and content, you need to keep going so you don't stagnate and fall back
New 18-10, 15:43
I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm making steady progress
New 18-10, 15:41
Excellent news
New 18-10, 15:41
Things are starting to look good again
New 18-10, 15:41
Better and better
New 18-10, 15:41
How's life treating you?
New 18-10, 15:40
Hello CF
New 18-10, 15:36
Hey Geoff
New 18-10, 15:03
Good stuff. I'm not bad at all... better in 72 minutes when I get to go home
New 18-10, 14:58
Het riise, I'm okay thanks. How are you?
New 18-10, 14:56
Hey Geoff, how you doing?
New 18-10, 14:48
Good afternoon
New 18-10, 12:58
Had to stop myself starting a new game last weekend, no point!
New 18-10, 12:58
New 18-10, 12:43
Not yet
New 18-10, 12:43
New 18-10, 12:04
i would like know if it's possible to download the October data base ?
New 18-10, 12:03
New 18-10, 09:30
Oh yeah, join the tourny, I need something to do on Sunday
New 18-10, 09:29
Still 2 slots open in the arcade tournament guys -
New 18-10, 09:28
New 18-10, 09:17
New 18-10, 08:38
We did it, guys... we made it to Friday again!
New 18-10, 06:03
Hi guys Is there anyone interested for an online career?
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