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New 12-12, 00:23
Inter fooked up a big chance to go through but I think PSV have done well in that group in quite a lot of the games
New 12-12, 00:22
Should have been 8 tonight
New 11-12, 23:15
great performance from Spurs, they are a joy to watch
New 11-12, 23:02
Serie a really confirming its status as a tin pot league alright
New 11-12, 22:57
English teams woohoo
New 11-12, 22:35
Liverpool wasting a lot of chances
New 11-12, 22:05
don't away goals play it to it as well? I never remember the rules for all these competitions....
New 11-12, 21:58
And it's head to head. Not that that devalues your point but just sayin
New 11-12, 21:56
Yeah ok, we are a long way off winning the CL though.
New 11-12, 21:55
It doesn't matter how you go through as long as you do. No one says "remember 10 years ago when we won the CL? Pity we don't deserve it as we made it through the group stages by losing but finishing second on goal difference"
New 11-12, 21:26
Tough group though, shouldn't complain advancing from it
New 11-12, 21:24
Yeah not really a fan of going through this way. Wouldn't really deserve it.
New 11-12, 21:22
Relax mate, no trolling. Guess you are still through atm as Inter is trailing too?
New 11-12, 21:21
I'm obviously referring to the 8 international players they've got in the team. Stop trolling
New 11-12, 21:20
But still confident he is world class?
New 11-12, 21:18
Never seen him play to be honest
New 11-12, 21:17
Munir world class?
New 11-12, 21:17
How is Virgil v Dijk not sent off for that?
New 11-12, 21:13
Who cares? still world class talent everywhere.
New 11-12, 21:12
This is hardly their best side though Coys
New 11-12, 21:11
ouch, poor young man... that left back
New 11-12, 20:30
People writing Barcelona off are ridiculous... im a spurs fan and im having to argue with somebody who thinks Arthur Melo isn't better than Winks or Sissoko... fuck me
New 11-12, 20:29
Weak barcelona side that cost around 350m... ok then
New 11-12, 20:11
Is it any way to change the number of percent you can get for future sales?
New 11-12, 18:49
I never play friendlies for that very reason
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