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New 23-07, 21:22
Glad I did have a practice - made me go fetch my mouse!
New 23-07, 20:57
Matt - if you are running as admin then you probably haven't copied the data files across correctly - you need to copy, paste and OVERWRITE - and you need to do that for the next "x" (usually about 32+) conflicts - it will say that in bottom left corner
New 23-07, 20:39
Holy shit it's the Man himself. How are you, Beez?
New 23-07, 19:47
you'll probably beat me in a practice game
New 23-07, 19:40
Oh yeah I should probably see what that game's about, eve!
New 23-07, 19:37
Whats up Beezer
New 23-07, 19:22
Evening bawbags
New 23-07, 19:21
Yes Matt... as Redders said, you need to install and run everything as an admin
New 23-07, 18:46
any help ?
New 23-07, 18:42
for example rio is in the utd squad which is a na update but no 2019 squad
New 23-07, 18:41
iam running as adminstrator but it stills comes up with the old squad
New 23-07, 18:36
time to KO me in the tournie riise
New 23-07, 18:30
Run the game as administrator
New 23-07, 18:28
hi guys i installed the march update but it still coming with the players from 20022003
New 23-07, 16:49
Dav - I messaged you on twitter as well
New 23-07, 15:50
yup. Missed a step in the process
New 23-07, 15:47
I see Dermotron has replied in the thread to you, Dav:
New 23-07, 15:30
trying to get the march 2019 update to work but keep getting an error v3.9.60 index..cpp 5773
New 23-07, 15:29
sorry guys need some help please
New 23-07, 14:44
in good company then.
New 23-07, 14:43
it's ok jacob did that exact thing when red proposed the ex betis player as the biggest flop
New 23-07, 14:41
One game in three years, he's 31 now.
New 23-07, 14:41
I know you didn't mean Arsenal Denilson but that made me look what he's up to... not much!
New 23-07, 14:27
He's the new Denilson!
New 23-07, 10:53
Some price though
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