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New 27-06, 09:13
Marko, good luck mate! One of your main demands should be that you're allowed to do CM stuff at work
New 27-06, 09:12
Good luck, pal. Easier said than done, but don't worry about it!
New 27-06, 09:10
Good luck Mark
New 27-06, 09:06
Morning! Got an interview today Well, I say interview but it's more of a pre-interview with a recruitment agency for them to then pass my details on to a company. Still doesn't stop me feeling nervous though, not looked for other jobs for 15 years!
New 27-06, 01:46
Ok - time to
New 27-06, 01:45
Wahahahah - I'm playing Argentina soon with Ecuador - hope Rochdale don't mind!
New 27-06, 01:44
still bottom though as 23rd place Oldham win 3-0 to 5th place Colchester!
New 27-06, 01:40
Game 2 for Rochdale - a 3-1 win against top of the table Bradford
New 27-06, 01:34
nice mate
New 27-06, 01:33
matchday 2, It's a proud day for the Lopez family as 6 of them start, with one on the bench:
New 27-06, 01:31
1.8m in debt. but sold a fella worth 90k for 350k - decent start to cutting the debt!
New 27-06, 01:27
New 27-06, 01:26
like the player ratings
New 27-06, 01:26
what stats?
New 27-06, 01:25
what was the stats of your defence last game?
New 27-06, 01:25
I once saw West Brom in the mid 90s, and they had something like 8 players called Paul in their team
New 27-06, 01:24
prob in story section or binned stories
New 27-06, 01:24
New 27-06, 01:24
New 27-06, 01:24
with the names?
New 27-06, 01:24
Steve's at Stevenage
New 27-06, 01:24
I've only loaded the Spanish leagues. Was gonna try and do it in the first seaosn, but the tranfer window closes in a few days; only managed to get one more Lopez
New 27-06, 01:24
think a couple of guys started (but not finished) similar before
New 27-06, 01:23
would be a great story if u got a regen called lopez lopez
New 27-06, 01:22
like 147 is the whole game db is not a huge pool
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