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New 19-01, 00:43
Oh wait
New 19-01, 00:43
Saturday morning club!
New 18-01, 23:57
Sorry Ebz - is quite funny at start of Doc they are saying - yeah - we'll go up automatic - Episode 4 and Coleman just arrived. Bit odd that he left
New 18-01, 23:49
New 18-01, 23:49
Damn Mackems!
New 18-01, 23:24
While doing Brexit Challenge!
New 18-01, 23:23
Watching the Sunderland 'til I die doc on Netflix - quite good actually!
New 18-01, 22:03
Friday night club!
New 18-01, 17:30
New 18-01, 17:23
New 18-01, 17:21
New 18-01, 17:13
I was like "I don't remember saying that..."
New 18-01, 17:13
AMC you font stealer!
New 18-01, 17:09
I doubt many brazilian lower division clubs have many players to begin with anyway
New 18-01, 17:09
may be worth making them not needed first so when they're released the board doesn't see an indispensible/important player being released and block it but someone not needed
New 18-01, 17:08
if you retire they don't block them from what I remember, been years since I did it though
New 18-01, 17:05
Actually thinking about it - the board get involved if there's not enough players in the squad
New 18-01, 17:00
Wouldn't most of the releases be blocked? Is that a thing or am I thinking of Football Manager?
New 18-01, 16:52
im tempted to do a sell/release players game in a big club.
New 18-01, 16:52
i need to get champman working on my laptop again
New 18-01, 16:52
I'll try that Dermo, if that doesn't work I'll bodge it as you said AMC
New 18-01, 16:45
also make it more difficult as the club would have had to have paid for all the releases
New 18-01, 16:44
if you are on Win10 you will need to right click on the Data folder > Properties > Security and change the USERs profile to have full edit rights
New 18-01, 16:44
let the game continue for a day after retiring and adding the new manager
New 18-01, 16:44
Just take over a team in the bottom league, release everyone on a free and retire that manager, the releases will all go through then you can add a manger to that club and you've got no staff or players
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