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New 17-08, 19:41
Countries like Wales, Northern Ireland and Spain still need to be done
New 17-08, 19:41
We are coming closer, but yet help is still very welcome:
New 17-08, 17:47
New 17-08, 17:47
I mean who else writes 'dzs' for English 'j' sound
New 17-08, 17:46
well now you know!
New 17-08, 17:17
but never thought she was Hungarian
New 17-08, 17:17
yeah that's what I thought about her name inscription
New 17-08, 16:55
but yeah she is really good
New 17-08, 16:55
of course it's not a German name her dad played for the Hungarian nt
New 17-08, 14:25
Rapinoe, Rapinoe, Rapinoe.. Any thoughts on Marozsan? I don't particulary think it's German name, but damn, she is good
New 17-08, 12:11
Putin bribed refs?
New 17-08, 12:10
Zenit got like 3 pens in ET didnt they?
New 17-08, 12:03
New 17-08, 12:02
Concede 4 goals in ET against 10 men is not exactly serious either though
New 17-08, 11:28
and Allegri leaves Khedira instead... WTF?!
New 17-08, 11:27
but Juventus is far worse in how they treat their players... Forcing Marchisio to go is cruel :/
New 17-08, 11:27
Juventus is a joke of a club. I thought Real was bad
New 17-08, 11:27
New 17-08, 10:49
If their goal had stood in 90 mins it could have been a different story.
New 17-08, 10:48
In fairness it went to extra time and the last couple of goals Minsk had gone home.
New 17-08, 10:01
Not surprising
New 17-08, 08:45
Judging by the comment section there was some politics to that Zenit-Dynamo game.. something about gas supply (people keep referring to "Gasprom" and "gifts")...
New 17-08, 06:53
Keeper an absolute joke. And they gave away multiple penalties too
New 16-08, 22:03
Although I've just seen the final scoreline ...
New 16-08, 22:02
The other just looked flukey
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