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New 22-10, 22:10
1 more player needed forr latest arcade tournament -
New 22-10, 22:00
OK - I end up winning the latest round of "Last Man Standing" after Arsenal win - round 5 is ready to go - anyone can enter and takes you 1 minute per week to play -
New 22-10, 21:26
Cracking couple of goals fair play
New 22-10, 21:25
What a lovely lovely goal by Arsenal
New 22-10, 18:33
I checked for u villano, re-install it has histories for championship now
New 22-10, 16:59
are the championship player histories sorted yet? should i reinstall yet or not
New 22-10, 15:05
If you've got a patch installed, uninstall it. There's no patch released yet for the new update.
New 22-10, 15:01
someone can help me please
New 22-10, 15:01
stop running when load the game databasde why
New 22-10, 15:00
do not work with the nem update
New 22-10, 15:00
hy friend i need help
New 22-10, 12:54
Paulinho from Leverkusen OFC
New 22-10, 12:53
Nice to see upgraded Luka Hovic and Paulinho - they deserved it
New 22-10, 12:01
New 22-10, 10:28
Biggest game of the season in my Swansea story against league leaders Man Utd. Win this and we could go on and win the league for the first ever time -
New 22-10, 09:16
Saturn will release all being well in next 2 weeks or so
New 22-10, 09:16
It won't. saturn will have to make a new patch to make it compatible, it usually follows within a week or two.
New 22-10, 09:09
when will it works with saturn patch v5?
New 22-10, 09:04
Morning all! Great to see the data update got released last night