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New 20-01, 01:46
New 19-01, 22:52
Nice 1-0 win for Swans as well
New 19-01, 22:52
Fabion - not sure it's a playable league - maybe look in patches area to see if anyone has done anything with it/ask
New 19-01, 22:51
Felix - Palace scoring 3 at Anfield isn't exactly giving us the game now is it
New 19-01, 22:43
hi guys, i have a question, im with the new October 2018 Data Update and Tapani 2.21.1 Patch. I would like to play in China League but it doesn't appear. Is there any way to put it on the game? best regards, btw im new here.
New 19-01, 18:14
Another game where a team comes to Anfield and gives away 3 points for absolutely free then
New 19-01, 17:52
I can't seem to get the Oct update working @jacobclear
New 19-01, 17:50
2-0 up then fluffed it
New 19-01, 17:50
I need a Hull winner for my bet
New 19-01, 17:25
"Moaninho" I like that, ahahahha
New 19-01, 17:13
Pogba finally seems like Pogba and not dimwit under Moaninho
New 19-01, 17:13
bt with much better players at hand
New 19-01, 17:13
seems Man Utd under him follows similar style
New 19-01, 17:12
Molde played fun football, with emphasis on youth
New 19-01, 17:12
ever since his Molde debut as manager
New 19-01, 17:12
well, Ole always fascinated me as coach in United
New 19-01, 17:12
New 19-01, 16:12
Pm me any Qs or info
New 19-01, 16:08
Then again id only miss out on one guy
New 19-01, 16:07
Have to be March 18? Oct 18 is better
New 19-01, 16:06
Who would you take?
New 19-01, 16:06
Yeah that should be fine
New 19-01, 16:05
English Prem?
New 19-01, 16:05
What leagues?
New 19-01, 16:05
Will pm you of any complications
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