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New 22-05, 17:39
New 22-05, 17:37
Ok thank you very much
New 22-05, 16:46
yep, and if it's still showing as semi pro after the game updates it'll be your "own" contract that is still part time so you'll have to amend it with a saved game editor.
New 22-05, 16:45
Bolanos, full time contracts to all players and staff I think.
New 22-05, 16:30
Hi. Is there any way to change the club semi to pro?
New 22-05, 13:32
How? :oDDD
New 22-05, 13:29
much easier to use
New 22-05, 13:29
you should use postimage mate
New 22-05, 13:22
New 22-05, 13:22
nothing hapend
New 22-05, 13:13
argh some some problems uploading images
New 22-05, 13:08
hehe post what you want mate, it will be interesting for some
New 22-05, 12:59
If you have some time ... we should discuss here before posting ... maybe some of them are really not interesting :oP
New 22-05, 12:58
New 22-05, 12:58
post in there Death
New 22-05, 12:58
New 22-05, 12:57
Who is managing those stuff ? Where to send it?
New 22-05, 12:55
Have some screenshots on my disk ... perhaps some is unique :oP
New 22-05, 12:55
Yo crew
New 22-05, 11:05
Well that depends Jay. If I get another reduction than yes
New 22-05, 11:00
The write ups were ready to post yesterday and I considered posting them and updating with the bonuses today but thought it better to do all at once. Practically everything that could go wrong in past 24hrs has
New 22-05, 10:59
just the powerpack gone Ray?
New 22-05, 10:57
hehe trunky, nice one Jay
New 22-05, 10:46
about time...
New 22-05, 10:38
Lovely The Scout Story update will be out tonight.
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