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New 19-05, 12:36
New 19-05, 12:24
It's up
New 19-05, 12:15
I'm off on an oval ball sportsmans dinner, so will do BTB tomorrow as won't be in any fit state to check it today
New 19-05, 12:12
early bird Ray
New 19-05, 12:11
Beat the Best coming up lads
New 19-05, 12:10
New 19-05, 12:05
Foster said he’d refuse to play if picked ahead of Gomes... wasn’t be a great guy, he knew
New 19-05, 11:55
morning fellas, city struggled then
New 19-05, 11:18
Kompany player-manager at Anderlecht, nice little curveball!
New 19-05, 09:14
Glad sweden didnt win though
New 19-05, 08:43
New 19-05, 08:43
UK's dude wasn't that bad actually, but Europe wanted to make a statement because of Brexit
New 19-05, 08:43
And holy fucking shit what is Madonna awful at singing live
New 19-05, 08:42
So we are the deserved winner
New 19-05, 08:42
Sweden was good, if you look at song quality the Dutch has the best song by miles
New 19-05, 00:11
Netherlands win - meh - Sweden should have got it
New 18-05, 23:53
It’s been this way since I was a kid - presumably before that even.
New 18-05, 23:46
Europe hate us in Eurovision these days
New 18-05, 22:54
New 18-05, 22:29
update what?
New 18-05, 22:25
im having a nightmare trying to update this....
New 18-05, 19:39
off the pub in an hour, no doubt the city glory hunters will still be out
New 18-05, 19:36
did she eck
New 18-05, 19:33
she moved on from you ages ago mate, didn't she tell you?
New 18-05, 19:30
tell your auntie, we're finished
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