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New 15-11, 12:31
New 15-11, 10:15
New 15-11, 10:13
First auctions are up for DTL
New 15-11, 10:13
Morning all, quiet last night, wasn't it?!
New 14-11, 17:49
pisani and CF
New 14-11, 17:19
I hate my board..... guy is valued at 3.5M.... I approach to sign, it'll only cost me 2M.... board cancels it because the offer is "unrealistic"....
New 14-11, 16:49
Me too my friend....
New 14-11, 16:45
old enough to mumble to myself "these kids and their damn phones" like daily
New 14-11, 16:43
you're not even that old, are you?
New 14-11, 16:31
geez, I'm such a digital dinosaur sometimes
New 14-11, 16:29
directly from site or ? the Windows app thing ? currently trying it...
New 14-11, 16:13
yeah a downloadable version Pisani
New 14-11, 16:07
Dance magic, dance
New 14-11, 16:06
gotta love it
New 14-11, 15:52
New 14-11, 15:42
yay, think it works now... don't know how though as I did feck all
New 14-11, 15:10
copy button on postimages
New 14-11, 15:09
[ url=][ img][/img ][/url ]
New 14-11, 15:03
u mean like a downloadable version eve ?
New 14-11, 15:00
Cheers evesham, will try that one
New 14-11, 14:47
there is a desktop version which I use, the copy works fine
New 14-11, 14:34
For me it doesn't work in IE, Chrome or Firefox
New 14-11, 14:33
must be browser specific, the copy button works fine for me
New 14-11, 14:31
You need to manually select the link and copy with ctrl+C
New 14-11, 14:31
Pisani, the copy button hasn't been working for a while now
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