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New 23-09, 15:06
Afternoon all - question, can you apply colored attributes without using a Tapani/Saturn, is there an external tool?
New 23-09, 15:00
info...what "basics" are terrible for AJ then?
New 23-09, 13:24
dont want to lose my save
New 23-09, 13:14
saturn v4 patch
New 23-09, 13:13
any ideas
New 23-09, 13:13
Got to 2030 in alphabet chllenge. Game crashing with no errors. Playing in mls currently. Tried holidaying past it. Not happening.
New 23-09, 12:42
basics wrong??he won a olympic gold medal basics cant be wrong
New 23-09, 12:00
Is there a 18/19 save game available?
New 23-09, 11:02
kudos for KO win though, but ref was an idiot too. Should have ended fight much earlier. He risked Povetkin life for no reason :/
New 23-09, 11:01
AJ basics are terrible btw. No one noticed that? It just shows how crap HW has become.
New 23-09, 11:01
New 22-09, 23:13
Povetkin came out flying and caught him with a few. Took him a few rounds to settle and get the jab range but got the job done. Wilder is a risky 'ol fight - would like to see Fury/Wilder tear up
New 22-09, 23:08
thats the worst I've seen AJ fight for the first 6 rounds tbh
New 22-09, 22:45
Well done AJ - that was tough tho - fair play to Povetkin
New 22-09, 22:07
Not our lovely Champ Man AJ
New 22-09, 22:07
As in AJ
New 22-09, 22:07
Time for AJ then........
New 22-09, 21:21
United will at best compete for 6th place
New 22-09, 21:17
Decent away point for Swans against high flying 'Boro
New 22-09, 21:17
Solid win for Pool - wonder if we'll make 10 changes for the Chelsea cup game
New 22-09, 21:17
Wolves playing well in Prem though
New 22-09, 20:29
Mourinho should get sacked tonight
New 22-09, 20:29
VAR almost robbed Real Madrid of a clear goal there
New 22-09, 20:05
New 22-09, 20:05
to be fair Wolves played well, United still poor in the final 3rd
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