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New 21-05, 11:51
maybe one graphic designer will be do for us
New 21-05, 11:47
there is certainly not been one share here
New 21-05, 11:47
I know what you are looking for. I just not sure they existed back then
New 21-05, 11:21
@Dermotron i looking cm01/02 logo im opened thread on graphics topic
New 21-05, 11:01
Were vectors even a thing in 2001 or 2002?
New 21-05, 09:22
do you have any vectorel file
New 21-05, 09:22
how can i found championship manager 01/02 logo, i want to make tshirt
New 21-05, 09:22
hello everyone
New 20-05, 23:48
AMC can i replay against redknap and ray please both had red cards and i couldnt score seems some setup against me ? lol
New 20-05, 22:50
New 20-05, 22:44
CML up guys
New 20-05, 21:30
Oh, you noticed that too...
New 20-05, 20:52
New 20-05, 20:51
The most furtful thing about CM0102 is that the Netherlands win the world cup, like, all the time.
New 20-05, 20:50
Weirdest I've seen in this game is Switzerland in two consecutive world cup finals
New 20-05, 20:50
New 20-05, 20:50
League 2
New 20-05, 20:49
Depends on what league they were in. I've seen Coventry become champs of the Premier League three times in a row. This game...
New 20-05, 20:36
bit of a drop that
New 20-05, 20:35
Northern Ireland just hired Neil Lennon as manager, had a look at his history: Celtic - Crystal Palace - Celtic - Newcastle... Hereford
New 20-05, 20:33
...never heard of him
New 20-05, 20:32
Almost have to sign him :p
New 20-05, 20:32
My scout just found a Scottish midfielder called Mark Kerr
New 20-05, 20:31
arhhh, that's sad... imagine the echo...
New 20-05, 20:22
47250 capacity, 1251 average :p
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