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New 16-02, 12:26
Anyone can play - just drop an answer in
New 16-02, 11:56
Make sure you've entered Ban this Filth!
New 16-02, 11:54
Morning everyone
New 16-02, 01:04
I was thinking about the 2d of fm12, and I thought..pense if you could put the 2d of fm12 here at cm0102 ... that game would come out ...
New 15-02, 21:37
Why do I have to work weekends.....
New 15-02, 21:19
More answers needed in Ban this Filth - only the one so far - anyone can play
New 15-02, 20:52
Tomorrow's FA Cup 0102Bet closes at 12:30 GMT (just prior to first game):
New 15-02, 19:54
New 15-02, 18:21
New 15-02, 18:05
do you just call it something else
New 15-02, 18:05
or is that not possible
New 15-02, 18:05
i.e have two
New 15-02, 18:05
is there a way to save a database that doesnt affect the original
New 15-02, 16:41
The editor comes with the game.... but it allows you to only change certain things, not the structure of the leagues
New 15-02, 16:38
ok, thank you very much, but does the editor exist for this edition?
New 15-02, 16:30
I love the old UEFA Cup format, so I don't complain about that
New 15-02, 16:28
Sadly not, it's never been cracked by anyone.
New 15-02, 16:26
evening guys, but there is a way to raise the second group of champions and go directly to the quarters as in reality. thank you
New 15-02, 15:55
Dave, you around?
New 15-02, 15:31
couple more needed for arcade tournament -
New 15-02, 15:12
I can't donate vCash sorry
New 15-02, 15:11
please Ray, any spare change guv'nor