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New 22-05, 23:15
Still 10 days til CL Final
New 22-05, 20:43
New 22-05, 20:42
Get me in that first team! A move to Hamilton is right handy though, I grew up 20mins from there
New 22-05, 20:41
Will look through all peoperly later, just looked at me!
New 22-05, 20:39
I have not, Il have a look!
New 22-05, 20:37
Did your own career start just as bad?
New 22-05, 20:37
Have you seen my update on the story you're in?
New 22-05, 20:37
New 22-05, 20:34
still here?
New 22-05, 20:34
oh, this was an hour ago
New 22-05, 20:34
whats up?
New 22-05, 20:34
New 22-05, 19:47
dw? you around?
New 22-05, 19:11
Well on my way to ending 2nd in the league and getting promotion without getting the trophy I'm hunting thouhg...
New 22-05, 19:10
especially when you are a Scottish league two club with plenty of debt
New 22-05, 19:09
Cup semi finals are good for the economy
New 22-05, 14:37
New 22-05, 14:31
ok give it a try thanks
New 22-05, 14:29
Oh yeah, if yiu have a good one, he'll score about a goal per two games.
New 22-05, 14:28
score goals
New 22-05, 14:28
What do you mean with score?
New 22-05, 14:25
AMCs score?
New 22-05, 14:25
Everybody on Pressing: Yes, and offside trap on
New 22-05, 14:24
Then 2x AMC with again arrows forward and one SC
New 22-05, 14:24
2x DMC, bith arror forward, one MC with arrow forward
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