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New 27-06, 11:04
just remember all the good times of previous jobs before going in and what made you really good at what you do
New 27-06, 11:02
why would you be nervous mark? you have loads of experience in the industry plus they have to sell the company to you as you have to sell yourself visa versa
New 27-06, 10:05
Nice! I'd like that but can't see it happening The only thing that could also bother me is the commute. I've literally drove 10 mins to work in all my time at Keele Going further into Stoke will not be fun
New 27-06, 09:52
I'm going to do the same job for more money as well in August
New 27-06, 09:43
i've been able to save up money again for things, rather than just getting by each month
New 27-06, 09:42
I did something very similar Mark, i worked locally in Essex, got relatively high up the ladder, my options were to wait a good few years for a promotion or take a sideways step and head to London - that's what i did and its made a big difference
New 27-06, 09:26
I'm on up to 28k right now, I'm seeing jobs that I like the sound of go from between 30-45k. Crazy. Could never get that here, I've gone as high as I possibly can on the salary scale at Keele.
New 27-06, 09:25
haha Nice one RED .. on cars mate
New 27-06, 09:25
True Steve - The pay increase would make a massive difference. Particularly after recently buying a house with the fiancee and getting married next year.
New 27-06, 09:25
secret stash of valium
New 27-06, 09:25
Pyro - instructor on Subs or cars?!
New 27-06, 09:24
Ahh, driving instructor - Hope you have a lot of patience
New 27-06, 09:24
thats what swung it for me. i can now choose my hours rather than them choosing me
New 27-06, 09:24
but if you are quids in, it has other benefits
New 27-06, 09:24
Was wandering why your stroy was up so early - good luck fella - go smash it!
New 27-06, 09:24
As evidenced from all I do on this site from work
New 27-06, 09:23
Work-life balance may be the other way around for me - It's an easy life here at Keele tbh.
New 27-06, 09:23
Yes Mark. even worse i am now a driving instructor
New 27-06, 09:22
I changed jobs after 14 years with the same company, was a massive culture shock at first but don't regret it one bit... more money and better work life balance - good luck
New 27-06, 09:22
Pyro - I thought you retired mate. Did you get bored?
New 27-06, 09:22
Thanks guys. I did wonder about that one GFRay I fear I won't be able to, especially in a far better paid job
New 27-06, 09:20
very best of luck Mark. i have recently changed my job after 36 years of doing the same old thing. Go smash it mate
New 27-06, 09:13
Marko, good luck mate! One of your main demands should be that you're allowed to do CM stuff at work
New 27-06, 09:12
Good luck, pal. Easier said than done, but don't worry about it!
New 27-06, 09:10
Good luck Mark
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