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New 17-01, 06:35
New 17-01, 01:53
Hows the golf swing, Redders?
New 17-01, 00:38
Dunno pal - not 100% confirmed yet by looks of it
New 17-01, 00:28
New 17-01, 00:28
I can check myself
New 17-01, 00:28
has morata gone to milan?
New 17-01, 00:27
He is pretty huge these days
New 17-01, 00:18
Higuian to Chelsea on loan then - HUGE signing fair play
New 16-01, 20:01
get in! Myself scoring for Juve
New 16-01, 19:52
how is everyone
New 16-01, 19:49
funny as though
New 16-01, 19:45
If he is so good, why is he in a championship team?
New 16-01, 19:45
Bit fed up with the Bielsa hype
New 16-01, 19:17
I like Bielsa and all this is "handbags"!
New 16-01, 19:01
or owls!
New 16-01, 19:01
we compare our national managers to root vegetables to show them we love them
New 16-01, 19:01
were bonkers mate
New 16-01, 18:26
In Sweden the trainings are open to everyone who wants to come and watch
New 16-01, 18:26
Dunno what the british are going on about, literally nog big deal to watch an opponents training
New 16-01, 18:05
think its because "we all hate leeds scum"
New 16-01, 17:53
it's over spygate tbh. Dunno why he has to even answer for it
New 16-01, 17:03
New 16-01, 17:00
through a fence cut with plyers
New 16-01, 16:59
hows he leaving
New 16-01, 16:59
evening peeps
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