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Thread: What makes you choose the teams you manage?

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    What makes you choose the teams you manage?

    Recently tradegy has struck as my hard drive in my laptop fried and I've lost all of cm files and saves 😭
    Im thinking about who to start a new game with and the northern Irish team cliftonville seemed a logical choice since my last name is Clifton!
    Anyways, what makes you guys choose the teams you do? Is it Cos you're a fan? Like the colours? Fond of the town?

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    I choose the team(s) I support/follow

    Otherwise, it's teams that are part of a challenge from the challenges part of the site

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    I look at facilities and chairman. The club has to have some potential. A 2000 seater stadium + broke chairman with neither money, patience nor ambition = no go.

    Oh, and colors play a part too. All those teams with blue and red, it looks awful when I score and let's be realistic, I will score a lot. So no Crystal Palace, sorry.

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    It depends on what you're looking for in the game.

    I made the majority of the games with teams I like/liked: Benfica and Man Utd were the teams where I started more games and Barreirense (most seasons played).

    Then I might want something else... for instance, I made games with Rome because the italian league didn't have any restriction when you use the game without the tapani patch (with it, there are more leagues like that) or my last save with Benfica, as I wanted to have a B-Team... I also made a game with Rome just to play with Totti and give him a club where he could shine...

    You also can select the league when you think about playing with regens: it's no use to go to Portugal (in the original data) when there aren't many worlds class players... on the other hand, Italy, France, Brazil and other countries have tons of great to world class players.

    My brother does lots of games changing clubs and he likes to start on the 2 division B in Portugal... he choses Imortal as it is one club with some interesting players and some money to make things happen

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