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Thread: Mobile Phones

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    Gonna be upgrading my phone soon, I think. When I was struggling with my mortgage and bills, I left Orange where I was paying 40+ a month for my up-to-date at the time iPhone. Kept the phone and used a SIM free card for just 11 a month which was helpful.

    The time has come now though where I want to upgrade my phone so no doubt I'll be back on some big money contract yet again soon as I want to stick with iPhones.
    Take a look at the giffgaff option Mark, it's worth looking into.
    They sell you the phone seperately and you can pay a few quid up front as well. Worth looking at because those 2 year contracts tie you down.

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    Bought herself a Moto G4 for her birthday, what an awesome phone for €150

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