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Thread: Tutorial - How to have multiple versions of CM 01-02 installed?

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    Tutorial - How to have multiple versions of CM 01-02 installed?

    Hi guys!

    Here's a quick guide to have multiple CM 01-02 databases installed. This is handy when you want to play with different versions of the game (ODB, tapani patch, saturn patch) and different databases, but don't want to uninstall and reinstall all the time.

    Step 1: Install the basic version of the game which you can find here:

    Step 2: Install the official 3.9.68 patch found here:

    Step 3: Apply any patch and/or data update you want. The patches are found here: and the data updates are found here:

    Step 4: When you've got your CM 01-02 ready to go, you should rename the Championship Manager 01-02 folder by adding something to it. In the example below you can see that I've renamed the Championship Manager 01-2 folder by adding '(Saturn v4)' to the folders name. This way I'll know that this particular CM 01-02 will be the one where I've got the Saturn v4 patch installed.

    Step 5: Install another basic version of the game like you did in step 1, install the official 3.9.68 patch again like you did in step 2 and apply any patch/data update like you did in step 3 (Basicly: repeat step 1, 2 and 3).

    Step 6: You will now have two Championship Manager 01-02 folders, one with and one without an extension to it like in the picture below. Just do the same thing you did in step 4 and add another extension to the blank CM 01-02 folder to rename it.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Always apply all the patches/data updates you want before renaming the folder.

    Step 7: You can repeat all the above as much as you want/need and eventually it could look like in the picture below.

    Step 8: One more important thing: Don't launch the game from your desktop shortcut, but launch the cm0102.exe from the folder that you want to play.

    So to summarize: Install the game, apply official patch, apply preferred patch/data update, rename CM 01-02 folder and repeat until satisfied. Launch the game from the cm0102.exe within the folder you want to use.

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