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Thread: Tutorial - Multi Databases with multi exe files in the same installation folder

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    Tutorial - Multi Databases with multi exe files in the same installation folder


    With this guide we will have multi databases (saturn v4 ,ODB ,60 ,...) with an exe for each one ...all of this with one cm0102 installation to be like that

    Here we start :

    Step 1 : install the game to any dir as usual and install the official 3.9.68 patch
    game :
    official 3.9.68 patch :

    Step 2 : change the name of data folder to (DataODB) then make a copy of it in the same dir and change it for the other data u want for example (DataSv4)

    Step 3 : make a copy of your cm0102.exe as a backup

    Step 4 : (we need ollydbg program) open the ollydbg and open the odb.exe in it ... wait until finish loading then go for this adresse as shown below

    1- go to the shown adress in the (009c3820)
    2- select the shown numbers and press ctrl+E ... this window will show up

    Step 5 : type up there the name you want for the data folder and then ok imp. ... it must not be more than 7 characters

    very important (the name u will change in the exe must be the same of the new data folder)

    Step 6 : right click >> edit >> copy to executable >> right click on the new window >> save file >> click (yes) and save it to the name you want to refer to the database name we changed for example (odb.exe , saturnV4.exe)

    Step 7 : now u can install the patch u want to its desired data folder
    note: if u use latest saturn patch and downloaded the already patched exe files then u will edit the dowloaded exe to change the data dir name.

    thanks to Patinoz who found the offset and shared it with us

    have a good time and pm if u have any question or any problem ...
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