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Thread: Mark's Half Marathon Fundraiser for the The Christie

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    Mark's Half Marathon Fundraiser for the The Christie

    Hello all!

    I've started another charity fundraiser this year, this time on behalf of The Christie who are one of the largest cancer treatment centres in Europe. As last year, where I had ran the Potters 'Arf Marathon for the National Deaf Children's Society, I'll be running it for another cause close to the hearts of my family.

    In Spring 2017, my then 17 year old brother Joshua fell ill and was soon diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer called Wilm's Disease which is usually only found in toddlers. It took time for the diagnosis to be made but once the doctors at The Christie learnt of Josh's condition, they admitted him as a patient under their care and they have been simply fantastic ever since. Josh has had to have a kidney removed as well as undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy which he is still going through today.

    The Christie have been amazing in support not just Josh but also my mother who has pretty much single-handedly looked after Josh in between treatment and taking him to Manchester every week (sometimes two or three times a week!) and I just don't know where we'd be without them.

    I've set up a JustGiving page which I have been promoting for the past four weeks and completely forgot to share the page on here, though some of the lads who I'm friends with on Facebook have already donated (you know who you are ). I know that a lot of us have been through the horrible situation of having someone close to us suffering from cancer (my uncle died of cancer two years ago too, whilst another Uncle got the all-clear himself only last year) so I really hope that you can share our determination to raise money for a truly wonderful cause

    Here's the link to my fundraiser:

    I'll do my best to post updates over the next 8 weeks until the half marathon itself on the 10th June. We have already raised 40% of my overall target of 1,000!
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    Will remember to sponsor you this time mate and not leave it too late!

    Probably be May though as I've sponsored quite a few for the marathon this weekend.

    Keep us updated on ya training mate

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    I will sponser 1. good cause 2. I love running 3. you run DTL and finally you are a pretty cool guy

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