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    Sadness The Story

    Sadness The Story

    Part 1

    Welcome to the story of my life. After my long football career I have finally decided to write down my own story. Altough it has been almost 10 years ago since my last match football is still always on my mind. For the biggest part of my life I have been playing with a ball at my foot. Most of the time together with my brother Happiness.
    Me and my brother Happiness were both born in Sandamu, a town in Nigeria close to the border with Niger. As twin brothers we shared a womb. We were born at the same day, but Happiness came in the world just a few minutes before me. His birth story is a remarkable one as it was said he entered the world with a smile at his face. That’s why our father decided his name would be Happiness. As my father was a jokester and I arrived a few moments later while I was crying he decided to call me Sadness.

    Altough my name is Sadness, I can’t consider myself as a sad person. The opposite is true for Happiness. He is called Happiness and I can’t remember many days he hasn’t been happy. Altough I was just a few minutes younger as him, most people always tought I was the elder one. No matter where we go, I always dragged Happiness with me. Happiness is a nice guy, but not much of a leader. It was ok for him if I told him what we would do. Most of the time it would be just football as we played this sport most of the time.
    When you hear about young guys grewing up in an African country people always assume we would play with a very old ball and bare feet. Altough we didn’t had much money in Sandamu we played with a pretty decent ball. We didn’t had soccer shoes, but a few of us and the kids in town had normal shoes to play on, including us . I don’t want to drag, but me and Happiness never had much trouble playing the game. Kids wanted to play in our team, because everyone knew playing with the Lionhearts would guarantee you a win. Therefore the kids asked us to play in separate teams most of the time. Me and Happiness had played a lot of matches against eachother. Altough me and Happiness were even in skills, he won most of the times. That’s because Happiness is always lucky and me, I’m an unlucky guy. Lady Fortune must have liked Happiness a lot better, because he would always score in the last minute because our goalkeeper was distracted and when we were about to win, our mother called us in for dinner!

    We were 7 years old and one day at school a teacher told us it would be a special day. It was normal at our school to play sports 1 hour a day and our teacher told us there would be somebody from Kano Pillars this day to scout for some talents. If we could make an impression we could go to a trial for twee weeks to the club. At this scholarship Kano is the second largest city in Nigeria and about 2,5 hours driving away from our home town Sandamu. As it is the biggest city in North Nigeria everybody in Sandamu knows this place just as ‘the city’. Kano Pillars is a huge club in Nigeria and to play for them is a dream for almost every boy in Sandamu.

    As you can imagine that day me and Happiness both were very tensed to make an impression. Just as the other 14 boys who play at our school. I felt very determinate to make an impression, but just as expected I didn’t had a good day. I failed to score, altough I had several chances. Happiness doesn’t know what tension is and had an awful good day. He had scored 3 times and all players agreed he was the man of the match.

    Two weeks later we heard there was a result. Our teacher told us only one name was invited to the trial and this name was Lionheart. But luckily enough he meant we were both invited! So me and Happiness went to Kano. We had the time of our life! As our parents had to work we were just by ourselves. We slept in a room with 20 other boys. At the field we started to realize there were more boys just like us who could play football. This wasn’t Sandamu anymore where he and me were always the better two. Happiness and me knew we had to step up. It was my dream to be a Pillar player and therefore I did my utter best to make an impession. After two weeks I was exhausted. I had given all of myself. Happiness had also given a lot myself, but he had still a lot of energy left. Somehow he always had a better work rate as me, because he has so much energy. We were told only 5 boys would make it to the Youth Academy of the Kano Pillars. So I would never imagined both me and Happiness deserved a spot, but we did. It was my happiest day of my life. I do believe this day I was even happier as Happiness was! He and me would be Pillars now!

    After these 2 weeks a lot has changed for the both of us. We had to leave our parents and got on a boarding school. In the morning we would start with training followed with some school lessons. At the half of the afternoon we would start training again. In the weekend we played a match against the biggest clubs in our country. We had to work hard, but for 3 years me and Happiness had the time of our lives.

    When we were 11 years old another change would happen in our life. There had been rumours all day about this European scout. Some said he was from FC Barcelona and some said he was from Arsenal. So you can imagine we were all a bit disappointed to hear he was just from a Serie C club in Italy; Pisa. But the disappointment didn’t last very long. He was from Europe! This could be a chance for us to move to Europe and become very rich playing football!

    Just as 3 years ago when we played our match for the Pillars scout at our school history repeated. Happiness played a great match and I was very unlucky. I wasn’t even second best. I do believe at least 3 or 4 other players were better as me. So this time I wasn’t so lucky. Happiness and two other guys were offered a trial at Pisa. Precious Amayah was one of them. Precious was a good friend of us. He loves to play at the right side of the midfield to impress everyone with his rushes and his good crossing. The other one was James Uhunamure, a striker. James was a bit of a cocky guy, but as I later realized this would be a perfect ability to play in Italy.

    I was devasted to hear I couldn’t go to Europe and the worst part was I had to see my brother go. But Happiness would never let me down. Before he signed a contract he asked if I could also go. He told the people of Pisa I was very important to him and he was afraid he would get lonely in Italy. The scout told him he should be lucky to be chosen and demanding wasn’t the best choice for him to do at this point of his career, but he also said he had some doubts of also giving me a chance at Pisa. Therefore he decided to give us a chance and give us both a youth contract! We would both move to Italy!

    Don’t think much about this youth contract, basically it means we would get a roof, food and free tickets for the public transport, but to us it was pretty much. Me and Happiness both loved Italy. For someone who had lived in Sandamu Italy was a whole different world. As we were getting older and hitting puberty we enjoyed the good life. Spending your childhood in Pisa is the greatest thing ever. We hang around the Tower of Pisa a lot and I loved to look at the Italian girls or the tourists that visited our city.

    At the club we had to face players with different personalities as us. Most of the Italian talents were a bit arrogant. They were all very sure to play for the biggest clubs one day. AC Milan, Juventus, Napoli, AS Roma were the talk of the town. No one of them even dreamed of playing at the main squad of Pisa. One of the most cockiest guys we met in Pisa was this kid Mauro di Bari. Di Bari was for sure a talentfull player, but he also knew very well he had some talent. He was absolute sure he would play for a big Italian team someday, altough he also was a big fan of the Premiership. But if there was a drop of rain di Bari would be the first to ran inside, afraid his hair would get wet. He was very popular with the girls, but never dated a girl for more as 2 months. He was also a nasty player. Especially in important matches it was common for him to make a dirty tackle and leave with a red card. It was a shame he had such a bad attitude, because if he had worked for it, he would probably become this big player he had always dreamed about. One day di Bari screwed up big time. He had played an awful match and our manager swapped him for a new player. Di Bari was furious and said he wasn’t happy and he just wanted to go home. That’s what he did. He just took the first train back to where he lived. The next day he was back at the club, but the manager was done with him; ‘How can you think you will make it a prof player? Which serious manager will ever give a player with your mentality a chance?’ he yelled to Di Bari and this was the sad end of di Bari. The manager send him away. Next to us the Nigerian guys there was also 1 other foreigner who didn’t had this typical Italian mentality; Catalin Barbuta. Barbuta was a nice and shy guy from Romania. He was friends with almost everyone at the club. He could always surprise you when he had the ball and if you wanted the ball he was always nice to pass it to you.

    Unfortunately our careers at Pisa didn’t end well either. None of the Kano Pillars would ever play for Pisa in the end. When we were all 17 years old we were told we wouldn’t make it to the first team. For James and Precious there were several other clubs interested. James signed a contract at Bologna and Precious went to Verona. For me and Happiness there was no one interested.

    Just a week before we had to leave permanently at Pisa there was suddenly a guy at the club who asked us if we could talk after training. As we had nothing to lose and interested to hear what he had to say we decided to sit with him.

    The mysterious man introduced himself as AJ von Krondor, player agent of occupation. Von Krondor told us he had just started as an agent as was looking for some new talents which he could help further in their careers. He had just heared we weren’t offered a future at Pisa. ‘Don’t worry’ he said. ‘You might not have made it at Pisa, but there is a reason for this. They don’t like you guys because of your mentality. They think you are to sweet. In Pisa they like cocky guys. They even refused a very good talent as Barbuta! I heard he will be moving to Pescara!’ We were both shocked! How did this guy know this? Catalin hadn’t even told us about his transfer! ‘If you guys let me help you, I will bring you to some other good club in Europe. I know I’m not that experienced. Have you heard about this kid Mark Henderson? Well, he is one of my players! Thanks to me he had just signed a contract at Leamingtown! You both now have the Italian nationality so it would be much easier to get you signed at a club!’ We both had never heard of Henderson, so von Krondors words didn’t impress us at all. But we both didn’t had to lose anything either and this mysterious von Krondor-guy might be our last chance to make it in Europe after all. We decided to give him a chance and von Krondor tried to search a new club for us.

    We have to be honest, it wasn’t what we were hoping for, but to us anything in Europe would be better as moving back to Nigeria, but Elgin City in the Scottish Third Division was our next club. When you are used to Nigeria and Italy Scotland can be very cold I can tell you. Happiness didn’t care, because he just can’t be anything else as happy. Next to this just a few months after we moved to Elgin he found himself a girlfriend. He liked big girl and his bird yes, it was a big one! Dallis was her name and only a half year after they started dating Dallis was pregnant. It was just a few months before we would move to the first team of Elgin City. Toghether with us our goalkeeper Trevor Dear.

    It was just a few days before we both would become 18 years old when we had our first training with our team. It was also our fist time we would met our manager Barry Wilson! From the start Barry Wilson seem to like both of us very well. He said we had a made a good impression in training and we would both started in the first team. Next to us several other players had joined Elgin City like David McClune, an experienced player who could play as a right back. He had played at clubs as Stirling and Brechin City. Kierran Gibbons, a defensive midfielder and once played in the youth of Aberdeen. Steven Bronsky played last year for Annan, another club in our division and Jon-Paul McGovern, who would be our new captain. He used to play at Clyde, another team in our Division. As Elgin City had ended 5th last season Wilson was determinate to make it to the Second Division this year. With all the new players he was certain we had a chance I tought.

    The first month was a great month. Wilson gave both me and Happiness a chance to play at the midfield together and we played great together. In this first month we both were certain it would be only just a matter of time before we would make a move up. I had a very good bond with Charlie Charlesworth, one of the coaches at our team. Together with him me and Happiness spend our hours and hours training next to our regular training routines.

    Altough we were doing great, there was one guy who wasn’t so happy with our performances; Scott Smith. Before we two had arrived at the club Smith had always been seen as the most promising talent at the midfield at Elgin City. As Happiness was always happy it was hard for Scott to turn people against him. Especially because Happiness was in a great form. Therefore he picked me. As I had told before I don’t have that much energy so my work rate is a bit low. Smith started talking trash about me and said I wasn’t working as hard as the rest of the team. Somehow he was so convincing more and more people started to believe him. In Januari 2018 there were only 2 people left at the club who did believe in me; my brother Happiness and the coach mr. Charlesworth.

    Happiness was doing great at the club, but after a promising start I was back playing in the reserves. I was not sure if Smith had anything to do with it, but it’s hard to say why I ended at the bench after I had played a few very good matches. Just as Happiness’ star was rising, was von Krondors star rising as well. He had just sold Mark Henderson from Leamington to Celtic and with this transfer more and more talents were interested in his services. Good news for him, but bad news for me. Von Krondor had little time to spend at me and therefore I felt a bit alone at the club. Luckily enough I still had Happiness.

    During the rest of the season it was more of the same. Happiness was doing great and was making fame and name very soon, while I was just training with Charlesworth who would use me as a player in the reserve matches. It was around April when von Krondor visited us again. We hadn’t heard from him months and so we were both very curious to hear what he had to say.

    Von Krondor told us several clubs had seen Happiness play and were interested. If he would he could join a very, very big club! We were both excited, as we know von Krondor brought Henderson to Celtic we were both hoping for the top teams. ‘JEONBUK!’ von Krondor said! ‘Jeonbuk?’ ‘Yes, Jeonbuk! One of the biggest clubs in South Korea! Can you imagine a full stadium filled with South Koreans signing ‘Hap-Pi-Ness Hap-Pi-Ness!’’

    The news was unexpected, but also great. Happiness was in doubt. Moving to South Korea with a newborn, would this be wise to do? Will Europe not forget about him? I found it difficult to give him advise. Ofcourse Jeonbuk was a great opportunity, but my life at Elgin City wasn’t that great at all. I didn’t like the Scottish cold, my manager didn’t acknowledge my talents and this nasty Scott Smith played all matches at my position. Could I do this without Happiness?

    I decided to inform von Krondor about my feelings. Von Krondor nodded: ‘Well, if you aren’t happy I might can give you a way out. I have also heard they want to sign this new kid for your positon; some Ronessi our something. Not that good at all, you are far better, but Wilson might be a fan of him. Altough you have been anonymous for the last half season you have made some impression in Augustus. You have probably heard about David O’Leary? Former manager of Aston Villa?’ Sure I had heard about him, especially as he was now a manager in our competition at Clyde. ‘He is interested in you. But there are other options. If I try I might get you to Montrose or Stanraer.’ I was a bit disappointed with the clubs that were interested in me, especially after I heard Happiness would go to Jeonbuk, but I was done with Elgin City, done with Wilson, done with Smith and done with my salary. I dreamed about playing with David O’Leary the former Irish national manager.

    While von Krondor was working at the transfer I decided to talk with Charlesworth about my upcoming transfer. Altough this probaby wasn’t the smartest thing to do I had a feeling I could trust him. Charlesworth told me Clyde was a harsh team and it would be good for me to learn how to avoid injuries, because I could expect a lot of harsh talckes in training. He gave me a book full of tips and tricks to avoid injuries. I took the book with me and spend a few weeks in the sun of Ibiza while I was wondering if von Krondor could finish the deal. With Happiness leaving to South Korea it would be the first time I would be on my own. Would this be for the best or would it ruin my career for all time? At least I was determinate to prove myself next season!

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    This is going to be epic. Love it already!

    Good introduction. Hope Happiness and Sadness's dad is considering changing his name to Proudness.

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    I am a shady shagger all of a sudden. I've been and done many things, but this is new to me! AJ likes this

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    Why do I have the feeling that this story is based on this guy?

    Go check out my YouTube channel with lots of CM 01-02 related video's!

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    That’s just a coincidence mate.

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