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Thread: [STORY] CMSG Ltd Returns - PTP - Part II

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    [STORY] CMSG Ltd Returns - PTP - Part II

    After its success first time around, the CMSG Ltd Pass the Parcel challenge is back! There previous thread can be found here:

    I will be managing this project jointly with ZanSnake. We should make a very interesting partnership, while the relevant game info has been agreed beforehand. The save will take place on the September 2010 ODB update, with a normal size database. This time we have selected more leagues, 11 in total, which Zan and I believe will provide some interesting options while at the same time should not slow the game down too much. The new leagues should take the story to new levels. Here is the list of selected leagues:


    This is how it works:

    It works like this
    -A game will be set-up of CM 01/02 September 2010 ODB update, with 11 leagues as stated above.
    -Normal database will be used to reduce the game size as well as the miniumum storage for matches (5000).
    -Various forum members who have signed up will take control of the teams, one at a time.
    -Each participant has a week (7) days at most to complete one season only. If they haven't completed it by that time, the next guy in line will pick up the save game from the previous participant.
    -When the season is effectively over (last game of the season or end of May for European leagues works well), the person in the hot seat must save and upload it for the next player.
    -If CMSG Ltd are sacked whoever is responsible has to own up to their inadequacy post their progress, and the next person takes over at that point, until the end of the NEXT season. Therefore they will be playing for longer than 12 months and applies to domestic jobs only.
    -Players must read and stick to the rules set out below.

    Rules for playing the game

    When it’s your turn
    -Each player will control the club for a maximum of one season at a time.
    -Your season should be completed within 7 days, but everyone is encouraged to be as quick as they can. This thread requires a good momentum to keep the story going. If you can't complete the season within seven days, you may ask for an extension which may or may not be given. If we feel that you've had too long, the parcel will be passed on to the next in line. ZanSnake and I will make the final decision on whether to grant an extension or not.
    -You must use compressed saving. This reduces the size of the file, hence upload/download times.
    -Please use auto save. It’s disappointing when people lose their game and have to replay or give up.
    -You must be using the latest available patch (3.9.68) and an untapanified version of your game.
    -Everyone has other commitments. If you feel you can’t complete the season, please let us know so we can work out how best to progress. You will most likely go back of the list

    When you’re finished
    -The game must be saved after the final game of the season, and no later than May 31 for major European leagues. For other countries with seasons running at different times (such as Brazil), just use your own judgement but I recommend that you do it as soon as the final game of the season is over to give the new manager as much time as possible to prepare for next season.
    -The save game file must then be uploaded for the next player (using filefront, megaupload or similar)
    -You DON'T have to stay with the one side, you are free to switch clubs if so desired.
    -You takeover as the existing manager in the game. Edit the nickname to your username for correct identification if you like but DO NOT delete the existing manager.

    Signing players
    -Each manager has a free reign over signings. However, be sensitive in regards to players that other participants have said they like, or who've been at the club a courteous and engage in some conversation before making anything that looks like a big decision. Following the story should identify such players to you as well as PM’s with previous managers if possible.
    -Please try and cut down your shortlist by the end of the season and only leave players on there that you feel are relevant to the club on your departure. Otherwise, we will be building up pages and pages of possibly useless players.
    -The next manager is not obliged to sign any bosman signings negotiated by the previous manager and hence has the power to cancel any signings that does not figure in their plans. Remember to check the future transfers page out first!

    What’s considered cheating
    -Please do not exploit flaws in the game by offering players who wouldn’t realistically join the club month to month contracts or hijacking bids for any players who may be on loan to your club.
    -Downloaded tactics may not be used. Each player should create their own tactics for their team. It's not meant to be easy and does of course give you greater bragging rights when you do well.

    Rules of the thread
    -This is an interactive thread for dedicated forum members who take a keen interest in the ups and downs of CMSG Ltd. Therefore if you're taking part:
    -One post per season. You can make this post as long as you like but try to refrain from a complete match-to-match review. Make it a summary and highlight key players, runs, transfers, league positions, cup runs and games if you wish. Anything you think is relevant...and try to back up with some screenshots. Using one post means that I can edit the post below so that readers can navigate themselves to relevant seasons more easily once the story starts to take shape.
    -At the start of the season, try to provide at least the following: the board's expectations; your OWN expectations; player predictions and players to look out for.
    -At the end of the season, provide a summary of the season, with screenshots.
    -Also provide some feedback to the next person, with a discussion of which players to keep, sell, and potential signings. Also provide the squad print outs that include Transfers, Fixtures and squad details. The print button for these can be found in the top right corner of the squad screen.

    How to Post a Screenshot
    -While in CM, press 'Alt + Prt Sc' buttons (Prt Sc is usually next to F12 on your keyboard).
    -Open an image editing program such as Paint and paste the image, delete any white bits around the edge
    Save the file as a JPEG
    -Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Photobucket or Imageshack or Tiny Pic.
    -Post the direct Url to the image here with IMG tags around.

    There are a couple of menubars available to use in game should you wish.
    Shaun's Menubars
    Rossinho's Menubars

    Some new rules have been added:
    - At the end of their writeup, the manager may set a restriction for the next manager in line. By all means make it a challenge but don't make it impossible. If we think that the restriction is too harsh, Zan and I will ask the user to change it. Restrictions are NOT compulsory but they make the game more of a challenge, which makes for better reading.
    - A saved game editor may be used to change the manager's nationality ONLY. Do not use external CM tools (CM Scout, CM Explorer etc.) for any other purposes, such as scouting players, editing attributes, CA/PA, reputation or anything like that. It can be notoriously difficult to find a job abroad if you're not the right nationality so we have decided that in this case it would not be cheating. Swiss nationality is selected by default, which gives French, Italian and German languages so there may not be any need to change it anyway.
    - Please do not delete the save until the next in line has completed their season. That way, you'll definitely be able to pass on the link if the next manager does not complete their season in time. It is not enough just to keep the download links as they expire after a certain period of time.

    How to take part

    For round 2, ZanSnake has decided not to take part, so I will start it. It will then be open for all other forum members to join. To confirm your interest, just post the word Superkeeper (bold letters required) and you'll be added to the waiting list below. In the previous PTP thread, members who had participated in the previous round played in the same order in round 2 as in round 1 but this time that will not happen. There will be a new order as the first to apply will be the first to play.

    Manager in play

    Waiting list

    CMSG Ltd (Championship Manager Sports Group Limited) is a company which has a bizarre policy of rotating managers every season (I should stop criticising Real Madrid now). The new setup sees CMAdventurer and ZanSnake appointed as joint leaders to replace the outgoing Rossinho. Despite the strange policy, CMSG Ltd has had unprecedented success in the past, starting with a stint at Italian minnows Pergocrema many years ago. Rossinho, Mark and Noods earned the fourth tier side three consecutive promotions. They were relegated from Serie A the following season as the top flight proved to be a step too far for a team who no one had even heard of a few seasons earlier. The club bounced back at the first attempt with The Eejit at the helm before new gaffer Jesus decided that the club had gone as far as it could. The new destination would be League One side Hereford United, who found themselves in the Premiership within three seasons. Croatian guy churky not only kept Hereford up but sensationally finished fourth to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. Two seasons later, m0ri secured the title for the club, as well as the UEFA Cup and the FA Cup, to complete some sort of treble. I still think I should have taken all the credit as I laid the foundations for m0ri the previous season.

    New boss Mark, in his second spell with CMSG, decided that it was time for a new challenge. He chose Lazio as his destination and led the Rome club to second place in Serie A while also propelling CMSG Ltd to new heights, securing the Champions League trophy with victory over Milan. The Eejit decided to move on again, to Dutch side Cambuur. He successfully led the club to the Eredivisie and the following season, I successfully laid the foundations for m0ri to win the league the season after. CMSG soon moved back to Italy as Ternana earned two promotions in three seasons to find themselves in Serie A, the first of those under new co-manager ZanSnake. After qualifying for the Champions League in their first season, Kenny Dalglish's Smile led them to glory in the competition and earned CMSG their second European Cup. Ternana secured the title the following season before making a surprise return to Hereford United. Mark led the club to second place in the league before The Eejit returned to the hot seat. Not only did he secure the league and cup double, he took CMSG Ltd to a new level, managing a national side for the first time, leading the Netherlands to World Cup qualification. This was when I returned but the Dutch were knocked out in the Quarter Finals against hosts Argentina, before switching national sides to manage Brazil. CMA could only manage second in the league with Hereford. My successor buggy1887 led Brazil to a Copa America win, beating Mexico 2-0 in the final, before securing the EPL title, in a close tussle with Chelsea.

    When Kenny Dalglish's Smile succeeded buggy, he decided that enough was enough with Hereford and instead took CMSG to German giants Hertha Berlin. It was here that the managers were set ridiculous challenges, a tradition which'll carry over in to the new story. Hertha chairman said that within three seasons, the club must win the Champions League, with transfer restrictions, or else he would need his money back. KDS won promotion to the Bundesliga and won the German Cup before his successor Merkezekrem secured the title and UEFA Cup so Hertha had a shot of the CL next season. AMC was handed the task of winning the CL but before that he had the WC to participate in. He led Brazil to glory, even beating the Germans on penalties in the final! That obviously did not go down well with the locals when he returned to club duties, but he still managed to retain Hertha Berlin's title and lead the club to the Champions League final, where the club faced fellow Germans Bochum. A 77th minute strike from Semerenko was enough to win the game and seal CMSG's third CL triumph with its third different club, and avoid having to repay the chairman.

    Sadly, this signalled the end of the road for the original CMSG Ltd. In a career which spanned three decades, their many managers had won just about everything there was to win and decided that it just wasn't worthwhile anymore, while the departure of former leader Rossinho did not help. After a short break, the new CMSG Ltd is looking for a fresh start, with more possible career paths and under new management. I would like to thank and congratulate everyone who participated in the previous thread and ask people to sign up for the new one in order to make it just as good, if not better than before.

    By ZanSnake
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    Story Arc

    As a way to make the start of your managerial season a more 'realistic' start, i ha written something which you coul call an article on a website, in that article i have tried to incorpuate a way for each member to 'apply' for the manager's role in the CMSG challenge and could be given a reasoning to how the whole company started. The article is posted in the spoiler below, and was written in the perspective that this run of CMSG Ltd is the first time and holds no ties with the previous rendition of it. I have tried to explain the power in which CMSG has been given, and in the last part of the article have explained a way of application, in which you can CHOOSE to incorporate into YOUR written season.


    I also acknowlege that i have put David Beckham as being knighted, but by the fearce fact that he would be knighted whenever he will retire is greater then a mere legend like Bruce Forsyth who has gone unnoticed for half a century.

    I help this can help some an could be a helpful hand as it could give the member something they can incorperate into it, be it that they want to put in a restriction for themselves or they can explain the restriction which they have been given, which i maintain is a choice to pass onto the next person in line.

    Also, in a way to end the written season, you could end it by saying something like you ha gotten a promotion upon the achievement you ha achieve or the effort you put in during your tenure in charge and could help in the future should you become a manager a second time round.


    In the previous CMSG Ltd, we achieved a large amount of success with a long list of managers, but with due course time, the achievement list became out of date due to Rossinho's peroid of down time, while i issue that i promised the list will contain the achievements of every manager that will take place, i also promise that it will be updated regularly and as long as the save file is passed.

    Round One:
    2002 -- CMAdventuerer -- Ituiutaba - 5th Minas State Championship/5th National Third Division
    2003 -- ZanSnake -- Ituiutaba -- 7th Minas State Championship/2nd National Third Division (Promotion via Champions!)
    2004 -- The Eejit -- Ituiutaba -- 2nd Minas State Championship/11th National Second Division
    2005 -- AMC -- Ituiutaba -- 1st Minas State Championship/1st National Second Division (Promotion via Champions!)/Champions Cup Runner-Up
    2006 -- ozchampman - Ituiutaba -- 1st Minas State Championship (Champions!)/1st National First Division (Champions!)
    2007 -- Mark - Ituiutaba -- 1st Minas State Championship (Champions!)/13th National First Division
    2008 -- Merkezekerm - Ituiutaba -- 1st Minas State Championship (Champions!)/5th National First Division/Champions Cup Winners

    2009 -- Fodster - Ituiutaba -- 2nd Minas State Championship/1st National First Division (Champions!)/Copa Liberdatores Runner-Up
    2010 -- Kuy - Ituiutaba -- 2nd Minas State Championship (Champions!)/ 1st National First Division
    2011 -- Centurion -- Ituiutaba -- 2nd Minas State Championship (Champions!)/1st National First Division (Champions!/Champions Cup Winners
    2012 -- Filthy_Monkey -- Ituitaba -- 1st Minas State Championship (Champions!)/2nd National First Division (Champions!)/ Copa Liberdatores Winners/Imtercoinental Cup Winners
    2013 -- Dermotron -- Ituiutaba/Yokohama F.Minors -- NA Minas State Championsip/NA National First Division/Club Wolrd Championship Winners/4th J-League First Division/Japanese Cup Runners-up

    Round Two:
    2014 -- CMAdventuerer -- Yokohama F.Minors -- 1st Japanese J-League 1 Division (Champions!)/Japanese Cup Winners
    2015 -- AMC -- Yokohama F.Minors -- 1st Japanese J-League 1 Division (Champions!)/Japanese Cup Winners/Japanese Super Cup Winners
    2016 -- Dermotron -- Yokohama F.Minors -- Emperor's Cup Runner-Up/Japanese Super Cup Winners/Asian Club Championship Winners/1st Japanese J-League 1 Division (Champions!)
    2017 -- OzChampman -- Yokohama F.Minors -- Emperor's Cup Runner-UP/Japanese Super Cup Runners-Up/Club World Championship Winners/Japanese Cup Runners-Up/1st Japanese J-League 1 Division (Champions!)/Asian Super Cup Winners
    2017/18 -- The Eejit -- Darlington -- 3rd English Second Division
    2018/19 -- Filithy_Monkey -- Darlington -- 1stEnglish Second Division (Champions!)/ FA Cup Runners-Up
    2019/20 -- ZanSnake -- Legrones FC -- 15th Spanish Second Division B
    2020/21 -- Merkezekrem -- Paris-SG -- 3rd French Second Division (Promotion!)

    If any efforts are hampered by an error or problem, they will still be accounted in a seperate account. The progress of this is essential to the task in which has been given to every manager, and i hope for a successful tenure as the co-manager of this thread.


    Over time some manager may bring success during there tenure, all the collected honours will be/is posted here.

    1x Brazilian National Third Division Champions
    1x Brazilian National Second Division Champions
    4x Brazilian National First Division Champions
    7x Brazilian Minas State Championship Winners
    2x Brazilian Championship Cup Winners
    1x Brazilian Champions Cup Runner-Up
    1x South American Copa Liberdatores Runner-Up
    1x South American Copa Liberdatores Winners
    1x Intercoinental Cup Winners
    1x World Cup Championship Winners

    2x Japanese Cup Runners-Up
    3x Japanese J-League One Champions
    2x Japanese Cup Winners
    2x Japanese Super Cup Winners
    2x Japanese Emprepor's Cup Runners-Up
    1x Asia Club Championship Winners
    1X Japanese Super Cup Runners-Up
    1x World Cup Championship Winners

    1x English Second Division Champions
    1x English FA Cup Runners-Up

    by ZanSnake
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    Name: Ituiutaba Esporte Clube
    Nation: Brazil
    City: Ituiutaba
    Founded: 1947
    Stadium: Fazendinha
    Capacity: 5,000
    Colours: Red and white

    Season 2002

    CMSG Ltd's return adventure would begin with Brazilian amateurs Ituiutaba, who had won virtually nothing in their not so illustrious history. As I arrived at their ground Fazendinha, I was surrounded by the Brazilian media and I agreed to do an interview on behalf of CMSG Ltd.
    Reporter: Welcome to Ituiutaba, Mr CMAdventurer. So I believe you're the co-manager of CMSG Ltd?
    CMA: That is correct.
    Reporter: And I believe CMSG Ltd have a policy of changing manager every season?
    CMA: Yes and sometimes we set bizarre challenges for the next in line.
    Reporter: What's the thinking behind these policies?
    CMA: If one manager s it up, a new manager will be in before long. We believe that constantchange will keep the players on their toes. We don't want them getting too comfortable with their positions at the club. They know that they may not be in the next gaffer's plans, so they have to perform well constantly. We also believe in giving everyone a fair chance to make an impact so changing managers will let this happen. As for the challenges, the old CMSG Ltd found things a bit too easy so setting restrictions will make it more interesting for the neutrals.
    Reporter: As their co-manager, could you please explain why you chose Ituiutaba?
    CMA: We thought it would be a good challenge. The weather in Brazil is wonderful while the nation is one of the greatest in the world of Football. We don't expect immediate success.
    Reporter: What do you expect to achieve during your season at the helm?
    CMA: I haven't met the squad yet so it's difficult to say right now. Hopefully I'll give my successor and fellow co-manager ZanSnake a decent foundation to build on so that he can achieve success next year.
    Reporter: Thank you for your time, CMAdventurer. Best of luck with Ituiutaba.
    CMA: Cheers, I may need it.

    I assessed the squad and I had never seen such a pile of crap in all my life! I set up a training session, where the aim was to practice dribling, so I set up a few dustbins and told the players to dribble around them. After half an hour, I stopped it as the dustbins were leading 5-0! There were only five players in the squad; goalkeeper Jonatas, centre back Rivellino, left back Betao and midfielders Thiago Henrique and Mateus. I wanted more depth so no fewer than 19 players were brought in, all on free transfers as despite having a decent enough bank balance, the board didn't allocate much money for transfers, with all of that being spent on signing on fees. None of them were any better than the five players originally at the club but at least we had some players to choose from.

    Pre-season expectations
    I was expecting a tough season with the lack of quality at the club. The only hope I had was that the rest of the division was crap as well, I really had no idea since managing in the Brazilian Third Division was a new experience for me. The board were expecting us to battle bravely against relegation, as was I. First, we had the Minas State Championship to compete in, a league which runs from February to June, with twelve teams playing each other home and away. The top two meet in a two legged play-off to determine the winner and the bottom two are relegated. The Minas State Championship contains some strong teams, notably Cruzeiro and Atletico Mineiro, who in truth are miles better than Ituiutaba in every department, while America will also provide a stern test. Looking at their squads, there is no way we could realistically compete with them so my priority was survival, which was doable as there were a lot of lower league sides in the league. I'd probably take the same for the Third Division, starting in August, where a group of seven teams play each other twice. The top two advance to the next round, with the bottom two being relegated. It was certainly going to be an experience unlike any other.

    Minas State Championship
    For our opening fixture, a trip to Social, I set the team up not to lose, opting for five across the midfield with just one front man. It worked better than I expected with us romping to a 3-0 success and CMSG Ltd's return was up and running with a bang. The first home game of our reign resulted in a 1-0 victory against Democrata, making me wonder why I was so concerned beforehand. Our first real test followed away to America, who duly brought us back down to earth with a 2-1 victory. During the State Championship, we were strong at home but average away, with seven of our ten victories coming at home. Our only three defeats in front of our own supporters were against the three sides I feared most, Atletico, Cruzeiro and America, all in consecutive home games. Despite failing to win any of our final three games, we finished in a very respectable 5th position which looked good going in to the Third Division campaign. For most of it, I used the 4-5-1 formation which worked so well for the opening game. For the last three games I experimented with a 3-5-2 which brought just one point so for the start of the Third Division, I would revert to my original 4-5-1 formation.

    Third Division
    I had high hopes for this as we wouldn't have to face the likes of Atletico Mineiro and Cruzeiro. Once the State Championship had finished, I brought in a couple of new players, now that the club had a little bit of money. Neither would get close to a world XI but they would be decent (for this level) additions. Forward Beckman and right back Thompson were purchased for a combined total of £180k. The season kicked off in August and after five games I realised that we were in a serious relegation battle. We had amassed just four points out of a possible fifteen and were in the bottom two. They came from a 1-0 victory at home to Brasilia and a fortunate draw at Americano. I had to do something so I ditched the 4-5-1 and went for a 4-1-3-2 instead. Next up was a crucial six pointer, a trip to fellow strugglers Araguaia. Both sides had chances to win it in an entertaining encounter but the goalkeepers were on top so it finished goalless. At the half way stage we were still in the drop zone. A 4-1 defeat at Pelotas deepened the crisis before we got a much needed 3-2 victory against Americano which moved us out of the relegation zone. Another six pointer at Brasilia was next up and a late equaliser from centre back Douglas Lopes earned us another valuable point. We probably needed one more victory from our final three games to be safe. Runaway leaders Central came to town with a 100% record but we were the better team. We twice took the lead but were unlucky to lose 3-2. A heartbreaking last gasp defeat at Chapecoense followed so we would go into the final game of the season at home to Araguaia needing a point to stay up at the expense of our rivals. Lose and we were down.

    We made the perfect start when Marcelo Scott's left footer in the fourth minute gave us breathing space. After our bright start, Araguaia gradually came back into it and forced a corner in the 24th minute. From it, a header was parried by Jonatas but Pinheiro blasted in the rebound to bring the scores level and put more pressure on us. It was a pretty even game and the tension was unbearable. The crucial third goal came on 51 minutes.
    Thiago Henrique restored our lead much to the relief of the crowd. Araguaia now needed two more goals to stay up at our expense.

    Araguaia looked devoid of ideas and the crowd believed that we had done enough. There was another goal with seven minutes remaining. If we got it, we were well and truly safe. If the visitors scored it, we would have to endure a torturous final few minutes.
    2-2! squeaky bum time now.

    I could barely watch. With virtually the last attack, Araguaia threw everyone forward. A throw in was launched into the area and Abimael rose highest...
    ...and headed just wide. We were safe, just!

    Manager's thoughts
    I'd have taken that but I almost had a heart attack during that relegation battle. That's why i'm happy to pass the baton on to ZanSnake. I was very pleased with how the State Championship went though and I hope that I have given Zan something to build on. It has been an honour to get the new project going and I'm sure that Zan will carry on the hard work. I wish him luck and I won't set him any restrictions as working with this crap side is hard enough as it is.

    by CMAdventurer

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    It was the coldest day I could remember, and I had 'the' meeting with 'him' at the 'place'. I arrived at 'the' specific time, 'he' requested. And soon I was face to face with 'him' for the first time ever, the so-called man behind it all. Finally I was going to see the face that was behind the CMSG Ltd Project!

    Zan: Oh my god! I knew it!
    Him: Zan, it is I, Him. I have called you to meet me in person to say, you are the next chosen one.
    Zan: Sweet !
    Him: You must bring success though, as failure isn't qualified in our eyes. You will follow after the previous one, and then you will pass your work onto the next. You are one in a long chain.
    Zan: So, can you give me a hint were the assignment is? Or, who it involves?
    Him: There is a man named Beckham there.
    Zan: So, ZanSanke is going to LA ! Where the hot women are ready to shag me, and the hot men want to be me.
    Him: That is wrong in so many ways!
    Zan: Yeah, whatever Mr Morals!
    Him: No, you are incorrect. Your guess was completely off. We do not have any partnerships in the United States of America, so your unorthodox dream had to be in your head I am afraid to say.
    Zan: But you said there was someone called Beckham? You know, like David Beckham in LA Galaxy?
    Him: Wrong player, yet again I am sad to inform you, incorrect again. Your assignment is in Brazil, and one player is called Beckham who is also a God in some sick and stupid cult religion, something called Phetrovology.
    Zan: Yeah, I think I know someone whose involved with that. Too bad they aren't looked upon much.
    Him: Indeed. Anyway, your assignment is Ituiutaba, and after some review, I am thinking maybe success isn't a must guarantee.
    Zan: Why? Are they shit?
    Him: They are no Chelsea, you know the mighty mighty Chelsea.
    Zan: Are they as good as the brilliant superb Bradford City?
    Him: I am afraid not.
    Zan: I am sure I will be able to get something done, my history speaks for itself.
    Him: Your history has some highs but many lows. Like you have never completed assignments in the past, one code named The Eyes Of A Devil is one, as well as the Shepard one.
    Zan: This is getting on, give me the damn information and plane tickets so I can f off and get this done. I have operation The Endless Journey to end and some reports of The Hunters to post!
    Him: Indeed. Get them done, hopefully with a successful tenure and then you would be rewarded in potential harming the next one with a restriction put on by yourself.

    I left 'Him' as 'he' sung 'the' song of a 'nation'.

    Him: Sex bomb, sex bomb, you';re my sex bomb.


    Upon my arrival to the club, I reviewed the facility and the squad which I was working with. I was informed whilst upon the airplanes that I wasn't allowed to sign more then 5 players into the club, and that the lowest expectation or result would be safety from relegation. In that case, I was determined to better them to help build better ties to people within the project and the bad history that I have made.

    Upon review, it looked like promotion would be a difficult task, and winning the actual league would be an impossible act with the squad I have inherited. But it is still early days so I would say promotion and play-offs would be a beneficial target, and I was able to get CMSG to allow the restriction of only 5 transfers to only to compensate for those going out, and with one goal keeper leaving his replacement would be the most likely to be next.

    Target: Promotion in National Third Division Group C


    It was apparent at first glance that much changes was needed in order to get any success with this team, and with restriction put upon me by Him, my obligation was to set loose any dead wood in the squad, most of which were centre backs. The areas of improvement would need to be the strike-force, a good goalkeeper, a better choice of centre backs, a left back and a right winger. With the reputation the club has received, the only way to succeed in bringing in a good calibre would be to spend the money to bring them in.

    By the end of 2002, I had brought in 13 players as 10 players left, meaning technically I had 2 players left if I wanted to join. For the striker which I needed, I loaned in Clayton Carioca from National Division side Duque de Caxias. With the ten players which left we had gained £325k to add to the bank to spend on players, which cost us £550k. The best of the bunch was central defender Rodrigo who came on bosman from Sao Paulo.

    Another impressive looking player was 17 year old striker Valdir Pereira de Freitas or whom as I nicknamed Peronaldo, who signed fro the club for £40k and came from fellow National Division 3 side CSA.


    With my history in tactics not the best, I decided to create on with players going forward as much as possible and with a Defensive Midfielder. One striker would be chosen, due to the low number that was available. Wingers would run in to support attack, and with two midfielders coming in from behind to help as well. The left back and the right back running up to supply a balance in attack and back tracking back while without the ball.

    Problem would be the lack of choices in the right winger and left winger position as well as the defensive midfielder, but a future transfer would help solve that one individual problem.

    The Start...

    My tenure started with a 2-2 draw, Clayton showing the reason why he was brought in by scoring a brace. The early success looked impressive as we were undefeated after the first four games, and sat 3rd in the table. And, with scoring record Clayton had already gathered he looked like he was set to beat last years top goalscorer of 6. With 2 wins and 2 draws, we were then ready for the First Round of the Brazilian Cup. In which we drew 1-1 in the first leg.


    After much time then I wanted, my defensive midfielder turned up. The man in question of the role was a 24 year old named Hudson who came from superior team Santos, he looked the part that was for sure.


    Within the Minas State Championship, there are teams which are in the higher leagues. One was First Division side Cruzeiro which we lost 1-0 but the worst thing was that top goalscorer Clayton was injured on the 24th minute leaving Pernaldo, the 17 year old to play the remainder. The next game was a 3-3 draw, but in the game, Clayton's replacement was injured, meaning we were down another striker.

    With yet another dip in our form, it didn't look like it was going to be a perfect ride. But with the signing of experienced Scottish forward Paul Dickov as Player-Coach, it gave me some hope that the problem in the limited choice of forwards was going to be a bit easier.

    His debut came in the second Leg of the First Round Cup against non-league side Legiao which turned out to be a terrific game for us as we won 2-5 with Dickov getting a brace and Hudson scoring his first goal since joining the club earlier in the month.

    For the next game I decided to make a tactical change, to try and give Ze Carlos more room in attack aswell as giving Emerson a more spaced area to work with.

    The match first with the tactical change was against leaders Atlerico Mineiro who saw us off easily 3-0 and we dropped down to 8th in the table, but with Clayton soon coming back with injury I was hoping we could find some form during the week from his full fitness.

    After winning the first leg of the Second round 2-1, Clayton came back and in his return, scored in a 2-0 win over the same team we face in the Second round. Afterwards, we bought Clayton on a permanent basis. As well as an attacking midfielder called Marcones and a 22 year old Colombian/Bermudan striker Julian Andres Mosquera for the future of the club.

    In his debut, and in an amazing team performance, we beat non-league Social 1-6, where Marcones scored a hat-trick as well as Ze Carlos carried on his best form as well, 6 goals in 12 games brilliant!


    With just 11 games go, we sat 3rd, behind both First National Division sides Cruzeiro and Atletico Mineiro, and through to the Third Round of the Brazilian Cup, it looked certain that we have improved since last year and the expectation I had from the start looked possible if we carried on the form we were in.

    Our form was random afterwards as we fell out and into the top four position, but the biggest challenge was the Third Round of the Brazilian Cup against First National Division side Internacional, but lost the first leg 1-0 on there turf. It was former West Ham man Ilan that found the net. But we were destroyed against Cruzeiro again as they walked away with an easy 1-5 win. Two players was given official warnings after the game.

    With both my first choice left back and right back injured, and with only six more games left of the Minas Gerais State and with such an unlucky form, I needed to make some changes and some beneficial ones that would gets some wins under our belts and something that would work fast!

    The run didn't start well with a 2-1 loss, thanks to some bad refereing. We were then beat 3-4 and then 1-4 in the Cup. The unfortunate turn in our form was quite surprising as the match rating went against the performance. Returning back to the old tactic, we were able to get one point from a 1-1 draw, but still it wasn't enough. Our attack was lacking something, but Clayton was still scoring but it was too much to start asking so much from him. The defence was where the problem was a mixture. With 16 year old Morel Morel being signed, he gave us more options but because we were missing the first choice right and left back still not back, it looked possible we would be certain to finished no were near last years position. With yet another tactical change, we finally got 3 points in a highly emotional 1-2 win. With two games remaining, I knew only three points would be possible as we were set against Atletico Mineiro, who totally dominated as we had only two chances through out the whole game as they won 0-2.

    With the last game around the corner, and we sitting 9th in the table, with a win we could be 7th, just two places down from last year's result. I was already thinking of what was needed in order to better the team for the other league we would be in in September, more CB's were coming in anyway but the problem was the lack of options on the wings. A problem I tried to sort out but the possible transfer weren't there as so it would mean I would have to search very hard during the interval between the end of the Minas State Championship and the National Division. And with the money I am trying to save up, the calibre of players might be improved.

    In the last game, we won 3-0 giving us the finishing spot of 7th.


    It had been months since I had met Him in person, and had taken the challenge and since then, I have only been met with failure. But, during the interval between the end of Minas State Championship and the start of the Natinal Division, I was contacted by Him via video call.

    Zan: Him, how has things been over there at CMSG headquarters?
    Him: It has been terrible, and do you know why Zan?
    Zan: Why?
    Him: Because of you and your terrible handling of this club! You have taken something and made it worse! We wanted success Zan, and you are failing! I mean 7th? That is something the prehistoric chimp I have in a cage in my house could do a better job then you!
    Zan: I am doing the best I can with what I can! What more can I do?
    Him: We gave you money and you have been using it! But, you have failed to use it right, we expect you, nor we TELL you to sign at least one man from Europe in the team that will do something of use!
    Zan: But, no-one will come to a crappy Brazilian team!
    Him: And we expect you to win the league, if you fail, you will lose of the use of your fingers.
    Zan: I guess I have some scouting to do then...
    Him: Good, we hope for a successful time by the time I next see you.
    Zan: What about that transfer embargo thing?
    Him: Forget about it. Success is the only thing you need to worry about.


    It was a 52 days interval until the next competitive match. I had enough time to gain more choices and to give me a better calibre of men. Ladogana came in from Italian club Juve Stabia to reinforce the task given to me by Him, other impressive looking players was forward Alex Afonso who came in on a free as competition for Clayton as Dickov retired to a role of coach. Right back Luiz Fernando was another coup who came from Icasa as Marcelo retired after the State Championship, and Hendrich came in as a long time replacement for Ze Carlos who was leaving the club via Bosman after the National Division, Hendrich came from Atletico Mineiro for free.


    I reverted back to my original tactic, hoping with the extra choice in attacking midfeilders could be a beneficial factor, giving us more attack.

    National Third Division

    We started off with a 2-1 loss. Something which I wasn't happy about. Lodgana did score on his debut though, which was probably the one plus we could have gotten out of it.

    In the next 8 games, we only felt that taste of defeat twice, and one was against Mirassol and also Chapeconense making the table very hard to look at.

    And the results we had was outstanding to say how bad we played in the Minas State Championship.

    With final four games, I predicted we needed to win at least two of them, and draw one in order to win a chance in the play-offs. In the first game, we won 3-2. It was Clayton's day, scoring his 20th of the season and getting himself a brace. He was surely the key to any success or any chances of getting the opportunity of success this season. But the problem was that both Sala and Maccrone was out of the next game, one with a match ban and the other due to an injury.

    We were aginast Mogi Mirim, and it started off brilliantly with Clayton socring in the 9th minute and Ladogana added, scoring his 6th goal in 10 games. Mogi got one back with Wendes scoring in the 17th minute which cause me with shock, but Ze Carlos was able to score one back two minutes later, leaving the game to end the first half with us two goals up.

    In the second half Mogi Mirim scored yet another goal with Luiz Mario scoring in the 60th minute, meaning the goal difference was just one but then Calyton scored his second, sealing the win 18 minutes later. Soon the final whistle came and the score was amazing, 2-4 to us.

    After seeing off Ituano with a 3-0 scoreline, with Clayton scoring his twelfth in the National Third Division, making him the top goalscorer in the league. We had qualified for the second round of the compeitiion!

    In the final game of the first round, beating Treze them, who have nearly all the players is old by the way, 1-3. I am just hoping that this form could be continued in the second round.

    National Third Division Second Round

    In the first match we faced 2nd Group G Rio Branco (MG) which we beat 1-0 thanks to Hendrich scoring in the 73rd minute. Sala was on top form keeping them out, leaving us with an advantage for the second leg. In the second leg, we were on target again, this time it was Hudson who scored to seal us to go to the next round.

    National Third Division Third Round Group B

    After succeeding in proceeding to the Third round, we had to face three other teams: Americano who won Group G; Central (PE) who won Group E; Sao Jose (RS) who won Group C. Facing three teams that had won all the groups they were in was kind of hard to think of winning against as we were runners up, but I was confident we could progress on, especially with the quality of the players we have.

    The first challenge out of the six games was against Americano who we won 2-0 thanks to a brace frrom Clayton, who carries on impressing. Next we faced Central (PE), a team who the previous manager was unable to even gain one point from in both meetings he had, but we were able to overcome the losing streak against them with a 3-4 win, with Clayton Carioca scoring yet another brace! We then made it three wins out of three with a 2-1 win over Sao Jose (RS), with Clayton scoring yet more goals! The table looked in our favour with half the games already gone.

    We then visited Americano for the final time, but this time we only got a 1-1 draw, Man of the match Clayton denied by former Ituiutaba forward Beckham's strike finding the back of the net. We then won against Central (PE) in the same old fashion 2-0, but the casualty list was that Leonan being injured and Ze Carlos being sent off 2 minutes into the second half, but Clayton kept his unbelievable form going with yet another goal. But with five games gone, it was all done what was needed.

    With the last game against Sao Jose (RS) and us being the visitors, I wanted a result which would show them that we were ready for the big time. And as usual we did, by thrashing them 0-5 with Clayton scoring a hat-trick. We were then told who would be the final opponent of the season.

    Brazilian National Third Division Final

    And it was the team, we could have a problem with, but it could also be a terrific set of games. And with Leonan out till the second game, it meant we had only one keeper available.

    The first leg was outstanding! Mirassol were at home but still it didn't stop Clayton, who scored twice and with Hendrich scoring the third, and to put insult top injury for Mirassol, an own goal made it 1-4 to us.

    The pressure was eased, but with the fact Hendrich was injured kind of killed the atmosphere. We then set into the second game but surprisingly was dismantled 1-5 but with Ze Carlos scoring, the match was even on aggregate and it had to go to penal;tie. But in the end, we were victorious 5-4 on penalties.

    We had done it, we had won the Brazilian National Third Division! It meant iw ould keep my fingers in contact, it meant I was the first person to inf success in the CMSG Ltd, and it would mean I could bring hell and wrath on the next person!


    The season was full of highs and lows with us being played bad in the Minas State Championship, and then playing alright in the National Third Division and then superb in the play-off rounds. The fact was though, we could have played better but we had done what I had set out to do. All I can say though, Clayton Carioca must be kept at the club for next season!

    But, the back line of Morel Morel and Sala was also a brilliance aswell, Ze Carlos, Hendrich and Maccrone bossed the midfeild and Ladogana made the right hand side his own. In the end, success was what I wanted and that was what I got. Well done to the lads for a perfect season, and all I can say to the next manager is good look! I had to sell a whole team nearly so I could build a better one, luckily it was enough.


    Sign at least two or more people from the shortlist that me and CMA have gathered. To be honest, I didn't want something too hard as it could ruin all my hard work .

    Good Luck Eejit!!

    by ZanSnake
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    ***BEEEEP BEEP***

    What the fuck was that. I was on my holiday, taking a break from my dream jod of relegating Inter Milan while in between jobs in the UK. It was 7am and I certainly hadn’t set an alarm clock. Maybe I imagined it. I turned over, pulled the duvet round me and tried to get back to sleep

    ***BEEEEP BEEP***

    Now I didn’t imagine it that time. What the fuck is it ? It’s not my mobile as that currently has “Flower of Scotland” as the ringtone.

    ***BEEEEP BEEP***

    It’s coming from one of the drawers in the filing cabinet. I dug in, pulling out all sorts of artefacts from my past, cursing that I hadn’t taken this junk to the tip years ago. Right down at the bottom, I found it


    Christ ! I hadn’t seen that thing in years. Back in the day it had been the standard issue to all CMSG Ltd managers and I should have probably returned it when that organisation collapsed. Might be worth a few quid on e-bay now. CMSG Ltd won’t be wanting it back.

    ***BEEEEP BEEP***

    I really aught to stop it ringing first though. If I remember right, the red light on the front tells you you have a message. I pressed a couple of buttons and the tiny screen lit up revealing a message. It said simply

    Go to CMSG Towers ASAP. Him wants to see you. You’re up next. Be afraid

    Very strange. It had been a long time since I had heard the CMSG name mentioned, not since the organisation collapsed. It brought to mind several questions ….. Who the hell is “Him” ? Why should I be afraid of Him ? And finally, what the hell am I going up ? All would be answered 2 days later after I had flown to New York and been dropped off at CMSG Towers.

    Who ever this “Him” is, he must be important. He kept me waiting for ages. At first I didn’t mind, observing that this was very much a running organisation and not the collapsed consortium that I had expected. Secretaries dashed here and there. Telephones rang and fax machines spewed out messages on paper that caused the secretaries to dash about again. The longer I waited though the more the apprehension grew. Finally I was told that Him was ready to see me. I knocked and entered and what I saw caught me totally by surprise.


    Eejit: Am I supposed to be afraid ?
    Him: No. That will be the crabby paties, or maybe Squidward’s clarinet.
    Eejit: Not being funny, but why the hell have I just been dragged half way round the world for a meeting with a goofy yellow sponge ?
    Him: Ah … You’ll be the guy that ZanSnake sent. You’ll be up next
    Eejit: I’m missing something here. What the hell have I got to do with that Tarantinoesque Zan and what the hell am I going up ?
    Him: Top secret. Don’t even tell a jellyfish, but CMSG are going again. Small scale for now, but CMAdventurer and ZanSnake have started the ball rolling again and you are next in line !

    CMSG Ltd up and running ! Why hadn’t I heard ? How could it have been kept secret, a minnow club rapidly rising usually comes to the attention of the press.

    Eejit: Can I ask where
    Him: Ituiutaba
    Eejit: Is that one of your stupid songs ?
    Him: No, but you’ve given me an idea
    Eejit: Please delete that idea and tell me where it is
    Him: Brazil. Oh and before you leave, just 2 things. Firstly, ZanSnake has left you some instructions and secondly, I want you to sign my friend. Here’s his details.

    The following morning I found my self in the office as a seedy lower league football ground in Brazil. I had only once before witnessed a worse dump

    Training was due to start in 1 hour, which gave me time to sift through a huge pile of paperwork, most of it scouting reports and a post it on the top said simply “Sign 2 of them. ZS”. I picked up the first report – Didier Drogba ! You’re having a laugh. Next one Josh McEachran ! Get a grip. I’d sort out the rest later. Time for training.

    It was a bigger squad than I had expected, 37 players in all, and with various levels of skill. It was also a strange mix of old and young, but mainly central defenders and not much in the way of width. Some were so bad that I would be happy to see them play for Airdrie. The coaching staff also left something to be desired, I had no assistant and one of my 3 coaches was fellow Scot Paul Dickov. Before he could say anything in greeting, I made my first change to the Ituiutaba wage list.

    Eejit: Piss off you narky little toerag I don’t want your sort of nastiness polluting my squad. And don’t think of claiming for the taxi. You can pay for that yourself from your illegal gains from ripped off punters who had expected to see a footballer.

    I think he got the message, but replacing him was harder than I had expected. No one wanted to join this tiny club, even if they had just been promoted to the Brazillian Second division, they were expected to be cannon fodder and everyone’s favourites to go straight back down. In the 8 weeks before starting and the home game with Democrata SL in the Minas State championships I somehow managed to assemble a full squad of coaches, including assistant Everaldo de Sousa and bulked the scouting network upto 3. None were any good, but better than nothing and I could easily make changes if I got the chance.

    These 8 weeks gave me a chance to get to know the squad. ZanSnake had left me some notes and pointed me towards some promising players. Sadly I wasn’t in full agreement and several of his “stars” had to leave to make room for new blood. The biggest problem was the fitness levels and I even got the army in to help improve things

    Sadly it wasn’t enough, and some players, including veterans Ze Carlos and Evanilson had to go before we could play the high octaine football that I was planning. One player that stayed though was Argentine defender Morel Morel, although he remains an enigma. Clearly talented, his fitness levels are not what I would expect and he was put on an intensive regime to see if he could last more than an hour.

    With 12 players leaving, it left plenty of scope to put my own mark on the squad. Importantly Roger, a free agent having left Sao Paulo, would be the perfect partner for the fan’s favourite Clayton Carioca up front while Murilo Maccari, Washington and Diego Rosa would add width to the midfield. They would be aided by loan signing from Prudente, Vagner, clearly a bit of a character who fancied himself.

    Vagner had been on the list left by ZanSnake, as were Roger and Washington, so I had fulfilled that part of the deal early although I would add more from the list later in the season. That left me with Him’s friend. He was not quite what I had expected, but I reckon that the extra legs will help somehow, but don’t mention tackle or you will get him hooked

    One thing bothering the players was my name. They said that “The Eejit” was just not Brazilian enough, so the had to find me a new one. Using the latest technology they came up with Eejando (BTW previous managers were Son and Zando Santos. Think I got a rough deal !)

    I arranged a quick tour of Bolivia to get some altitude training. I’m not a fan of friendlies, but with players all upto match fitness, this one was worth the risk. That said, 12 goals without reply taught me little I didn’t know already. Clayton Karaoke is a natural scorer (5 goals in 2 games) wile Morel Morel will not last a match. I needed a left back to support Partick and there was a question mark over central midfield in the 4-4-1-1 formation that I would adopt.

    The state championships had proved a tough nut for Ituiutaba to crack, finishing 5thth in their last 2 efforts. With the exception of Cruziero and Atletico Mineiro I saw no team to fear set a target of being best of the rest. They say that football is a funny old game and this championship certainly proved that. Easy wins in the first 2 games set up the first of the big ones, Atletico at home. We most certainly gave them a fright, but with Roger playing alone up front (Clayton Karaoke being tired from scoring 4 of our 5 goals in the opening games) we didn’t have the firepower and when the ref denied Glaydson the opening goal for a dubious offside, we knew what was coming, A Kleber goal from the visitors only attack ! and 7

    We recovered well and won every game upto the trip to Cruziero. Twice we went behind and twice we levelled, through Vincenzo Ladogana and Clayton Karaoke. It should have been enough for a draw, but Edno put the homeside ahead for the 3rd time and this time they held out. 14 days later and we faced Atletico again. This was another even game and we probably deserved a point, however we left with nothing other than Clayton Karaoke on a stretcher!

    And so by half way we were “best of the rest” but not by much despite beating every other side we played.

    The second round of 11 games was more of the same. We won 10 games in a row (a new club record), but in the final fixture, at home to Cruziero we were out classed and the champions went onto secure an easy 3-1 victory. That should have been enough to be “best of the rest” however I hadn’t accounted for a disasterous run in by Atletico which cost Emerson Avila his job. That run was just enough to sneak past the Galo by the smallest of margins

    I should have been pleased by that, 2nd in this group is a huge achievement for a club with Ituiutaba’s resources, but I can’t help feeling there was a chance to beat Atletico that we didn’t take. That’s not quite how Him saw it when I visited for the Summer report.


    Him: What do you mean second. In my dictionary that is just first looser, now get out of my sight and win something, like the Dutch did in the Euro Championships, before I sack you !

    That prompted me to write a letter to the Brazilian FA

    Dear Faceless Farts in Blazers,

    What is it with you guys trying to make my life tough. I know that no one cares about a little team like Ituiutaba, but to completely ignore us is a new low. I know you don’t care about a Scotsman who is only here for a year, but let me tell you here and now that I am under pressure to win something and that is what I aim to do. Why then were we not even invited into the Brazilian Cup ? Have you forgotten we exist ? Get it sorted before next season or I’ll have to send round the boys from back home to sort you muppets out.
    Love ….. Eejando.

    I hope it works for next year.

    The success, if I can call it that was helped by an aggressive transfer policy as players who were not part of the 1st team were sold, allowing room to bring in a better quality that could compete for a starting berth, while also keeping an eye open for good young players. Full backs and left wing were always a problem whilst someone to score goals when Clayton Karaoke was out remained a problem for my entire reign. I was also on the look out for a better assistant and think that I finally found my man in Nivaldo Macedo.

    Without any cup games it was a full month between the end of the state championship and the start of the second division. The format of playing each of the other 28 teams once turned the promotion challenge into a short sprint. It was important to get a good start and that was exactly what we got, 5 wins and a draw in the opening 6 games sent us clear at the top and were still unbeaten after 9 games. It looked at that stage as if nothing could stop us from gaining back to back titles. Certainly not Guarani who succumbed to a club record equalling 6-1 defeat.

    And then the bubble burst. Yet another injury to Clayton Karaoke, who seems cursed, and suddenly we couldn’t buy a win. Take for instance the home game with Confianca. A Maccari brace and a header from Duarte had us cruising 3-1 at half time. Glauber and Alan exchanged goals so that we still had a 2 goal advantage entering the final 15 minutes of the match. Josimar and Glauber scored within 2 mins of each other and suddenly it was level, but only until the final kick when Melo gave the visitors a 5-4 win. If it could go wrong it did. Red cards were handed out like confetti and the injury crisis was reaching pandemic levels. The nadir was the CRB game where I had 9 players unavailable or no where near fit including my 3 main strikers Clayton Carioca, Roger and Daniel Lovinho and only one recognised left back. Suddenly no one was willing to do loan deals to tide us over.

    Some how we managed to stay in touch with the leaders and in such a tightly packed league, any sort of a good run in the final 5 games should be enough

    Clayton Carioca returned from his injury scored with in minutes of the start just the tonic we needed. He lasted 20 minutes, picked up yet another injury and would be out for another 3 weeks. A 1-1 draw with Campinense and a 1-0 win over Santa Cruz moved us back into the top 4 only for Brasil de Pelotas super keeper and 2 goals in injury time, one for us and one for Ipatinga , to knock us back into 10th going into the final game.

    We may be 6 places behind 4th placed Macae, who we play in the final game, but it was only 2 points, so if we beat them, at their home, and other results went our way, promotion was still on, but a very long shot. That long shot became longer when Eric was left unmarked to fire the home side into an early, but deserved lead. With the lead, Macae were content to sit back, and were made to pay with Cunha’s first ever goal for Ituiutaba. It was made by a great run down the right by Ladogana who’s cross was met 1st time by the emergency purchase left back. Game on ! We threw everything at them and created some great chances, but none of them stuck, so the sides changed ends all square. A look at the other games showed that the scores were all the ones we wanted, so just 1 more goal and the dream would be back on.

    It took just 10 minutes of the second half to find the next goal, but it was at the wrong end. Dreadful defending left Erivelto with a simple tap in to send the home support wild. 12 minutes later and a Kanu solo effort ended any hopes. 3 shots on target and 3 goals, Alencar in goal will need to look at his performance in this one. In desperation I switched to 4-3-3, but despite creating a hat full of chances, Roger’s injury time goal was a scant consolation.

    My job was done, so I thanked the players and headed out of town, leaving a few notes and good luck wishes for the new gaffer.


    Too many players had mediocre seasons. With any sort of consistency, promotion would have been a shoe in and a couple of good signings could make a big difference next term. I’m pleased that we now have a younger, more athletic squad, but it is hard to pick out individuals.

    We have 2 enigmas in Clayton Carioca and Morel Morel. CC is clearly a goal scorer when fit, but he only managed 27 games, almost ½ the season injured. He has a history over previous seasons, but on balance, the 26 goals make him worth keeping in my view. He needs a better partner though. MM on the other hand may have talent, but has shown no improvement in fitness over the season and if it was my team, he would be listed. In a tough league we need players fit for a full 90 mins.

    In goal, Alencar and Leonan are adequate, but prone to gaffs, so I would target another keeper.

    I can’t think of any stand out defenders, but youngsters Duarte and Filho look ready for the 1st team

    Midfield has been strong although the roles of Ives and Glaydson must be questioned and I think that young Blum may have reached the end of the line. If we get a chance to bid for da Silva, on loan from Cruziero, we should take it as he has been mustard. I fear he it outside our price range. Alan and Ladogana have also impressed.

    Other than Clayton Carioca, no other striker reached double figures. Shocking !

    I have lined up 13 Bosman deals. Check them out as you WONT want them all. I’d be disappointed if you cancelled them all as there are some good players in there and all are free (no sign on fees).

    Final thought is on the facilities. A 5,000 capacity stadium and Awful training facilities need to be improved and that will limit expectations until we can generate some big cash.


    I would like to say beat one of the big 2 in the State Championship. It is long overdue, but it is only 4 games and you can’t account for super keepers/bad days at the office and you would be trying for that anyway. I would also like to say develop some of the youngsters, but you are the boss, and I think you will do that anyway if you think they are good enough.

    This club is hard enough to boss without a hand tied behind your back, and so I’ll be gentle and set a fun challenge. I want you to break a club record over the season. Oldest/youngest player, highest score, gate receipts, any will do, just give us the screen shot of the new record.

    by The Eejit
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    Mystery Man: So it’s agreed, we lend you £20,000, and at anytime we can call you up to do a job for us, and you can’t say no. If you concur sign the bottom of the contract.

    Me (thinking): What choice do I have?

    Me: Agreed.

    (Signs contract, shakes hands and leaves).

    3 years later


    Me: Hello

    Mystery Man: It’s time.

    Me: Time for what?

    Mystery Man: When we lent you that 20k 3 years ago we said we’d call you up for a job and you couldn’t refuse it. Well here it is, pack your bags, you’re off to Brazil to manage Ituiutaba.

    2 days on

    Some Brazilian Man: Hello AMC, my name is Nivaldo Macedo, and I will be your assistant manager at the club.

    Me: Hi Nivaldo, I’ll be honest I’ve no experience of managing a football team, and I’m going to need a lot of help.

    Nivaldo: No problem, the former manager left a review of the squad, and we have a full team of coaches that will help you out. Now let’s get to the training ground, where you’ll meet the squad. You can read the reports on way.

    On reaching the training ground, I was shocked at how basic they were, so straight away I asked the Chairman to improve them, which he agreed too, but he rebuffed my request to expand the stadium, which stands at just 5,000 capacity. Despite numerous attempts to tell the squad my name was AMC, they insisted on calling me Ito, as apparently it sounds more Brazilian, as long as they perform on the field I don’t mind what they call me – within reason.

    On looking at the squad, I noticed a lack of wide midfielders, with only Marco Aurelio Pereira Silva (already leaving), Murilo Maccari and Vincenzo Ladogana the only ones, and the first two would be more at home stacking shelves in a supermarket. With this in mind, I decided the formation I would use for the season, which would be a 4-1-2-2-1 (like Iodine on the overview screen), with the full backs and AMC’s told to push on. With the only width coming from the full backs, the 3 above were sold, as well as young midfielder Marcello Blum and fellow midfielder Washington, which raised £900k, with the latter going to Bragantino for a club record £450k.

    With a bit of money to play with I went spending, with a keen eye on defenders after being advised by the previous manager that defence was an area of the squad that needed improving drastically. The previous manager had already lined up several transfers that I allowed to go through, except one(can’t remember who now). My first signing was centre back Helton, who came for a club record fee of £250k from Prudente, and he was joined by 3 further signings all on a free, with 31yr old Jean the pick, with the forward boasting the likes of Flamengo, Santos and Vasco on his CV. With no decent Goalkeepers available, I decided to loan some in, with Servulo, Everton, Carlos and Rafael Alemao all arriving at the club to fight it out for the number one jersey.

    Minas State Championship

    My first game in charge of the club would be at home to Uberaba, and it took a late goal from Andrea Rocha to seal a victory in my first game in charge. Next up and a trip to Uberlandia, where defender Helton gave us the lead shortly before half time, and despite 10 men Uberlandia equalising, we were never in danger, with Rodrigues da Silva and Daniel Lovinho scoring the last two goals to set up a 3-1 win in my first game in charge. My first real test would be the away trip to giants Atletico Mineiro, but we had nothing to lose, so you never know! Despite having a man sent off after the hour mark, we were already 2-0 up, thanks to a brace from Clayton Carioca. Muriqui pulled one back for the home side moments later, but we held on for a historic win.

    With confidence high in the camp we recorded two routine home wins in our next two games, with Mamore and Rio Branco being put to the sword. 5 league wins became 7, with two further wins over Democrata GV and Esportiva, and we sat 2nd in the table, behind Cruzeiro on goal difference.

    The 100% record was lost in the next game, but we did well to recover from being 2-0 down after just 20 mins, to salvaging a point, with Helton and Luis scoring in the 2nd half to spare our blushes. A hatrick from Clayton Carioca inspired us to an easy 5-0 away win over Villa Nova, forgotten man Morel Morel with a brace as well. A top of the league clash between 1st and 2nd saw us at home to league leaders Cruzeiro. Once again I didn’t expect much from the game, but after the Atletico Mineiro result, maybe we could give Cruzeiro a game. A game we did, although it took till the 86th minute for the first goal, and thankfully for us it was Clayton Carioca with the strike, and we hit the summit.

    The unbeaten run continued in the next 4 games, with us recording 3 wins and a draw, but challengers Cruzeiro won all 4 of their games to narrow the gap to just one point. Further wins over Esportiva(3-0) and at home to Atletico Mineiro (2-0), kept the gap at one point, but that all changed in the next game. We overcame Democrata 2-0, but Cruzeiro lost 1-0 at home to a hurting Atletico Mineiro, and we were now 4 pts clear.

    With 5 games left it was ours to lose, even if we lost to Cruzeiro away we’d still be a point ahead, assuming we won the rest of our games. We both won our next 3 games, so with 2 games left, we required just a draw at Cruzeiro to confirm the Minas State Championship. Unfortunately, ahead of the game leading scorer Clayton Carioca was ruled out for 2 months with strained ankle ligaments, with Anderson Gomes taking his place up front. I also signed 18 yr old striker Geraldo Goncalves dos Santos as cover, with the young forward arriving for just £30k. With so much on the line the game was a very drab affair, with only 5 shots on target the whole game, with Anderson Gomes the only scorer to confirm our status as State Champions!

    Despite our Championship win, I didn’t want to lose our unbeaten run, and I wanted to put a show on for the fans. I was surprised to see the crowd not at capacity, but those who did attend witnessed a 5-1 win, with Anderson Gomes scoring four of them.

    Brazilian Champions Cup

    After winning the Minas State Championship, we were entered into the Brazilian Champions Cup, which pitted the different State Championship winners against each other. In the Group stage we drew Fluminese, Fortaleza and Bragantino, with our first game against Fluminese. It weren’t the best of starts as we went down 2-1, with Goncalves dos Santos scoring a late consolation goal for us, the game also saw the debut of new signing Junior Beliato, with the keeper arriving for £250k from Sao Caetano. We needed to win the next game to stand any chance of qualifying, and win we did, but only just, with Claudio’s solitary strike enough to give us 3 pts. Another win was required in the last group game, and the returning Clayton Carioca gave us the lead before half time. Bragantino pushed for an equaliser but it weren’t forthcoming, and we squeezed out the result that saw us both qualify to the semi finals.

    Atletico Goianiense would be our opponents in the semi finals, and the 1st leg against the Goias State Champions was a real spectacle. We fell behind after just 5 mins, but two goals from Kleyton Domingues saw us lead 2-1 approaching the hour mark. Marcao then equalised, and Neves put our opponents ahead in the tie once again, with 15 mins left on the clock. Marcao scored a 2nd to make it 4-2, but Clayton Carioca scored a minute before full time to reduce our deficit ahead of the 2nd leg.

    So with 3 away goals in the bag, apart from another freak score line, we would progress to the final as long as we won in the 90 mins. We got in their faces right from kick off, and we could have had a couple before Rodrigues da Silva finally opened the scoring, just before the half hour mark. Our lead was doubled shortly before half time with Goncalves dos Santos netting from long distance, and at half time we were looking good for the final. With no choice to attack Goianiense came out firing, and it weren’t long before they scored, setting up a nervy last half hour. But the team showed great character, and in fact the goal seemed to spur them on, with Goncalves rattling the crossbar, again from long distance. It didn’t matter though as we held on to win 2-1, and we would play Bragantino in the final.

    The first leg was away, but once again we were the dominant team. Unfortunately, with their only shot of the game, Bragantino scored, whereas we found a brick wall in their goal, and once again we would carry a 1-0 deficit into the home leg. We piled on the pressure but once again the opposition keeper was having a stormer, and at the break we went in all even at 0-0. After another of our attacks was thwarted, Bragantino hit us on the counter attack, and we conceded, leaving us with a mountain to climb. We continued to play in the same manner, hoping we would finally score, and eventually we did, Goncalves with a fine header to set up an interesting last 15 mins. Everyone except for the keeper and 2 centre backs was sent forward looking for a winner, but like before a swift counter attack was our undoing. Daniel Marques was sent off having had no option with their striker one-on-one with the keeper, and despite the resulting free kick being partially cleared, it would end in the back of the net and with the clock at 90 mins, we were down and out.

    Brazilian National Second Division

    Just like in the State Championships we got off to a great start, winning our first 6 games, with the pick a 3-1 away win at Juventude, who would eventually finish in the promotion places. Our first dropped points came in a fantastic 3-3 draw away at Guarani, that saw the home sides keeper sent off after just 3 mins, but it didn’t stop them taking the lead twice, and snatching a late equaliser in a pulsating game. A bore draw at home followed against Duque de Caxias, but we got back to winning ways when Daniel Lovinho scored the only goal in a 1-0 win over Uberaba, and with a third of the league season gone we sat top of the division.

    A 1-1 draw away at 2nd place Santo Andre kept our lead at the top at 4 pts, but it was in our next two games were we really hit form. Clayton Carioca scored 5 in a 6-3 home win over Villa Nova, with his last 4 in the final 23 mins. Another goal fest away at Sampaio Correa saw us triumph 4-2, but we were 2-0 down until the 55th minute, but with a fantastic comeback completed by ourselves, the press were already predicting big things.

    The unbeaten run continued, just as it did in the State Championship earlier in the year, but our gap at the top narrowed, as we drew three of our next six games, and the lead was down to just 2 pts. Draws became the norm for us as we were held in our next 4 games, that not only saw us lose top place, but drop to 3rd, and having already played the top 2 (only play each team once) I had to hope they both dropped points, while we ourselves would have to get back to winning ways.

    We didn’t have to wait long either, as both dropped points in the next game, Juventude losing 3-1 at home, and Santo Andre being held 0-0 at home, while we returned to winning ways with a fine 3-0 win over Veranopolis. Our next game was a real rollercoaster, with us twice taking the lead, only for 26th placed Icasa to hit back both times, but we weren’t to come unstuck as we scored a 3rd to take the 3 pts. Further good news arrived, when Juventude and Santo Andre both lost 2-1. Come the next game and there was only two left in the title race. We recorded a fine 4-0 home win against Avai, and Santo Andre won their first game in five, but Juventude could only draw 1-1, so with 2 games left we held a 3 point lead over Santo Andre, and a draw in our next game away at Palmeiras would be enough to win the league. A draw is what we got, holding on to a 2-2 scoreline after being reduced to 10 men with still 25 mins left on the clock, and we had won the league!

    But no we hadn’t! Assistant Manager Nivaldo Maceda had to explain to me that the top 4 in the league go into the semi finals to determine the winner, and I couldn’t help feel the comeback in the last 4 games was for nothing. Goals from Rodrigues da Silva and Clayton Carioca saw us secure a 2-0 win in our last league game, finishing 4 pts ahead of 2nd placed Juventude.

    In the semis it was 1st v 4th and 2nd v 3rd as we would take on Palmeiras. The first leg was at home so it was important we recorded a good lead to take away with us, but it was the visitors who took the lead after just 11 mins. We weren’t to be denied the win though, as a brace from Anderson Gomes gave us a 2-1 win to take into the 2nd leg. It was all to play for come the 2nd leg, with Palmeiras having an important away goal, and I couldn’t help think we’d need one of our own to progress to the final. It was a nervy start from both sides, and it was no surprise when we reached half time all square at 0-0. The second half kicked off, and it couldn’t be any different from the first, with the game going end-to-end, but finally a goal came, with Clayton Carioca putting us 3-1 ahead on aggregate. 15 mins later and the 2nd goal of the game arrived, with Carioca scoring again, and with us know 4-1 up and all but qualified, the Palmeiras teams head dropped, and we were never in danger of going out.

    The final would see us play Santo Andre in another magnificent game. Despite cancelling out an early goal, by the 52 minute we were 4-1 down and facing a massive task to take anything from the game. No one told Carioca that as the goal scoring phenomenan bagged a quick double, and defender Geraldo levelled the score in a topsy-turvy game. Santo Andre weren’t to be denied though as just 2 mins after our equaliser they scored again, the 6th goal in just over 20 mins, but the 5-4 result was a lot better than it could have been!

    The 2nd leg at home was most likely the biggest in the clubs history, and we couldn’t disappoint. Ahead of the game I made two new signings, that of DMC Williames and AM/F (R/C) Fernando both arriving on a free, with the latter going straight into the lineup. He marked his debut with a goal from the pen spot on the stroke of half time, and we were all square, with us leading on away goals. The second half was a drab affair despite of the occasion, but it came alive in the last 20 mins, and Santo Andre went close twice to remind us they were still in it. That was until that man scored once again, Carioca scoring his 53rd goal of the season, in just 61 apps, and we had gone up as champions - this time for sure!

    Brazilian Cup

    Obviously the Brazilian FA took former manager the Eejits threats very seriously, as at long last we were entered into the Brazilian Cup. First up was 3rd division side Remo that we dispatched with some ease, winning 4-0 on agg over the two legs. The 2nd round was kind to us as we were paired with non league Serrano (PE), and once again we progressed with little trouble, 3-0 the score over the two legs. Fellow Second Division side Brasiliense were our opponents in the 3rd round and this was more of a challenge. We were at home first, but it didn’t stop the away side from taking the lead after 20 mins, although we did end up winning the game 2-1 to set up a potentially great game in the 2nd leg. We got off to a fantastic start with Carioca scoring twice inside the opening 20 mins, but Naydion hit back for Brasiliense to reduce the deficit. It mattered little as midfielder Andre Rocha restored our two goal lead, and we were through to the last 16, 5-2 on agg.

    That’s as far as I thought it would go as we drew giants Fluminese in the 4th round, but how wrong I was. We were at home first, but after just 2 mins we were already 1-0 down, but we were in the game, and by 20 mins we were 2-1 up. Fluminese scored again to make it 2-2, and would then take the lead in the 2nd half. We weren’t to be beaten though as Anderson Gomes got his second of the game, as the scores finished 3-3. The 2nd leg was just as exciting as the first, with Fluminese once again taking the lead, but an own goal from their left back got us right back in it on the stroke of half time. The second half started brightly for both sides, keen to get back in front in the tie, and Anderson Gomes fired in to put us ahead. The home side pushed everyone forward in search of a goal, but we stood resolute and we were through to the quarter finals.

    Another big team awaited us in the quarter finals, with Internacional our opponents. Once again we fell behind in the home leg early on, after just 13 mins, but like in the last round we hit back to lead 2-1, thanks to a brace from Anderson Gomes, although we were denied a famous win, with Internacional equalising late on. Unfortunately, the return leg was a game too far for us, as we went down 2-0, with us lucky to escape a bigger margin of defeat.


    A quite remarkable season, with only 3 defeats, with us going unbeaten in the State Championship and National Second Division leagues. Given the squad at my disposal I still can’t believe how we acheived it, for example Jefferson Rodrigues da Silva doesn’t look much on paper, but he was top assist maker along with Alan, with both managing 20.

    It was a big squad, with 40 in the first team squad, but no more than around 18 played regularly, and there’s a fair amount of dead wood I’d get rid off. Despite the teams accomplishments, a number of players refuse to sign a new contract, and there’s a number of players now out of contract. There’s £1.57m in the bank, with £1.2m available for transfers, so there’s a bit of money to strenghten the squad for the challenge of the 1st Division next season. There are no pre-arranged transfers coming into the club, but 3 players are leaving.

    With money in the bank, and hopefully some TV revenue it maybe an idea to try asking the board to expand the stadium and improve the training facilities, but this is up to you and you may want to save the cash for player recruitments.


    Staying in the National First Division will be hard enough, but I’ve already told Oz when I sent him the save that I want him to play a flat back 5 at all times, so DL-DC-DC-DC-DR, no DML/DMR, but any forward arrows are fine.

    Best of luck Oz!

    by AMC

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    Over all the year’s and season’s I have played this great game of our’s, I had never taken control of a team from Sth America. Unbelievable but true. So when I was told that my season in the CMSG Ltd hot-seat was to take place at little Ituiutaba in Brazil, I felt a mix of excitement and trepidation. Wow, an Australian managing a club in Brazil, the greatest and arguably the most fanatical footballing nation on Earth. What would the local’s think of that???? Also the pressure of following on from AMC and his brilliant season, where Ituiutaba was promoted to National Division 1, was also playing on my mind. Am I up for this??? I’d be devastated if I was responsible for us going straight back down. If I don’t get off to a good start, I could be back on a plane out of here very quickly, maybe in the cargo hold in a coffin.

    Ok, so I’d taken the likes of Aue in Germany and Boston Utd in England to Champions League glory before over and over again, who hasn’t??? That’s over the course of a decade or so in the comfortable confine’s of Europe. 1 season at Ituiutaba in crazy Brazil, if I’m lucky, that is it. This challenge, with all my high’s and low’s possibly affecting other CMSG member’s, and taking on legendary club’s such as Corinthians and Flamengo would surely rate amongst my proudest moment’s if I could eek out even just a little success. As it turned out, the board took the pressure off immediately as far as success was concerned when they announced their expectation’s for season 2006.

    Board expectations..... Spoiler:

    I instantly felt more relaxed in Ituiutaba.

    So the 1st thing I had to get my head around was the schedule. I’d never seen anything like it. State Championships and National Division matches???? Ofcourse there will be a cup or 2 in the mix as well I‘d say, gee we’re going to be busy.

    Righto, the Minas Gerais State Championship was 1st on the agenda, and looking back through the history of the club we had won it the previous year and run 2nd the season before. Not much competition here except for Atletico Mineiro and Cruzeiro by the look’s of it. So this looked like my best chance to grab some silverware, depending on the cattle I have to work with. I’d worry about Div1 National later.

    Now let’s have a look at the cattle. Wow, I have no faith in any of these keeper’s, Belatio maybe. Defence is a good mix of youth and experience, very skinny out wide though, Morel and Cunha look the good’s. Some of these midfielder’s look like they possess qualities that will allow us to play some decent football, pretty happy. Up front we are a little skinny again, here’s hoping club favourite Carioca can bang home another million goal’s this season. All in all, I’m pretty happy but will be hitting the transfer/loan market to add some depth and quality, especially at GK, DL, DR and STR.

    Not much cash to play with and the little I have I want to re-sign the likes of Carioca, Rocha and Morel. So it’s off to check the Brazilian U/21 side and see if there is anybody talented and available. Hello and welcome to Ituiutaba (all on loan) Bragantino GK Bezarra and Sporting Recife D/AM RC Nascimento. You’ll be in the 1st team boy’s. DC Valente also came along from Mineiro. Threw a few other loan bid’s out but no one else from the national side wanted to come, damn it. 27yo DR Joao Vitor from Marilla and 26yo DL Eduardo from Guarani arrive as back-up’s. Mahatma Ooto, a Ghanain striker with 19 international caps join’s up and Carioca now has some stiff competition for his starting spot. Botafogo striker Laio arrives on the the day the comp start’s and look’s extremely sharp. A couple of young freebies in Jorbison AM/L and Rosa DC also come aboard.

    The best of the loanee's.......

    Tactically, I didn't want to rock the successful boat that AMC had performed with the previous season, but also had to take into account the restriction that he had placed upon me for 2006, which was to play with a flat back 5. So I kept it as simple as possible, not changing a thing tactically and just adjusting the formation so that 1 of our AMCs slip's back into the defensive line.

    The formation to be used in 2006......

    Febuary : Consisted of 3 games and a gentle entry to the league for me. 3 win’s, 8 goals/0 against. On loan keeper Bezarra was a dream and Carioca had 5 goals. Happy days.

    March : And we are in the competition proper now, 6 game’s for 5 wins and 1 loss for the month. Our match against Mineiro ended with a 3-1 loss and fan fave Carioca being dropped after a 2nd consecutive 6 and horrible morale. Laio scored a double after replacing him against Ipatinga and took his chance when given a starting spot. He grabbed 8 for the month whilst Carioca sulked on the bench.

    April : 4 wins, 2 draws and a loss. Some great results but an inconsistent month. Again we disappointingly lost to Mineiro and in turn were now behind them on the table heading toward’s the end of the competition. I still had every faith that our lads could stay with them though and we could overcome them in the end. Bigger news was opposition team’s throwing in bid’s for our brilliant young CB Morel. With a Min. release fee of only 1m, he thankfully signed a much bigger contract with a 2 mil release clause, with bid’s instantly ceasing. Disappointingly, Carioca and Rocha were flat out refusing to sign new contract’s and seemed certain to leave on free’s at season end. Botafogo agreed to a permanent transfer for Laio but the impressive striker refused to sign with our club. Also, the excellent on loan GK Bezarra leaves the club after joining Ponte Preta for 1.1m. He would be hard to replace.

    May (+ 4th June) : The final 6 game's of the State Championship and I couldn't have asked for anymore from the lad's. 22 goal's for, 2 against. An ordinary away draw against Uberaba pretty much gifted 1st spot to Mineiro and what I thought was the Championship. I can't begin to tell you how excited I was when I realized there was a play-off for the title. Laio left after signing on with Santos for 2m and Carioca was given his chance again. He responded brilliantly, including grabbing 5 in 1 game against Fabril.

    June & July : Drew Corinthians in the Brazilian Cup and expected the worst.

    Was pretty happy with that against one of the big boy's, perhap's we could cut it in National 1st Division after all.

    The Minas Gerais State Championship Final
    over 2 legs, which I didn't even know existed, was against my arch enemy Atletico Mineiro who had easily topped the table by 6 point's. It was everything I expected it to be and more, a tough, tight and skilful rollercoaster. 4 injuries in the 1st leg, including injuries to BOTH my selected GK's, brilliant.

    Leg 2 and my 4th choice GK for the season is in goal on debut in front of more than 31000 enemy fan's against a team we hadn't beaten. He had the confidence and belief of every team and staff member though......

    So close, yet so far away. I was gutted but held my head high and my emotion's in check. But it was too much. I started getting dizzy, seeing star's and fainted.............

    ..........only to be awoken by this

    WTF??????????? Surely Mineiro win's after finishing higher on the table???????

    Apparently not. So we were champion's of Minas Gerais again, and CMSG Ltd was toast of the town again.

    We then had 3 week's until our next fixture, which was in the Champion's Cup. We prepared accordingly.......

    That's right, we are the champion's, my friend. And what a fine looking bunch of champion's we are.

    I could have lived in that moment forever but apparently there was atleast another 30 game's to play. So we slowly awoke from our drunken celebration's to proudly take part in the Brazilian Champion's Cup.

    Jesus, we might have a real decent footy side here. Let's have a crack at this fella's.....

    Ahhh well, it was good while it lasted. Flamengo ended up taking it out 4:2 on aggregate.

    Still couldn't re-sign Carioca or Rocha, getting the shit's with them both. In other news...

    Brazilian National First Division.

    August & September : In the big league boy's, let's show them how Ituiutaba style....

    Lima scores 4 on debut......

    So we got off to a slow start, but managed to go onto a 10 game unbeaten run including taking down the like's of Fluminense and Corinthians and somehow leading the competition. Beliato was on fire at GK. DCs Morel, Helton and Marques and DMC Rocha were a wall at the back. New loan signing Lima from Gremio was dancing around the opposition like they were statues and Carioca and Ooto were scoring for fun. 17yo reserve FWD Macedo was given his chance and was proving one to watch. Rocha decided to head to Europe but would still see out our season.

    October & November : 14 games. 8 wins, 5 losses and a draw saw us drop down the table behind Vasco but then retake the lead with a few games to play. When we beat them 2-0 in the 2nd last round, we all but wrapped up 1st spot.

    The table as it sat with 5 game's to go......

    1st spot????? At the start of the season, the Board was hoping to only steer clear of relegation, the people of Ituiutaba just didn't want to be embarrassed and I just didn't want to go home in a body bag. 1ST SPOT IN 1ST DIVISION!!!!! What will December bring????????? It doesn't really matter, the season has been a massive success regardless.

    December : I'll let the screenies do the talking.........


    I'm not really sure how to finish except to say I'm stunned. Obviously AMC's tactic that I only changed the formation of is a brilliant piece of work. For that I thank him.

    I'll finish with this. For the 2nd leg of the final against Vasco, I set the commentary speed to slow and really took it all in. When Domingues was sent off, I smashed the desk, when Rodrigues scored I jumped around the room. Every shot at goal and save made had me on edge. I agonised over taking off club legend Carioca and replacing him with Freitas. When Freitas hit the post in the 81st, I winced in pain. When the final whistle blew, I cheered loudly.

    For this, I thank everybody involved at CMSG Ltd and ofcourse the team that are champion's of Brazil, mighty ITUIUTABA!!!!!!!!!!

    Lastly, a few player's will be moving on as alot refused to re-sign with the club. The most signifigant being Carioca and Rocha. Some good news on that front though,

    I offered him a new contract and he was considering it when my time was up. I hope he stay's, he was a rock. Carioca seem's destined to leave but Mark should have some cash to grab somebody decent if Macedo or Freitas don't work out.

    I think my restriction for Mark will be something he should be able to cope with seeing as though he is pretty handy at this game, NO LOAN PLAYERS for the entirety of the season. Probably easy but they helped me out immensely and I'll be interested to see how you go without their help.

    Cheer's again.

    by ozchampman

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    17th December 2006

    Today began like any other day, except it was a Sunday and I chose to nip into town to try and get my Christmas shopping done nice and early.

    But before I could head out of the door, the phone rang.

    "G'day mate!". It was a typical Aussie voice - I had absolutely no idea who it could be.

    "Who the f**k is this? I don't want to buy whatever s**t you're selling!". I just assumed it'd be some bloody pleb trying to flog summat to me.

    "No, no! Mark, it's me, Oz! You know, from your website!" Cried the voice, hoping I wasn't going to cut him off.

    "Oz! Well, why didn't you say so! How's it going? Wait a minute, how did you get my number?!".

    "Erm, I got it off CMSG Ltd! You know, you signed up to participate in our little project. I'm over in Brazil mate. It's your turn to take over the hotseat. You need to get over here pronto."

    "Right... Brazil? In December? Let me call the missus, Christmas with the family is cancelled!".

    Arriving in Brazil

    Within a couple of days, I arrived in Brazil after Oz had given me all the details. I was a little apprehensive about what I'd see when I got to the stadium. After all, I'd typed "Fazendinha", the name of the stadium into Google and got this:

    Do they even have cows in Brazil????

    Anyhow, once I arrived, there was a little resemblance between the Google picture and the actual stadium itself which was a poor 5000 stadium with a training ground that needed major investment. I was a little shocked by the state of the place to be honest.

    The club itself was called Ituiutaba Esporte Clube and according to Oz, he'd won the top accolades in the country - The National First Division and the Minas State Championship. After seeing the place for my own eyes, I wasn't sure whether it was true but it was - Both trophies had their own pride of place in the trophy cabinet within a rusty old shack next to the ground.

    Stamping my Authority

    This doesn't feel right, I thought. I've got to do something about this, if these players are the best in the country then they need to play in facilities that are the best in the country and feel like they are the best in the country! I soon met my chairman Rildo Moraes Costa and he politely reminded me that they are already considering a request to expand the ground. Well, I didn't know that, did I? The man already thinks I'm a p***k! He did agree to invest in improving the training facilities though. It turns out there's just under 4m in the bank so who knows how much I'll be left with for transfers? One thing was for sure, Oz told me that I can't use any loan players at all which seemed to be the secret of his success as he used 10 in the season just gone by, 4 of whom were still at the club so their spells were cut short (Gustavo, Robson Luiz Nascimento Machado de Oliveira, Eduardo and Joao Vitor) while any players due to come into the club in the future had their deals cancelled. However, I was powerless to stop the departues of Brenno (to Guarani), Ives (to Avai), Marcus Vinicius (to Nautico), Jean (to Dinamo Minsk), Leonan (to Brasilliense), Rai (to U.Madeira), Wagner (to Mirassol) Andre Rocha (to Vasco) and Tallys (to Uberaba) - All on Bosman deals! Also, Clayton Carioca chose to leave instead of signing a new deal which is a blow as he scored 27 goals in 27 starts for Oz!

    The Backroom Staff

    Before I took a look at the (permanent) playing squad, I had a quick review of the backroom staff first. Valter Bahia, Regis Luciano, Marcel Silva and Gilberto Carlos Silva Gomes were all let go. The assistant Nivaldo Macedo would stay though along with Nilsao as the only coach left at the club. Meanwhile, all 3 scouts were released (Frederico Medeiros, Luiz Alberto Defendi and Newton Alves Pereira). Almir Cruz, Marcos and Michel Simoni were also terminated as the club physios. None of these guys were fit to work in the Ansells League back home, never mind the top flight of Brazilian football!

    Before long, I had my own team of coaches (Mazian Wahid, Ronaldo Sperry, Rommel Araujo and Paulo Renato Antunes Coimbra), scouts (Cleverson Nascimento de Araujo, Nebosa Gudelj and Nikolai Stefanov Iliev) and physios (Luicio Roberto Rodrigues de Souza and Augusto de Silva Junior). The new faces cost me just 20k and meant I could now use their experience to my advantage to help me review the current squad and scout for players as I know literally f**k all about players myself. I'm like Brian Clough without Peter Taylor!

    Revamping the Squad

    The review basically saw the following:

    Handed new contracts
    Junior Beliatio - GK
    Morel Morel - SW/DC
    Daniel Marques - DC
    Helton - DC
    Gualberto - D/DMC
    Cunha - DL
    Andres Rodrigues do Nascimento - D/AMRC
    Marcio Duarte - DRC
    Kleyton Domingues - AMLC
    Alan - AMC
    Robson Luiz Nascimento Muller - FC
    Alexandre Macedo - FRC
    Jefthon Ferreira Rodrigues da Silva - AMRC
    Geraldo Goncalves dos Santos - SC
    Fernando - AM/FRC
    Hudson - DMC

    Refused to sign new contract
    Claudio - FC
    Roger - SC
    Mateus - AMLC
    Willames - DMC
    Anderson Gomes - FC
    Clayton Carioca - SC

    Transfer Listed
    Sandro Rogerio Machado - D/DMRL (and sold to Iraty for 100k)
    Ramon - DC
    Rodrigao - DC (who promptly retired)
    Sandro Pereira Rosa - DC
    Antonio Ferreira Freitas - SC

    Jurys Out
    Jaime Cerqueira - D/AM/FL
    Kassio - AMRLC

    One thing that has surprised me after the review is how underrated some of the playing squad appear to be. They've done the "double", yet not a single player has been capped for the national side or even indeed part of the squads. It seems as though you need to ply your trade in Europe to even be considered for the national team these days!

    Before long, it seemed that the transfer funds dried up rather quickly. The board kept their promise to expand the stadium, albeit by just 2,000 seats making the full capacity at a massive 7,000 whilst the training facilities have now also been upgraded to adequate. That, coupled with all the new contracts meant that 4,049,089m was spent straight away!

    What's left? A whopping 60k transfer budget whilst the overall balance of the club is -208,881. Even when we were given 150k for TV rights, we were still -58,881.

    Erm... That's not gone well! Clearly free transfers would be our priority but attempts to sign several decent players (including Gary Sawyer) were thwarted by the news I was not allowed to sign any more foreign players as Marcio Duarte and Morel Morel were already the two foreigners at the club. WELL, NOBODY TOLD ME!!!

    Fortunately though, there were quite a few Brazilians available on a free transfer and after casting an eye over a number of potential signings during one week trials, I opted to sign up:

    Juninho (AMRC)
    Joao Gabriel Pereira da Silva (DLC)
    Adilson de Souza (D/DMC)
    Vinicius (FRC)
    Vanderlei Pereira de Matos (DMC)
    Luis Carlos Pinto (D/DMC)
    Peter (DR)
    Romulo (DMC)
    Lucio Roberto dos Santos Gaia (DMC)
    Moises (DMC)
    Marcus Vinicius da Rocha (FC)
    Romulo Ferreira de Souza (FRC)
    Thiago Antunes Coimbra (DMLC)
    Flavio Henrique Cordeiro (DC)

    Apart from Juninho, Peter, Romulo and Moises - Most of the signings were young 'uns who I think have the potential to turn into decent players. The one position I had failed to strengthen was finding a backup goalkeeper for Junior Beliato. Several attempts failed to come to fruition and it's fair to say that not being able to loan a couple of backups has hindered me. I just hope Belatio stays fit and cardless!

    Season Underway

    Although AMC and Oz had used similar tactics that brought the club success, I decided to switch to a favoured 4-5-1 formation with attacking full-backs and would select my side by players who were on form.

    The result was a fantastic start as the season kicked off in the Minas Championships with a 4-0 victory over Villa Nova (MG) and Geraldo Goncalves dos Santos opened his account for the season with a hat-trick. He was handed a rare start after failing to appear for a single match under Oz last year (originally signed by AMC I think for 30k).

    But what is even more remarkable is that the 20 year old striker followed it up with a further 3 hat-tricks during the team's unbeaten start to the season before finally being beaten by Argentinians Boca in the Copa Libertadores. He then got a 5th hat-trick of the season against America (MG) before being cruelly injured in a 2-1 victory over Democrata GV which ruled him out for a month. It was in the next Minas State Championship game that we lost for the first time with a disappointing 3-0 defeat at Uberlandia yet we topped the league by a clear 4 points ahead of Atletico Mineiro.

    Financial Boost

    The fast and entertaining brand of football was attracting near sell-out attendances to the stadium which provided a huge boost for the financial side of the club, coming out of debt and raising almost 500k for transfer funds. However, there was no intention of blowing the lot as we only needed to sign a goalkeeper and sign a new goalkeeper we did as Rafael Alemao was persuaded to leave Palmeiras in a 200k deal. It was just as well we'd snapped him up as Junior Belatio twisted his ankle and would be missing for a month!

    The Copa Libertadores

    We were drawn against Boca of Argentina, Cienciano of Peru and The Strongest of Bolivia. Boca will be particularly tricky but I expect to at least qualify from the group as we surely had the players to overcome the other two sides. Things got off to a great start with victories over The Strongest and Cienciano. But then we lost 1-2 three times in a row to Boca, The Strongest and then Cienciano, leaving our final game at home to Boca as a massive must-win game to guarantee progress from the group. As it turned out, we managed a 1-0 win with a fantastic strike from sub Thiago Antunes Coimbra were up against Uruguay's Defensor Sporting in the 2nd Round. But the 2nd Round was as far as we were able to reach as despite taking the lead 3 times over the two legs, we ended up crashing out on penalties as Kleyton Domingues and Juninho missed their spotkicks following a 3-3 draw. Gutted was not the word.

    Minas State Championship

    After the disappointing exit from the Copa Libertadores, we were able to focus 100% on the State Championship and a fit-again Geraldo Goncalves dos Santos carried on where he left off before his injury with 13 goals in 8 games as we won 5 matches (one a fantastic 6-2 win over Cruzeiro!) and drew 2 including a crucial comeback against title rivals Atletico Mineiro who were 2-0 up against us at home at half-time before Goncalves dos Santos and Moises scored in the 2nd half to tie the game and keep the distance between the two teams to 2 points. The final game of the season was the decider for the Championship. Atletico Mineiro were at home to Democrata GV whilst we were also at home against Ipatinga who we'd drawn 2-2 against in our previous meeting.

    The result?


    Even if we had lost, we'd have won the Championship anyway as Atletico Mineiro lost only their second game of the season 1-2. Happy days!

    A Dirty Side?

    Despite being widely acclaimed by many for their exciting football which won the Championship, there were also several critics claiming the club were a dirty side as we picked up 6 red cards through two from Thiago Antunes Coimbra and one each from Moises, Fernando, Kassio and Luis Carlos Pinto as well as 29 yellow cards from the rest of the squad. I defended our style as I reminded the critics that it is the players job as defensive midfielders to break down opposition play for our attackers to retain possession for the team. If they mistime tackles, then so be it - that is football!

    Scouting Missions

    There was just over a month between the end of the Minas Championships and the start of the Champions Cup and although I chose not to sign any players (despite a 350k reward for 1st place and a bank balance of 700k), I spent a lot of time scouting players and removing some of the 'duds' from the shortlist of players accumulated by the previous managers. All for a good cause and hopefully one that the my successor will see the benefit of! After all, I not only saw this season as a year to win things but also to improve the football club as a whole!

    There were a couple of outgoing faces though as Mateus joined Aguia de Maraba for 200k. He'd only managed 6 appearances without impressing and at the age of 30, he wouldn't be missed. The same applies to centre back Ramon who'd not played a game last year under Oz and had only managed 4 starts this year. He left to join Novo Horizonte for 50k.

    Corinthians also tried to prise young defender Morel Morel away who were rebuffed but with a minimum fee release clause in his contract, Morel was offered new terms without such a clause and fortunately accepted.

    I also released Paulo Renato Antunes Coimbra and Ronaldo Sperry as coaches and appointed Ceara's Denis de Carvalho and Sergpipe's Reinaldo Holanda in their place as well as scout Magno Amorim from 4 de Julho.

    Champions Cup

    Our 3rd competition of the season began as we were drawn into a group consisting of Botafogo, Ponte Preta and Bahia. We nearly blew the passage into the Semi-Final after blowing a 2-0 lead against Botafogo to draw 2-2 before also surrendering a 1-0 lead which resulted in a 2-1 defeat to Ponte Preta (no thanks to a red card for Juninho) whilst Helton also found himself sent off against Bahia but not before we took a 3-0 lead which ended 4-1 to send us through to face Gremio.

    Once again, progress from the group resulted in a knockout as we couldn't cope with Gremio's attacking prowess with Junior Beliato having a nightmare in the first leg, conceding 4 goals and we could only muster a 2-2 draw at their place. Even Geraldo Goncalves dos Santos scoring in his 14th consecutive match (22 goals in those 14 games) couldn't save Ituiutaba from bowing out.

    National First Division

    Playing in the National First Division wasn't quite as easy as it was in the Minas Championship, we were up against some thoroughly decent sides including Corinthians who went on to finish first in the league. For we weren't able to challenge for the title that Oz had somehow won the previous year. We really struggled to get a good run of games together to push us up the league but unfortunately just couldn't seem to break away from mid-table. Having said that though, we only lost 5 games which is only two defeats worse than Corinthians and just 1 more than those that finished in the playoff spots (Sao Paulo, Fluminense and Vasco). Unfortunately, the fact we'd drawn a massive 12 games of our 27 games meant we had to settle for 13th in the league.

    Quite sadly, the goals of Geraldo Goncalves dos Santos dried up not long into the opening games of the division but he did manage to bag 8 goals in 16 games before losing form so spectacularly that he wasn't even named on the bench in the closing stages of the season and his place was taken over by Claudio who himself bagged 12 goals in 21 starts for the entire season. Yet he couldn't quite match the high standards that Gerarldo Goncalces dos Santos had set himself way back at the start of the season. The statistics tell us that over the course of the year, he'd bagged himself 6 hat-tricks, 9 games where he scored a brace and 14 games where he scored once. That meant that there were only 15 games where he failed to score at all! I don't think I have ever managed a player who was so lethal in front of goal!

    It's Time to Go!

    Well, it's certainly been a very enjoyable spell in Brazil - A country where I've never worked before. I am just gutted that I only have the Minas Championship to show for my time here. But I do feel that I have helped to fine-tune the club and set them on the path towards progressing themselves into one of the most feared teams in the country.

    It was now time to call the next in line to take over the hotspot - merkezekrem.

    "Merk... Put down the PS3, I know Bursapor are awful but it's not worth throwing it through the window... I'm calling you on behalf of CMSG Ltd... It's your go... Now, I gotta shoot! Nastic need me!...... Oh yeah and your challenge is that you are not allowed to leave the club at all. I want you to ensure that there is at least 3m in the bank by the time you leave so that the club can upgrade the training facilities and expand the stadium capacity..... Have fun!"

    by Mark

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    Join Date
    Dad: Where are you son? Aren't you coming to work today? Are you ill?

    Me: No dad, I'm ok. I'm at the airport.

    Dad: Airport? Why?

    Me: Well, I am going to Brazil to be the manager of Ituiutaba.

    Dad: Itututuba? Manager? BRAZIL?!

    Me: Yeah, remember the mail from CMSG Ltd?

    Dad: The company that didn't want insoles? No.

    Me: Well, I responded to their mail later and they find this job for me and I have to take the job. Look dad, they don't really need a good tactician but only a good bussines man. I'll just be there for a year and make 3 million pounds for them.

    Dad: 3 million pounds! You've been working here for 10 years and you didn't make 1 million. Why don't you “make” that 3 million in a year here?

    Me: I can't really reject the offer

    Dad: Why so?

    Me: Well, otherwise they'll take our company.

    Dad:....... ! Don't use the company mobile phone there.

    After landing and driving to the club I jumped into the books.

    At least we're in the green. +724,081£

    I checked last months income page, 292,580£ from gate receipts. This was gathered from 4 National First Division matches. The avarage attendance was 6975,25 for these matches. The wages made a sum of 285,988 for this month. This will make 6,592£ per month X 12 = 79,104£ per year.

    With extra funds from merchendising and interest and other, minus Ground Maintenance and bonuses and other the total sum for the last month was 22,562. That in 12 months is 270,744£

    270,744 + 724,081 we already have = 994,825£, only around 2M missing.

    Our wage bill is £60k per week. Even if I can halve this, it doesnt look possible to make enough. I'll just have to keep in mind not to go red in the wages/gates balance.

    Then I got into the player values, which gave me hope and shining dollar signs in my eyes.

    Only Geraldo Gonçalves dos Santos (Geraldo from now on) is valued above 2M. But with the age of 21 and 50 goals in 41(3) matches, would be hard to sell.

    11 players are above 1M. I hope to sell 1 of those. 2 of them are goalkeepers, unless I find some gem from free youth scouting, they'll stay. All 11 of them played at least 20 matches so I'll be following these guys.

    13 players are above 500K,

    Alan (28 y/o AMC) looks like a good profit, having played only 2 sub games last season and the price tag of 950K looks great. But he played 55 games the season before and managed a 7,16 rating which gives him another chance before being listed.

    Anderson Gomes is the first one that goes to the transfer list. 30 y/o FC didn't play any games this year and only played 2(2) last year. See you later. (That'll be 1,700£ less on the wage bill too) for 900K.

    Willames the 28 y/o DMC is second on the list. 8(4) matches this season and 5 the year before earns him a decent place in the transfer list for 725K. (another 1,700£ wage) 2 ND2 and one ND1 team are already interested in him.

    Fernando, 30 y/o AM/F R/C might go. 20(6) matches and 7.23 is good but he's being paid 3,900 per week. Too much for a back up. He's worth 675K.

    Peter is a 32 y/o DR, the only, only DR in team. He has a 600K min release couse, as much as he's worth now. I wouldn't want him leave but won't offer a new contract to a 32 y/o guy.

    15 players are valued under 500K.

    I'll have to play Hudson to see if he's worth more than 425K as his price is stuck there with min. fee.

    Gualberto has a 3.2M min fee but a value of 300K. Will get some runs, if good, good. If bad...good, off to market.

    Cunha is a DL, aged 28. Valued 350K. Needs to reconsidered for his 2k wage.

    The others are youngsters with cheap contracts.

    Apart from do Nascimento who's thinking the club is a stepping stone with 3.1M min. fee. But 400K value in 17 (7) matches. The D/AM R/C will make it hard to find his place. I sould call the former managers to ask about his place – from my new non-company phone.


    As december rolls on, Possebon, a 27 y/o DM C came to the club and wanted his 2.9K wage per week. A transfer Mark made who had 2.6M min. fee but a value of 725K.

    Roger left with his contract of 450£ ending and Jorbison left to join Atletico Goianiense, off goes 775 per week more.

    In January 7th, the black book wasn't looking good, after a month of non gate money the balance was now +329,380£.

    Last years final result for money came in: -1,569,271. I can understand why the GMSG fired Mark and replaced me.

    In 14th we recieved a £150,000 for TV rights. Balance: £421,558

    The board expects us to stay clear of the relegation zone, shouldn't be hard.

    End of Jan. : +263,711

    ...One coach didn't show up, aged 63, he might be dead. Hired a new coach.

    End of Feb: (+30,726) Total: +307,973

    ...Nothing financally happened. 1,508 for bonuses.

    End of March
    : (+65,491) +344,799

    ....Offered a contract to a youngster with 22k sign on fee. Geraldo scored his 50th league goal.

    ....The youngster rejected and went to Portuguesa (in Brazil, pfft). Geraldo is getting on my nerves, scoring 4 in a match ffs, 120 x 4 = 480£! 2 is enough sometimes man!

    ...It's second round in the cup and we still havent played. Come on FA, we need to make money!

    Transfer listed Claudio, his price was 1.8M untill I listed him, then it dropped to 1.2M.

    End of April: (+49,882) +394,681

    ...Some clubs from around the world are interested in Claudio but his price dropped to 1.1M, then Al Rayyan offered a contract to him and the deal will make us 1M.

    ...Geraldo scores another 4 in a match.

    End of May: (-4,840) +389,841

    ...Played against Dida today, it feels so good to score. Surely, he was selected as the man of the match.

    ...Müller raised his value to 1M from 400K with 8,15 rating in 18(2) matches.

    ...Inter won the UEFA cup, no Eejit there I guess. Real Madrid won the Champions Cup.

    ...Finally in the Cup, in 4th round against Ponte Preta.

    ...Müller also broke the assist record with 13, yet.

    ...Someone reached his goal before me:


    End of June: (+410,067) +799,908

    ...Cerqueira's (thats a hard name to write, try) value made his min fee of 1.4M, his bastard agent tells him it's time to move on. I offered him a new contract with 4.1K per week and 210K sign on. The bald birds are already circling arond his contract.

    ...Nobody wants to sign for us on free, most of them old farts anyways.

    ...Cerqueira injured for 3 months. 350K for winning the Brazilian Minas Gerais State Championship. Would expect more money just for the sake of the long name.

    ...(special thanks to Müller)

    ...Geraldo's 33 goals is a new Minas State record but he's still valued 2.2M.

    ...Nobody from Ituiutaba won a world's best .... of the year award.

    End of July: (+1,711,822) +2,511,730

    ...The deal for Claudio to Al Rayyan cancelled as Al Rayyan decided to make an island shaped as Claudio instead.

    ...Geraldo got the best player and top goalscorer award. His price tag goes up to 2.9M. Müller came second and third, valued 1.9M now.

    ...England appointed Portsmouth coach Steve Cotterill.

    ...Claudio agrees to go to Remo and we get 975K and somehow 50K more for his transfer from us to Remo.


    ...We smash our gate receipt record with an amazing 83,952£! Good that we made it to the semis of Brazilian Champions cup.

    End of August: (+1,301,833) +3,813,563 Nascimento signed for Atletico Paranaense, everybody thinks this is a stepping stone club. He wouldnt talk to me.

    ...Finally remembered to make Müller the default playmaker.

    ...Been awarded 800.000£ for winning our first Brazilian Champions Cup, with our first win over Flamengo.


    A shitty first leg:

    Did I say First leg; I mean the first of the second legs:

    ..Made the 3M mark, had a cheap beer for celebration. Gives me hope to make much more.

    End of September: (-507,006) +3,373,277

    ...Offered another contract to Jaime Cerqueira as he made his value of 2.7M, the min fee clause. 200K offered for signing on fee with a min fee of 5M. He accepted.

    ...Müller and Macedo called up to Brazil U-23.

    ...Geraldo scored his 100th goal for Ituiutaba.

    ...Maceodo scored for Brazil U-23, he's worth 1.9M now. Offered him a new contract with 310K sign on and 4.1K per week. Accepted.

    ... Müller and Macedo get called up for Brazil U-21 now ffs!

    ...Turkey lost 2-1 to Luxembourg ffs!

    ...and we lost this match

    End of October: (-54,560) 3,189,374

    ...Müller broke the assist record of us with 21 assists.

    ...Sold Danile Marques for 5K.

    ...Out of the blue, Iraty Sport Club offered 1.4M (paid in 6 months) for Rodrigues. Accepted!

    ...He rejected the move, bastard!

    ...Geraldo's 47 league goals, 54 total goals and 16 M.O.M awards are new Ituiutaba records.


    End of November: (-54,560) 3,229,745

    ...Cerqueira now tops the value table with 3.1M, Geraldo second 2.7M, Macedo and Müller 2.3Ms. He celebrates this with a headbutt and 6 match ban.

    ...Morel Morel's 148 league apperarances is another domestic record.

    ...Kassio accepted an offer from Ponte Preta, we'll get 825K for it.

    ...Macedo passed Müller on the assist record with 22.

    ...Finished the league 5th, missed the qualifying with 1 points.



    well the names are different coz I nicknamed all of the feckers.

    Final: +3,229,745

    ...Made the 3M.

    ...Was hell of a fun season.

    ...Just changed the attack to normal when 2-0 up, all year. Geraldo scored most of the goals after doing this.

    For Fodster:

    ...Stay in Ituiutaba at least untill stadium expension or training grounds improvement. (I didn't ask for any - remember to ask!)

    ...You have to pay at least 1000 vCash for each transfer, when higher than 1M, the vCash goes higer. Like 1.5M, 1500 vCash, 3M. 3000 vCash, free, 1000 vCash.

    by merkezekrem

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    Location: A Beach somewhere in Brazil


    Who are you with:


    Why are you in Brazil:


    Glory glory Man united,
    Glory glory Man united,
    Glory glory Man united,
    As the reds go marching on on on!

    Just like the busby babes in days gone by,
    We'll keep the red flags flying high,
    Your gonna see us all from far and wide,
    Your gonna hear the masses sing with pride.

    Yaritza: What on earth is that?
    Fodster: My ring tone....Excuse me one second..

    Fodster: Now then Merk, we all set?
    merkezekrem: Yep, good luck

    Fodster: Gotta go
    Yaritza: How come, I had plans for us...


    Fodster: I have a new job, with a look like that though, I will be back soon, Im going to try and get sacked..

    So as per merkezekrem orders I made a request for both a Stadium Expansion and for the club to invest in the improvement of the training facilities and youth development...

    My plan had worked, both were rejected, now all I would do is give them an ultimatum, I would be sacked and then I could be back on the beach with Yaritza and the bevvy of Brazilian beauties that had become so fond of me. After all, I wernt being paid to manager Ituiutaba and if I bought any players with the clubs funds then I would be out of pocket with my beloved vCash...?

    ... things didnt quite turn out as planned...

    ... looks like I was stuck here for the season...

    by fodster

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    Part 2

    So I entered my office and reviewed the squad.... I had been set some very achievable targets, but would require some cash in the bank and also some assistance from the board.

    I took a look at the squad which looked decent enough but lacked the "cutting edge". I managed to get star forward, Geraldo, to sign a new contract which would keep him at the club until December 2011. However, he did request a £10,000,000 minimum release fee. If he did leave, I had my eyes on an ideal replacement in Paulo Sergio Fonseca. He may well be on his way to us if I could get him for the right price... he was a class act


    I also managed to snap up Lenon on a free, he looked a decent enough back up defensive midfielder


    I offloaded Rodrigues for 750k to Fortaleza and after a week of discussions and a few rejected contract offers, striker, Muller accepeted 6k a week and signed for a further 2 years.

    I also managed to bring in a defender for the future. He cost me 500k up front, 500k after 50 appareance and a further 500k should he squire 50 international caps


    In the awards, our star man, Geraldo picked up 3rd place in the Player of the Year award, winner was Internacionals Cleber Antonio santos da Cunha and 2nd place being David of Corinthians

    Geraldo was also name in the team of the year, won the 1st Divisions top scorer award and Gala (DMC) won the Young Player of the year award

    I let Kassio move to At Mineiro for 800k and snapped up a good looking midfielder, in Jadson on a FREE


    I felt the average age of the squad was slowly rising so i let a few of the contracts of a couple of 30+year olds expire as they left the club

    Geraldo was back in the spot light as he picked up the Supporters player of year.

    Then out of the blue....




    But there was bad news on the finances front, I had spent all of the money Merk had earned and now the improvements had been completed the club had gone massivley into debt...

    Although it wasnt a target I had been set, it was a personal one of mine to get the club back into the green by the end of the season

    January came round and the board meeting was quite suprising. Considering the relevant success of the small club over the past couple of years the Board were still expecting a difficult season and wanted us to to steer clear of relegation.

    We were given £150k at the start of the season by the Brazilian FA and in other news Fernando retired from the game. I also arranged a meet with the clubs scout to access the players we had been looking at... I noticed a lot and I mean a lot of older players had been looked at and were never gonna feature in my plans for the year and probably not... (well definatly not) in the next managers I advised the Scouts to remove a lot of this dead wood from the shortlist and get scouting some "younger players".

    So, onto the season and despite dominating the first game, we didnt get off to a great start as we were defeated away at Cruziero 2-1... one that would be very decisive come the end of the Minas league season. Although we were back on track in the next game with a 5-0 win over Guarani

    The draw for the Copa Libertadores was made and we faced Sau Paulo, Olimpia (Paraguay) & Univ. Catollica (Chile).

    By the time we had completed the month of February, we were sat in a decent enough 4th position in the table and we had also broken a club record of having a new biggest attendance since the stadium expansion to 10000. 9957 people got to a game which also earned us a record gate reciept figure of £119,484

    We were creating plenty chances


    ...and scoring goals was not a problem

    And again we broke the attendance record when 9985 people watched us play Sao Paulo.

    We managed to escape the group stages of the Copa Libertadores, losing twice to eventual group winners, Sao Paulo.

    In the Second round we would face :

    We managed a great 0-0 in Chile and then we faced them in the second leg at the Fazendinha


    Onto the draw for the Qtr final...were we faced Flamengo. The first leg at home ended in a 3-2 defeat with Flamengo grabbing a great win. The second leg in Flemengo ended 2-1 to us so the game went to penalties...


    And in the Semi Final we would face Barcelona of Ecuador. Again the first leg ended in defeat as we went down 3-2. The second leg we won 1-0 so again the game went to a penalty shootout...


    We would face Giants, Boca in the final...

    Back to the Minas State Championship and after 21 games the table looked like this.


    We would play At Mineiro in the last game of the Minas championship, while second palce Cruzeiro were away at bottom of the league Ituana


    While we managed to beat At Mineiro, Cruzeiro also beat Ituana 3-1 to claim top spot in the league as we finished in a respectable 2nd place, just 3 points behind, with far superior goal difference.

    So next up was the final of the Copa Liberdatores were we faced Argentinain Giants, Boac Juniors. Despite us making a great game out of this one and have plenty of chances, the difference between the two teams was evident for all to see...


    New signings.....

    I managed to get my man.... as Fonseca signed for £1,600,000

    And I also brought in Attacking Midfielder and well know name Carlos Eduardo...for £1,300,000

    Another striker Gustavo Macedo da Silva also signed for a measley £250k

    I had kind of ignored the financnes side of it, as chief accountant, Uiara had been telling me that the books were balancing...

    I had no reason not to beleive her....

    but it turns out she did have trouble balancing things....


    It was only when the board called me to an emergency meeting that I was advised of the following:


    Back to the football and we were on a decent enough run in the National First Division

    Decent enough to inish top of the league going into the play offs for the Championship

    The draw for the semi final was made:

    Again we lost the first leg 3-2 at home but managed to win the second leg by the same margin... again the game went to penalties and the mental strength of the lads saw us through to the final as Superb midfield Kleyton, who the club had signed on a Bosman back in 2004 grabbed the winning penalty.

    The first leg was played at Vasco and superstar left sided player Cerquiera grabbed a vital 90th minute equaliser as the first leg ended in a 1-1 draw.

    The second leg was a nervy afair, which is understandable, with what was at stake... we fell behnind on 60 minutes to an Everson mendes goal but commeth the hour, commeth the man as new signing Fonseca scored on 71 minutes to send the game level and into yet another penalty shootout..

    We were first up, and I sent my free signing Ribamar up to take the first penalty


    Hernanes stepped up first for Vasco


    Jadson next for us


    Barros stepped up for Vasco


    Young gun Fonseca now had a chance to give us a commanding lead....


    And Rodrigo Pimpao stepped up....



    We had done it... beaten the Mighty Vasco De Gama in the Brazilain National First Divison.

    The celebrations went long into the night and some got quite carried away...




    Players in:


    Players out:


    Future Transfers:


    The only future signing I had made:


    So from Merks targets and my own targets, I had managed to get a stadium expansion and increase the training facilities... my own target was to get the club back in the green.. albeit with help the board that was acomplished and from my calculations I need to lose just 3200 vCash?

    For the next manager...Kuy

    I grew quite fond of this team so would like you to stay here for one more year... As I mentioend I had tried to trim down the average age of the squad and the players on the shortlist and I expect you to continue this trend....

    *you must buy atleast 5 players throughout the season and they must all be Under 21 years old. If you do sell anyone, they must be 30 or older.
    *Set out an all out attack on the Copa Liberdatores
    *Failure to win the Copa Liberdatores then you must leave the club and find a job elsewhere

    by fodster

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    As I waited nervously in the corridor outside the chairman's office, I reflected on the journey I had just made. After taking a Eurostar from London to Paris, a 12-hour flight to Sao Paulo then another hour in the air to a local airport, followed by an 80-mile drive, I was finally at Ituiutaba. I wasn't really sure why I was here, to be honest. I had only recently signed up with CMSG Ltd, on a whim really, but nevertheless they had sent me half-way round the world to manage one of their most successful projects. I had never managed a football club before, and now they were demanding I win the Copa Libertadores, the South American continental championship! Failure would not be tolerated – the secretive voice that had telephoned me anonymously to give me this assignment had said that if I didn't succeed, I would have to quit the club. However, I hoped they might be lenient on this front...

    When I arrived at Ituiutaba, the first thing I did was watch the Assistant Manager taking training. I liked the way he worked and beckoned him over for a chat, and he impressed me with his knowledge of tactics and ability to manage the individual players and keep them motivated. As a native Brazilian who had been at Ituiutaba for five and a half years, I was delighted to have him as my right-hand man.

    The door to the chairman's office swung open and Rildo Moraes Costa invited me inside. He was a genial host, obviously delighted with the transformation that CMSG Ltd had performed on his little club over the last 8 seasons, although he did seem a little doubtful over the youngster they'd sent him this time, particularly since his dream was for little Ituiutaba to win the Libertadores. However, he soon brightened up when he found that continental silverware was my focus too, and that his ideas for the club aligned perfectly with those of CMSG Ltd and myself. We wanted to bring in some youth to freshen up the team, and he put £3.7m at my disposal to do it – no doubt helped by the £4m the club received in TV rights. He also insisted that the only players that be sold were those who were past their best, and I assured him that this fit nicely with my plans for the club. The chairman was also happy to let me overhaul the backroom staff, bringing in a whole new set of coaches to work with Nivaldo Macedo, the Assistant Manager who had impressed me earlier. I also added a couple of new scouts and a physio to bolster the existing team. Having discussed the long-term health of the club, Mr Moraes Costa then told me of his hopes for the season coming.

    I immediately got to work with the squad and identified the main areas of strength and weakness. We were spoiled for choice up front and had plenty of central midfielders, which suited me perfectly. I like to play a narrow 442, with one midfielder protecting the defence and the other three pushing on to support the attack – some might call it a 4132. However, we were weaker at the back. There were plenty of central defenders, but very few right backs, and once Antonio Fernando Edilson's loan finished and he returned to Atletico Paranaense, only two goalkeepers. I acted quickly in this department, bringing in twenty-year-old Williams Goncalves Silva for £210K from Ituano:

    I was further hit by a number of players refusing to sign new contracts and leaving on free transfers – centre back Helton, right back Peter, and holding midfielder Moises:

    Whilst Moises was the only one who would have been in my first team, Peter would also be missed – with him gone, I only had one right back, the Portuguese Marcio Duarte. I made two more signings before the start of the season, backup right back Edilson Bianchi (£250K from Coritiba), and holding midfielder Fabio dos Santos da Silva (£1.2M from Ponte Preta), who would go straight into the first team.

    I also failed in prising 18-year-old starlet Marcos Antonio Costa de Souza away from Iraty. Whilst his club accepted the offer of £750K, the player had a number of suitors, and finally chose a move to Fluminese.

    Before the season began, I was approached by star midfielder Alexandre Macedo, who wanted to leave the club. At 21 years old, he felt that he needed to move away from Ituiutaba to improve his career. Pointing out that the club were now established as one of the best in the country, if not one of the biggest, I turned down his request. He was clearly unhappy about this, but in testament to his character, he didn't let it show in training or on the pitch.

    Our first match of the season would be against Villa Nova (MG), who hadn't beaten us in nearly seven years. It would hopefully be an easy start for the lads, and we could get a good win under our belts early on – I hoped so, because the second match would be one of the toughest of the Minas Gerais season, away to Cruzeiro.

    For my first ever match in charge of Ituiutaba, we lined up like this:

    The lads didn't disappoint, coming away with an emphatic 4-1 victory, Macedo showing his maturity to hit two goals.

    Next up was Cruzeiro away, and I made just one change, last season's top scorer Geraldo coming in for Vinicius up front. Despite dominating the match, they scored with both of their shots on target and their keeper played a 9/10 Man of the Match to keep our strikers at bay.

    New signing dos Santos da Silva had a poor game and was hauled off for a more attacking option as we looked to get back into the match, but it wasn't to be. Star centre-back and club captain Morel Morel also picked up a broken toe in the match, but fortunately would only be out for a week or two.

    Meanwhile, the draw for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores had been held, and it was an understatement to say that it had not been kind. We were pitted against fellow Brazilians Fluminese, Cerro Porteno of Paraguay, and the Argentinian giants River Plate. My stay in Brazil could be even shorter than anticipated...

    … however, a 4-0 thumping of Cerro Porteno in the next match eased my fears a notch. The squad was unchanged from the Cruzeiro defeat and repaid my faith in them handsomely, Macedo on the scoresheet again and Jaime Cerqueira (with two) and Vinicius coming off the bench to net.

    We followed this up with a 5-1 victory over Guarani (MG), when Portuguese right-back Marcio Duarte picked up a torn groin muscle that would keep him out for three months. I was glad I had signed Bianchi! Next we drew 2-2 with Fluminese in the Libertadores, after which Paulo Sergio Fonseca, who has only been with the club for eight months, handed in a transfer request. Just as with Macedo before him, it was rejected. I wouldn't want to sell these young stars, even if I could! Also, a 17-year-old right-sided midfielder, Leonardo Pereira de Freitas, was promoted from the youth team. He was quick and strong, both physically and mentally, and I offered him a three-year contract.

    Next up was a pleasing 3-1 win over fellow First Division side Uberaba, although keeper Rafael Alemao was sent off, and newcomer Goncalves Silva's first ever touch touch for the club was to pick the ball out of the net after the subsequent penalty was converted.

    So we were on a good run before the trip to River, and our form continued, an impressive 2-1 victory secured when Fonseca, like Macedo, scored a brace after having a transfer request turned down. After the match, we received a surprise in the form of a small financial boost when former striker Claudio moved from Remo to Coritiba for £1.3M, netting us £65K. Also, another youngster, Paulo Sergio Pinheiro dos Santos, was promoted to the main squad, and again was offered a contract.

    More defensive cover was brought in in the form of free transfer Cecirio Pimenta while a somewhat second-string line-up put three past Democrata GV, Goncalves Silva keeping a clean sheet in reply on his first start for the club, deputising for the suspended Alemao.

    In the Libertadores, a first-half double from Fonseca was enough to see off Cerro Porteno 2-0 and confirm our qualification from the group, along with Fluminese, after only four games. However, I wanted to finish top of the group and wouldn't be easing off in the matches to come. To that end, I took a big risk against Atletico (TC), resting my entire first eleven, in anticipation of the crunch away tie at Fluminese that would surely determine who topped the group. As it stood, we were both on 10 points, although we had a +7 goal difference compared with their +5.

    We eased past Atletico (TC) 1-0 thanks to a Jadson goal after half an hour, and although it should have been more, we were always comfortable. I restored my first choice players for the trip to Fluminese, including attacking midfielder Carlos Eduardo who was angry at me after a frankly insulting bid of £1.9M from Santos was turned down. Would he repay my belief in him with a big performance, like Macedo and Fonseca had?

    No, but I was happy enough with a draw away from home that left us in the driving seat going into the last round of matches. A 2-0 win at First Division Ipatinga was a good result, marred by injuries to backup striker Vinicius and first-choice left back Cunha. Both would only be out for ten days, but they would miss the visit of River in our final Libertadores group match. Despite a disappointing 3-2 defeat, Fluminese also went down 2-0 at Cerro Porteno, and we topped the group. Our reward? Barcelona! Fortunately it was the Ecuadorians rather than the Catalans (who went out of the Champions' League in the first group stage, third in a group containing VFB Stuttgart, Fiorentina and Levski). They had made it into the second round behind Boca, and while I was reasonably happy with the draw as we could have been given the likes of Chivas, LDU de Quito, or San Lorenzo, I knew I couldn't take anything for granted. The River game also gave us our highest ever gate receipts, a cool £140K.

    With a crunch State Championship game at home to Cruzeiro in just three days, I again sent out a second string, this time for the visit of America (MG). Again I was not let down, as despite the presence of veteran Julio Cesar in the America (MG) goal, we sent them packing 4-1.

    Going into the Cruzeiro fixture the table looked like this:

    We hadn't yet played Atletico Mineiro, so I was looking for a good result to close the gap on the leaders.

    Alas, it wasn't to be. Despite a good effort, in which we matched Cruzeiro in terms of chances and dominated possession, we went down 2 – 1. It looks like nothing can stop them this season, now all we can do is keep the pressure on and hope they slip up.

    The season had settled into a familiar pattern now, my reserves playing the bulk of our State Championship games to give my first-teamers a breather for the midweek Libertadores fixtures. Whilst this arrangement had been working well so far, it looked like coming unstuck against Villa Nova (MG), until a Ribamar goal 25 minutes from time gave us the points.

    Despite them appearing to have no players in their squad at all, I wasn't taking Barcelona lightly. No team who can boast an 84,000-seater stadium are going to be pushovers! We were at home for the first leg, and a dos Santos da Silva goal after ten minutes started the match nicely. Then, in eleven second half minutes everything went wrong, as the visitors scored three times in quick succession. Geraldo pulled one back, but we would need to score at least twice in Ecuador to progress.

    Before the second leg, we had a big game in the State Championship – a visit to Atletico Mineiro. Ribamar's recent form, hitting five goals in as many games, had alerted some of the big names of Brazilian football, and I had already rejected a bid of £3.3M from Sao Paulo for the 20-year-old. He was disappointed to be denied a glamour move, and despite his good form would have to be content with a place on the bench for the trip to Mineiro as I recalled my first-choice centre-forward pairing of Geraldo and Fonseca.

    He got his chance after an hour, coming on for the disappointing Fonseca with the score at 1-1. Geraldo had equalised for us on 40 minutes after Amorim's early strike had given Mineiro the lead. Again Mineiro took the lead, but again we pegged them back, Vinicius grabbing his fifth goal of the season in the 90th minute. Whilst on the surface a 2-2 draw away from home at one of our major rivals should have been a pleasing result, I was getting worried about our ability to compete with the big boys. How would we cope in the First Division, where we had a title to defend? Again we had dominated the match, with more than double Atletico Mineiro's chances, but only wins get you points in this game, and this was one of our games in hand.

    The plaudits kept coming Ribamar's way, with the media getting in on the action now. When I responded by saying that I believed the player had a big future, I got a message from the club shop:

    The preparation for the return fixture against Barcelona could not have gone better, as my reserves thumped bottom of the league Esportiva 5-0. I was glad to see that my remaining game in hand was away to the same team.

    A Macedo penalty on the stroke of half time sent us in 1-0 up against Barcelona. We were going out on away goals as things stood, but we'd had the better of the game and I was confident that we could score another. However, with 25 minutes left, the score was still 1-0, and I made my first change. Cerqueira, fresh from scoring a hat-trick in the win against Esportiva (although two were penalties), was brought on to replace the tiring Kleyton Domingues.

    The move paid off almost immediately, as Cerqueira played in Geraldo, who laid it on a plate for Fonseca to score. 2-0, and we were going through.

    Whether the players got complacent, tired, or just plain unlucky I don't know, but we let Barcelona back in. Maldonado scored eight minutes later to put the home team ahead on away goals once more, and as we pushed forward in search of a winner they hit us on the break, Guerrero bagging in the 90th minute. There was no time for a reply, and after last year's glorious run to the final, we had been dumped out in the second round.

    As with so many of our big matches this season, we had dominated but let in a couple of goals. I was going to have to take a good look at the defence, and see if new tactics or new players – or both – would be needed. First, though, I had an important phone call to make. When I had left England, CMSG Ltd had given me a contact number. I punched in the digits, my head still swimming with a mixture of sadness and anger, and waited for the call to go through.

    My call was answered on the second ring. It was the same mysterious voice I had spoken to all those months before, but this time it was me with the big news.
    “It's kuy” I said, after the voice made no introduction. “Remember? You sent me to manage Ituiutaba in Brazil, with the goal of winning the Copa Libertadores? Well, I have bad news. Despite my best efforts, we've been knocked out.”
    “We know” responded the voice. “We have been following your progress. We are very disappointed.”
    I had grown to love the club – the fans were incredible, the squad had huge potential, and the staff had been so positive. I didn't want to be fired. I started desperately trying to defend myself, but the voice cut me off.
    “You will not leave your job. You have not yet signed the five youngsters you promised the chairman, and CMSG Ltd will not let you back down on a promise. Besides, we have a contract with Mr Moraes Costa to deliver him the Libertadores. You must continue in your job, building a foundation for those who will come after you. Use your future signings wisely, strengthen the defence and add depth to the squad. Do not let us down.”
    The call cut off. Still holding the dead phone to my ear in a state of shock, I tried to gather my thoughts. Part of me was relieved that I wouldn't be forced to leave Ituiutaba, but the greater part was shaking with fear. Whilst nothing even resembling a threat had been made, I was in no doubt that I was in a lot of trouble with CMSG Ltd.

    However, with just three days until our next match, at home to Atletico Mineiro, I couldn't afford to let my worries show to the squad. I had given them the day off after we were knocked out, as I knew they wouldn't be in the right frame of mind. Besides, I wanted my best players fresh for the visit of Atletico Mineiro. In a decision that surprised the local media, I stuck with most of the same eleven that had played against Barcelona, only dropping players who were still tired. I pointed to the early part of the season, where the team beaten by Cruzeiro came back to put four past Cerro Porteno, and expressed my faith that they would do the same here.

    Again, we battered the opposition, and again we only came away with a draw. 0-0 this time, and already my attempts to improve the defence were having an effect, but at the cost of scoring goals. I would have to work hard in the remaining State Championship matches to get the balance right in readiness for the defence of our First Division title. Whilst Morel Morel was a world-class player, there was not a lot of quality elsewhere in our defence, and I sent out scouts to identify potential reinforcements, reminding them that I was only interested in those under the age of 21. We were sorely missing the class and relative maturity of the 25-year-old Marcio Duarte, who had only managed four matches this season due to a torn groin muscle and was still two weeks away from full fitness.

    With no Libertadores no concentrate on, the first team got a run-out against minnows Esportiva in the State Championship and duly fired seven past them, Geraldo claiming four to make him the top scorer in Ituiutaba history:

    We continued to rack up big wins against teams lower down the table, but Cruzeiro and Atletico Mineiro kept putting the points on the board too. While we were leaving Atletico (TC) with a 4-1 victory, our two rivals clashed at Mineiro, the home team winning 2-0 to become the only undefeated side in Minas Gerais State. It wasn't enough to propel them to the top of the table though – Cruzeiro lead them by five points, whilst we are another point back, albeit with a game in hand.

    That game in hand was at Guarani (MG), who had recently gone to Cruzeiro and left with a 1-1 draw. However, goals from Geraldo and centre-back Aparecido de Oliveira Paiva were enough for a 2-0 win, and I was particularly pleased with the clean sheet.

    With all the teams having finally played the same number of games, the table looked like this:

    We were still in with a chance, but we needed Cruzeiro to drop points.

    In fact, at 3-2 down with five minutes to play at home to a Uberaba side boasting names that would have looked at home in the Premiership, including Valencia (who got injured!), Silva, Ferreira, Gomes and Carvalho, it looked like we would be the ones to drop points, but substitute Vinicius inspired a fightback, bagging two goals for himself after Geraldo scored an equaliser in the 85th minute. I was very pleased with the squad's character and stomach to come from behind, but the defence was again shoddy and ratings of 5 and 4 for our centre-backs were not good enough. Promising reports had started to trickle in from my scouts about potential recruits, and Duarte would be available in a week or thereabouts, so the future was looking up – but would it come quickly enough, or would our poor defending get us into a hole from which our strikers couldn't rescue us?

    One signing that did come to fruition was that of twenty-year-old Mozart de Souza Teixeira for £1.2M from Marilia, who may lack half a yard, but has all the other qualities required to succeed at the highest level. He would go straight into the first team to partner Morel Morel.

    In European news, Barcelona beat Fenerbahce 4-0 to lift the Europa League trophy.

    In the State Championship, we were the first to blink, failing to beat Ipatinga's inspired goalkeeper despite bossing a 0-0 draw. At the same time, Cruzeiro smashed five past America (MG). They were now two points ahead of us and had a game in hand. We were four points clear of Atletico Mineiro with both teams having played 20 fixtures out of 22, so the top three was starting to look settled, although it could still all change...

    And change it did. While Milan were busy beating Stuttgart 2-1 after extra time to claim the Champions' League, Ipatinga were continuing their success against the big boys, moving up to fourth with a 2-1 win against Cruzeiro, a match that was the leaders' game in hand and only their second defeat of the season. Atletico Mineiro were still undefeated, but had drawn eight games, more than anyone else in the Championship.

    Alexandre Macedo had been named in Brazil's World Cup squad, which they would play on home soil, which meant he was missing for the final match of the Minas Gerais State Championship. He was the only absentee however, and an otherwise full-strength side battered Uberlandia 6-0. Cruzeiro also won, 4-0 at Villa Nova (MG), and we would play them in the final of the Championship.

    The first leg was at Cruzeiro, a dull 0-0 draw with just five shots in total, and the only incident an injury to Geraldo in the first half. With Fonseca suspended, that meant we played the majority of the match with a reserve strikeforce, but nevertheless I was disappointed to not leave with an away goal. Still, I had to be positive when talking to the lads, and played up the fact that we'd drawn away so we could definitely do the business back at our stadium. The physios were hopeful that they could have Geraldo fit for the return leg, and Fonseca would be back from his ban.

    When the day came around, Geraldo had been training, but only lightly. I decided that a game of this magnitude was worth the risk and named him in attack with Fonseca. The gamble paid off handsomely, and Geraldo fired two goals in a magnificent 6-0 victory – surely the greatest result of my tenure. Jadson, who was only in the team while Macedo was away with Brazil, was named Man of the Match with two goals and an assist, but Ituiutaba had stars all over the pitch that day. Despite coming second in the league, we had won the Minas Gerais State Championship!

    Meanwhile, Flamengo defeated Boca (who had put out Barcelona the round after they overcame us) in the Libertadores final, 3-2 on aggregate, and Alexandre Macedo won his first cap in Brazil's 1-0 World Cup quarter final win against arch-rivals Argentina, giving a good account of himself in his role just off the main striker. He followed it up by coming off the bench to score an extra-time winner in the semis against Germany. He was rewarded with a starting berth in the final, but disappointed in a 3-1 defeat to Italy, and was brought off after an hour.

    In other news, Geraldo was named as Best Player in Minas State for the fourth year in a row, and finished as top scorer with 17 goals from as many games. Rafael Alemao retained his crown as the State's best goalkeeper, and Atletico Paranaense won the Brazilian Cup (which we hadn't been entered in) 3-1 on aggregate over Uberaba.

    Our Minas State victory won us entry into the Brazilian Champions' Cup, and it would be a good test of how far we'd come since our disappointing exit from the Libertadores. We were drawn in a group with Goias, Corinthians and Vasco.

    We opened our campaign against Goias in what I suspected would be our easiest game of the group, as they had come through the qualification round, and my belief was confirmed when we spanked them 4-0. We followed it up with a excellent 3-0 win against Vasco, and a 3-2 defeat to Corinthians wasn't enough to prevent us topping the group and setting up a semi-final tie with Sport Recife.

    We were held to a 0-0 draw at home in the first leg, despite having ten shots on target. Naturally, their keeper was named man of the match. We also lost Alexandre Macedo to a red card after he foolishly shoved Sport Recife's Gustavo. He would miss the return leg, but we recorded a comfortable 2-0 win without him, de Souza Teixeira opening the scoring with his first goal for the club before picking up a sprained ankle that would keep him out for three weeks.

    Goias would be our surprise opponents in the final. In the first leg, I was forced to name a weakened team due to tiredness. The core of my team had played five matches in just eleven days and needed resting, and we were held to a 1-1 draw at home. The second leg was only three days later, and again fatigue took its toll as we went down 3-1. We had fallen at the final hurdle in a competition we won two years ago, but a run to the final was a good showing and I was happy with the team. Our performances throughout the Cup boded well for our upcoming First Division campaign, which opened with a game at home to Santos. Before then, goalkeeper Rafael Alemao and forwards Alexandre Macedo and Paulo Sergio Fonseca were named in the Brazil squad, and Ribamar was called up to the U21s.

    I was delighted with a 4-1 win over Santos to open our campaign, and we continued to perform well, not dropping points until our fifth game, a 0-0 draw at Vitoria. In that spell I was particularly pleased with a 3-2 victory over last season's runners-up Vasco. We won another six on the bounce, including a 2-1 win against Minas Gerais rivals Atletico Mineiro and a 3-1 victory at Libertadores champions Flamengo, before a 2-2 draw with relegation candidates Coritiba, whose former Ituiutaba striker Claudio was among the scoring, when I had made a number of changes due to fatigue.

    Meanwhile, Paulo Sergio Fonseca played ten minutes at the end of Brazil's 3-1 friendly win over Paraguay to become the second Ituiutaba player to win an international cap, but our impressive form was leading to vultures circling over our best players, and both Carlos Eduardo and Fonseca were being unsettled by interest from other clubs. I was disappointed to lose Muller to Cruzeiro on a Bosman, but the 23-year-old forward had been in the reserves all season and was refusing to sign a new deal.

    It was our sixteenth match before we finally tasted defeat, a 2-1 reverse at home to 18th-placed Fortaleza. I was not too disheartened though as we had played well, recording 19 shots compared to their five. Needless to say their goalkeeper was named man of the match. By then we were nine points clear of second-placed Ipatinga, who had played a game more. Marcio Duarte missed the match as he was picking up his first cap for Portugal, playing 90 minutes in a shock 2-1 defeat at Lithuania in the European Championship qualifiers.

    Thirty-year-old holding midfielder Possebon was a good player, but since the arrival of dos Santos da Silva he had found himself surplus to requirements. Defensive midfield was a position where we had a lot of strength, so when Fortaleza responded to my negotiation up from £800Kwith a £2M bid I was happy to accept it.

    Bids were also continuing to come in for Carlos Eduardo, but the thirty-year-old attacking midfielder had become a key part of my team and they were all rejected.

    Our good form continued, but we were developing a worrying habit of caving in the face of late recoveries. In the space of three games, we let 3-1 leads slip in away matches, against Gremio and Sport Recife, to record draws. We were twelve points clear by now, with 52 points after 21 games played. It was clearly a good season for Minas Gerais, as second and third in the division, both on 40 points, were our State rivals Atletico Mineiro and Ipatinga.

    After their victory in the Champions' Cup, Goias were quickly becoming our bogey team in the second half of the season, and true to form they defeated us 1-0 at their stadium, scoring with their only shot on target. Even though he saved 13 shots on target, their keeper was surprisingly not named man of the match, that honour going to our hard-working striker Geraldo who failed to score from four attempts. Despite the defeat, I was told that we had qualified for the quarter finals of the First Division.

    The news soon came through that Geraldo had hit 24 goals in our campaign, a new league record. This got me to thinking of records, and we looked in with a good chance of becoming the league's top points-scorers and goal-scorers. I used this to inspire the lads for the final push, but I reminded them that all the records in the world would mean nothing if we didn't retain the title.

    The pep talk seemed to work, with Geraldo's hat-trick in a 4-0 win over Atletico Paranaense netting him the most Man of the Match awards in one season, us the most goals scored, and brought us level with Flamengo's 2005 record of 64 points. A 2-1 victory at Sao Paulo in the last match of the season sealed that record too, as well as condemning Sao Paulo to relegation. We would play Sport Recife in the First Division semi-final.

    Between the two legs of the semi, a lot of transfers went through. We lost Cunha, Jamie Cerqueira, Marcus Vinicius da Rocha, Adilson de Souza and Muller on Bosmans, but brought in four newcomers on the same deal – all under 21, of course. Natanael Guimaraes, a centre-forward from Sao Paulo, was first to arrive, and would soon be followed by centre-back Alex dos Santos de Moraes, holding midfielder Andrey da Silva Feitosa, and winger Ivan Santos da Costa.

    A 1-0 win away at Sport Recife in the first leg set us up nicely for the return at our place, when we duly smashed four past them without reply, the 5-0 aggregate victory – considered a 'shock' by the media – setting up a final against old foes Atletico Mineiro. Unfortunately Mozart de Sousa Teixeira was sent off and Jadson picked up an injury. They would both miss the final, as would fellow injury victims Geraldo and Carlos Eduardo.

    Our team, thus weakened, went down 2-0 away in the first leg, and we would have a hard task ahead of us in the return fixture.

    Before that came round, six Ituiutaba players were named in the First Division Team of the Year, and Geraldo was named as both First Division Player of the Year, with Fonseca runner-up, and Top Goalscorer. He netted 32 goals, more than double the 13 bagged by second place. Fabio dos Santos da Silva was runner-up in the Young Player of the Year award.

    The second leg was uneventful until the very last minutes, which suited our opponents more than it suited us. Things finally sparked into life in the 86th minute when our Brazil striker Alexandre Macedo hit the net. We were back in the tie, but surely there wasn't time for another goal? In fact there was, and it came in the 90th minute. Unfortunately it came for Atletico Mineiro, and despite our massive league lead, our State rivals were crowned First Division champions.

    The atmosphere on the coach home was understandably muted. We had performed so well, so strongly, over the course of the First Division, only to have the title we undoubtedly deserved ripped from our grasp over two legs of a final. Most of the lads were sat in silence, wrapped up in their own thoughts. The mood was punctured by the ring of my mobile phone as the number that I now recognised as CMSG Ltd appeared on the screen. Reluctantly, I answered.

    “Kuy here” I said somewhat abruptly, letting my disappointment at the result creep into my voice.
    “We know” replied the usual voice. “One trophy and two runners-up places in one season is not what we expect from our managers, kuy.”
    I knew he was right, but after our Libertadores disappointment, the whole season had seemed a write-off since the end of April. I was very impressed with our form in the First Division, but it was a shame it had come too late for our continental ambitions.
    “Nevertheless” the voice continued “your time has come to pass the torch. You knew this would happen, and we hope you have strengthened the squad as we requested. We have a new manager lined up, and we would like you to prepare a dossier on Ituiutaba to make the handover as smooth as possible. Have it ready, and your desk cleared, by the end of the week.” With that, the call was terminated, and I began saying my goodbyes to the lads who had served me, and the club, so well.

    For the next manager:
    There's one signing still lined up, centre-back Pedro Paulo Silva Neto, and he looks like a class act to bolster the defence. There are some reserves whose contracts are soon to expire, and I see no reason to keep them. We did lose our two best left-backs to free transfers, so that's an area that needs strengthening. I'd also advise that you look into getting more options in attacking midfield, but then again I did play three AM/Cs!

    Your restrictions:
    While you stay at Ituiutaba – whilst the squad is undoubtedly good, we are missing that touch of class that will take us to the next level, and increase our standing in the media. Therefore, you may only sign players (of any nationality) who have been capped by their country (U21/B-team is also allowed, if necessary).
    If you win the Libertadores and decide to leave – CMSG Ltd is still making its name and needs to consolidate its role as a top-level management company. It cannot afford to take a backwards step. Therefore, if you leave, you may only move to a club that is involved in continental competition (on any continent).

    by kuy

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    After a few stints in club management in Europe that finished more so in controversy than victory I realised I had hit a crossroads. A few scandals had erupted at the last few clubs I was with and I had become a disgrace. My options were few and far between but a friend had recommended a management company who could help pick up the pieces. CMSG while not totally unknown were a very private organisation and as such correspondence was kept to a minimum. I sent them my CV and I received a response acknowledging that it had been received. That was all I heard from them.

    Until now...

    A phone call out of the blue informed me I was to go to Brazil in order to resurrecting my flagging career. It had come at a time when I had almost given up hope so all the secrecy and lack of detailed information didn't phase me one bit, I was glad to be getting another chance at management. The 'higher ups' at CMSG had informed me that top performances in all competitions were expected but the main aim was to bring back the elusive Copa Libertadores.

    My first day at the club was a very busy one. I met the chairman and the assistant manager and we decided that in order to compete at the highest level we would have to bring in some proven talent over the season. The stadium capacity was also increased to 12,500 with 7,500 seats in order to gain some much needed revenue. I began scouting in South Ameica, Brazil and throughout Europe in order to find our next stars. In fairness there was a lot of good players at the club with an embarrassment of riches up front. With this I decided to play my new favoured 3-4-3 formation in order to gain the best from the potent strikeforce.

    I began clearing out some of the deadwood from the reserves to free up some space in the squad. Quite a lot of our players were also wanted by other South American clubs and a lot of offers were turned down throughout the season. Some friendlies were arranged to get the squad familiar with the new formation and to gain some experience against oppositions from other South American countries in the lead up to the Copa Libetadores. We won all 5 of our friendlies and we banged 6 past non-league Bangu and 4 past other non-league opponents Intercap in the final two friendly games. I also set a lot of the player some new nicknames to help avoid tripping over their elongated names and making myself look like a fool.


    Bosman signings Nataniel Guimaraes(SC), Ivanta (AMF/RL), Alex Dos Santas de Moraes(DC), Andreilton(DMC) and Pedro Paulo(DC) came in with the majority of these being already agreed by the previous manager. I took a gamble on forgotten man Javier Pastore (AMC) who had only played 2 games for Milan the previous season. I felt he had the potential to bring the club to the next level if I could get him playing to his potential and he came in for £1 million.

    The Season

    Our opening Minas State Championship game was away to Ipatinga winning 4-0 courtesy of Geraldo, Fonseca and Ribamar with an OG by Alves Junior. Next up were Nacional and Ribamar who scored 7 times from 11 appearances last season scored a hatrick with Carlos Eduardo opening the scoring, Saraiva scored for Nacional.

    In the Copa Libertadores we were drawn with

    Once Caldas (Columbia)
    River Plate (Argentina)
    Emelec (Ecuador)

    Our opening game with Once Caldas finished 2-0 with Fonseca and the increasingly impressive Ribamar on the scoresheet.

    Back to the Minas State C'ship and Guarani were given a 3-0 spanking with goals from Pastore (pen), Geraldo and left winger Kleyton Domingues in a game we dominated with 17 shots, 14 on target. River Plate provided stern opposition in the Copa Libertadores at home. Defensive midfielder Fabio opened the scoring on 3 minutes with his first of the season. River quickly pulled one back with forward Alveres scoring on 13 minuted. Fabio was on the scoresheet again on 33 while Fonseca, who seems to love this competition, scored on 42. Bou pulled one back on 53 for the visitors and we hald out for a win at home. Athletico Minero were despatched 4-1 away from home in the league with gaols from Ribamar, Pastore, Fonseca and Vinicius.

    Last seasons prolific striker Geraldo was struggling for form this season and backups Vinicius and Ribamar were taking their chances. Bids kept rolling in for all my strikers around now and Fonseca was getting increasingly frustrated at not being allowed a move away from the club. Also there was a rift between most of the strikers and attacking midfielder Jadson who had dislodged Brazilian international Alexandre Macedo from the first team with his scintillating form in providing a creating input for our 3 pronged attack. With so many approaches to buy my best players coming in almost every day and one or two factions building withing the squad I began to get worried. Fonseca had a £10 million minimum fee clause in his contract and the bidding was hotting up with River, Boca Juniors, Fluminese, Gremio, Corinthians, Santos, Flamengo, Cruzeiro, Botafogo, Real Madrid, Clube Brugges, Athletico Madrid, Chelsea and a whole host of other clubs interesting in buying him with most of them bidding at some point or another. Carlos Eduardo was upset at losing his place in the team and took a disliking to me even though I played him in as many games as I could while resting Pastore for the Copa Libertadores. I had decided to give the squad players a run out in the Minas State games while keeping my best players fresh for a massive assault on the Copa Libertadores. Most of my strikers had release clauses though and I was getting increasingly worried that I might be forced to accept an offer while in the middle of our cup run.

    Meanwhile I struggled to find the right players to bring into the club. I was desperate for a new goalkeeper as Alemao and Goncalves Silva just weren't capable of playing at the highest level and were far too inconsistent. As a result I ended up playing one until he had a bad game and then dropping him - not my ideal situation. I made several offers for Italian goalkeepers but none wantd to come. I also made tried desperatley to sign Renan and Julio Cesar but they weren't interested and their wage demands were much greater than what we could afford. My defenders were solid enough throughout and I gave youth a chance with Pedro Paulo and Primenta doing well. We stuggled on the left side of midfield with Kleyton Dominguez obviously a quality player but prone to the odd injury and Ivanta isn't the finished product just yet. However I wanted more cover in this position, or a new first choice but my search brought me no luck with several players turning me down. During this period I also found out that you are only allowed 3 foreign players in your squad in Brazil which made the transfer restrictions even harder.

    In the Copa Libertadores we strolled through the group beating Once Caldes again this time 3-0 (Ivanta, Fonseca, Vinicius). River were beaten 3-1 in the final group game (Fonseca, Vinicius(2) and Bou for River). WE were drawn against San Lorenzo from Argentina in the 2nd Round and I felt confident we could progress. In the Mias State we hit a little blip losing to Uberlandia 2-1 and leaders Ipatinga 2-1 while beating Uberaba 3-2 in a thrilling game.

    San Lorenzo next up on the trail for the holy grail. We were away in the first leg and the boys were surely fired up for this game. We set out in the usual 3-4-3 formation that saw us scoring loads of goals and an away goal was key here I felt. We had 10 chances in the game with 7 on target. Not bad. However the boys couldn't explain exactly what went wrong and San Loranzo keeper Toselli, who I had tried to but a few weeks earlier was in flying form winning the man of the match award. Attacker Ruben Corti scored for San Lorenzo in the 26th minute and silenced our away support. We were gutted.

    We decided to give it our all in the home leg while keeping calm, focused and tight at the back. We had won our previous 3 league games scoring 9 gaols and conceeding 1 in the lead up the the 2nd leg. Javier Pastore repaid the faith invested in him in the 15th minute with an excellent free kick. We attacked and attacked and I felt it could be our day. Half time it was still one nil to us and I told to boys to keep doing what they were doing and we would surely win. The plan was to bombard the San Lorenzo goal and give keeper Aquino as much pressure as possible. We lasted 4 minutes in the 2nd half until Saavedra scored from a corner. We continued to attack but that was where our Copa Libertadores campaign failed. I was absolutely gutted, I really thought we could win the cup but to go out in the 2nd round was unacceptable. It was such as shame having beat unbeaten in the group stage. Things weren't the same for the rest of the season.

    Minas State C'ship

    We did pretty well in the Minas State finishing 2nd to Ipatinga who only lost one of their games and won the other 21. Our biggerst victory was over Nacional with young forward Romulo scoring 4. In the final we won 1-0 away to Ipatinga courtesy of a Vinicius goal and we hammered then 5-1 at our place with 20 year old defensive midfielder Fabio Silva scoring 2 and setting up one. Geraldo opened the scoring and Vinicius scored from the spot in the 87th minute to complete the rout and crown us as champions.

    Star striker Fonseca wouldn't agree a new deal with the club as he wanted a move to Europe and he completed his £10 million move to Club Brugge on June 1st. I was sad to see him go but the truth was he was starting to lose form and it was better to sell and make some decent money for future transfers. It was a good job I had a replacement in Ribamar.

    Fabio Silva was also impressing

    Meanwhile elsewhere Manchester United are struggling in the Championship with Chelsea, Tottenham and Man City battling it out for the Premier League. Chelsea were crowned champions for the 2nd consecutive season in 2011.

    Brazilian Champions Cup

    We were drawn with Goias, Corinthians and Vasco. Goias surprisingly beat us 3-2 on our home turf in a pulsating opening game with 4 goals in the opening 21 minutes, Vasconcelos sealing the win for the visitors in the 71st minute. Next up we beat Coringthians 4-0 with Ribamar(2), Geraldo and Vinicius scoring, Vinicius also had 2 assists. We drew 1-1 away to Vasco in the final group game with Vinicius scoring again and we came 2nd in the group on gaol difference ahead of Corinthians. In the semi-final we beat Gremio 3-1 at home with goals from Pastore, Vinicius and Jadson. We won the away leg 2-0 with Pastore and Geraldo shooting us to the final. New signing Bastia Severino, an Italian centre back was man of the match. In order to sign the extremely capable Italian we had to let another forein player go and Marcio Duarte saw the door due to lack of form and not fitting into my formation. It was a necessary evil as Severino looked like exactly what I needed to shore up a defene that had started to lose form and leak goals. He should definitely be a big player in next years Copa Libertadores.

    The Final was against Bahia and goalkeeper Alemao had a stinker leaving in 2 goals in the first hour before being replaced. We were ahead however since the 39th minute with a Geraldo brace but Bahia fought back and Vianna scored in the 87th minute and so we lost 3-2 away from home. We were lucky though as Betinho missed a penalty also in the 87th minute. In the 2nd leg we were much more convincing with Geraldo, Pastore and Vinicius scoring to help us to a 3-0 win and a 5-3 aggregate victory.

    National First Division

    By this stage the poor performance in the Copa Libertadores still weighed heavily on my mind. After winning the State Championship and the Brazilian Champions Cup I felt I had done enough and wasn't too concerned with the First Division. I did feel however that we could easily win it too if we could get some cover on the wings. Cristiano Ronaldo was signed on a free, Thiago Neves (825k) was old (35) but was a proven assist maker and had played for the national team and former U21 attacking midfielder Boquita (1.5m) also came in. In truth none of them really made a big impact as Kleyton Domingues and Ivanta on the left and Jadson a Macedo on the right stayed injury free and in form. Our record of 17 wins, 9 draws and 1 loss gave us 60 points to top the league. We played Portuguesa in the semi final and drew 1-1 away in a very nervy game. Goncalves Silva who was now favoured ahead of the frustrating and error prone Alemao was man of the match and Kleyton Domingues scored our goal. In the 2nd leg at home Vinicius scored after 15 minutes and we held out for the final. Gremio were our opponents and we hammered them 4-0 in their backyard and lost the return leg one nil.

    It was an enjoyable season but the Copa Libertadores failure killed it almost stone dead. I really thought we had what it took to go all the way. Going forward a new keeper has to be a priority. Defence seems ok with plenty of choice at centre back. Up front we are strong and Ribamar was a revelation this season. Cover is definitely needed on the left wing. In centre midfield Fabio Silva is a very good defensive midfielder and Andreilton is good cover. Javier Pastore had an excellent season, so much that Carlos Eduardo now hates his manager and wants to leave. Macedo who I played on the right wing a lot didn't score as much as previous season but I'm putting that down to defenders knowing him better now rather than bad management. There is plenty of young players still coming through to watch out for also!

    My restrictions would be to upgrade the facilities and to sell players that are not wanted with a % clause on so the club can get money going forward. The club needs more money in order to compete and a good youth system in badly needed. I think that is tough enough as any money you have now will be used up with that and the Cops Libertadores can be tough!

    by Centurion

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    What the fuck was that?

    My head felt like it had been hit with a sledgehammer and my heart was racing like a steam train. My breathing was so hard I felt like I was on the verge of hyperventilating.

    My heart rate was starting to come down and my senses were returning.

    Where the fuck am I? Why is it so fucking dark?

    I fumbled around in the blackness trying to find the light switch.


    The lighting pulsed into life.

    Oh shit.


    I looked down at myself and saw that I was covered in the same blood that soaked anything and everything within 10 feet of the poor girls body.

    Who the fuck was she and how did her night end like this? Screw that how did my night end like this? The girl was clearly a prostitute but she was also somebodies daughter, maybe someones mother? What the fuck had I done?

    My breathing started to go again and as I struggled to get it under control my phone rang.

    Fear was now coursing through my body but so was adrenaline and it was this that won out and made me answer the call.

    Filthy_Monkey: He…Hello

    Voice: You have precisely four and a half minutes after which I will not be able to help you.

    Filthy_Monkey: What? Who is this?

    Voice: 4 minutes Mr Monkey. I can get you out of this mess but in order for me to do that you have to exactly what I say. You need to get out of the room and fast but the hallway is already beginning to fill up with people. It appears you have made quite a ruckus . Move to the window and exit on to the ledge.

    The fucking ledge? What…

    Voice: There are two ways out of the building and the ledge is the only way that doesn't end in prison. Go, now!

    Shit shit shit. How the fuck had my life brought me to this. Who was this guy? Why was he helping me and why should I trust him?

    My internal monologue was ended abruptly by banging on the door.

    Man behind door: Police! Open the door!

    Whether I could trust the man on the phone was irrelevant now, there is no way I can spend the next 25 years in prison. I moved to the window opened it and went on to the ledge.

    Filthy_Monkey: I am on the ledge. What now?

    Voice: Good. See the tower crane attached to the building across the street. In 10 seconds it will swing towards you. You have one shot at this and one shot only. You must jump for the crane.

    No fucking way, no fucking way.

    Voice: Jump for the crane descend to the ground and get in the waiting black Mercedes. Or stand on the window ledge for the next 60 seconds wait for the police to get the door down and spent the rest of your life rotting in a prison cell. It is your choice Mr Monkey. Goodbye.

    The line went dead. He was of course right, I didn't really have an option. The crane arm swung into life just as he had said. This is crazy, this is crazy my mind raced as it got closer and closer. NOW! I jumped for the crane and hung on for all my life. The crane followed its arc through until it rested alongside the building opposite from where my life had spectacularly begun to unravel. I pulled myself up and jumped the small gap to the roof before descending to street level using the fire escape. I flew out into the street and crashed straight into a parked black S Class Merc.

    The driver didn't even flinch. I climbed into the back expecting answers. I got none. The car glided away in a calm and almost nonchalant manner. I looked out of the rear window to see a flurry of police vehicle lights flashing away and dozens of officers in their fluorescent jackets hastily trying to seal off the street from the massing crowd.

    The car drove on and on. After about 15 minutes I realised where we were heading for the airport. When we duly arrived we didn't head for the main terminal, but instead a small gate leading to what must have been the entrance for private charter aircraft. The car pulled up next to a pristine white jet. Down the side of the jet were the letters CMSG.

    I got out of the car and was rushed aboard the aircraft by my chauffeur. The whine of the twin jet engines was now beginning to build and no sooner had I got seated then the plane began to move. A voice came over the intercom.

    Captain: Relax Mr Monkey, you are safe now we will be in the air in 2 minutes. My superiors have left an envelope for you on the desk in front of you.

    The speaker went dead, my attention turned to the envelope. I cautiously opened the A4 envelope and to my horror pulled out a series of photos. Photos of that girl, and me. The first few were your typical News Of The World type but then things took a turn for the worse. I could barely look at the last two but then I couldn't not look either. What had made me do such a thing? I slumped back in my chair and could feel the tears begin to well up. The tears never came though as there was another piece of paper still inside the envelope.

    We have helped you Mr Monkey, we have saved you from a lengthy prison term and will see to it that these pictures never make it into the public domain. However, in return you must now help us. You are heading to Brazil where you will take over the running of top flight football club Ituiutaba. We have recently dispensed with your predecessor as he unfortunately didn't meet our rather high standards. You will not fail us.

    A football club? All of this to manage a football club I had never heard of? What did I know about managing a football club?

    Day 1 Ituiutaba

    Thankfully my predecessor had left some detailed instructions before he mysteriously disappeared. He had left a brief on the squad as well as some suggestions over what course of action I should take over the season. His main concern seemed to be long term financial stability. I had recommended expanding the stadium and investing in the academy structure. Best get off to the board room then.

    One out of two is not bad I guess.

    Another recommendation was to try and incorporate sell on fees to bring in a steady stream of future income. This made complete sense but first I had to decide who I was going to sell.

    The team had achieved a great deal of success in the previous season and it would have been sensible to continue the good work before me however the previous coach had not lasted so I decided to do things my way. The first thing I settled on was a change of formation. The club seemed to have a glut of attacking midfield players and so I was going to use them. The strikers had enjoyed a great deal of success playing as a 3 but I thought it prudent to try and maximise the best striker at the club by playing him up front alone. The new formation:-

    I had heard rumour of the foreign player restriction in Brazil and used this as my jumping off point for clearing out some deadwood. First to go was a 35 year old Cristiano Ronaldo. He went for £190k plus a further £600k after 20 league games. This freed up a place for another foreign player which would allow me to cast my net wider. Also out the door went another ageing player Tiago Neves followed by Edson. Both moved with decent 25% sell on fees although whether anyone would be buying a 35 year old Neves again is debatable.

    Next up was a sale I didn't want to have to make. The previous manager had left me in the position of having a few players coming into the final year of the contracts including star strikers Macedo and Ribamar. Some would sign new contracts but neither Macedo or Ribamar were interested so I made the perhaps unpopular decision to try and move them on. Ribamar was snapped up for £2.5m by Vitoria. A man of his talents will no doubt move again so at least the 25% sell on clause may be of some comfort.

    Coming in through the door were:-

    I had particularly high hopes for Di Napoli who would start the season as first choice striker.

    Minas State Championship

    The state championship got off to a flier with the goals flying in. We had some big scores early on and we were keeping it tight at the back.

    The league seemed to be taking care of itself so it was time to concentrate on the biggest prize of all.

    Copa Libertadores

    The groups came out and Ituiutaba were quite fortunate.

    The kindness of the draw and the league form of the team carried straight over to continental competition as we breezed into the knockout stages.

    The knockout stages would get more serious and we drew Vasco in the 2nd round. The first leg was away and despite a creditable 1-1 draw we would be missing Fabio Silva for the second leg thanks to one of many red cards that would litter our season. The return leg was another tight affair. Vasco would go on to score 3 away goals and the game featured more red cards.


    The league was still ticking along nicely meaning we could rotate the team in anticipation for bigger games to come. The draw was more kind this time around giving us Columbian side Once Caldas in the quarter finals. A Di Napoli hattrick in the away leg set us up comfortably for the home game and although a 0-0 was slightly disappointing it did see us safely into the last 4.

    Minas State Chamionship

    In between the Libertadores QF matches we suffered our first defeat of the season.A 3-2 home defeat to rivals Ipatinga. It was the usual super keeper nonsense but as we were flying high I didn't let it get to me. The league stage finished with us sitting proudly at the top of the table.

    Ipatinga in the final for us then and hopefully the chance to avenge that solitary league defeat.

    A Di Napoli hattrick (again) gave us a 3-1 away victory meaning if we could just hold out at home we would be champions again!


    Di Napoli had done it again and we were once again state champions.

    Copa Libertadores
    The semi final would see us paired with fellow Brazilians Vitoria and give us an unwanted reunion with Ribamar. Would he punish me for selling him?


    No, he was shit! Despite pulling one back late on the second leg the result was never in doubt. We were into the final of the Libertadores!!!!!!!!

    Bit of an unknown quantity in Gremio for me, not too sure what to expect.

    Leg 1


    On a side note between the first and second leg we lost Jadson to Gremio due to his contract being unprotected. He wouldn't sign a new contract so I was powerless to stop it. We got £1.7m so I wasn't too pissed off. He played from the start in the first leg for us however he picked up a knock and only just recovered in time to make the bench for the second leg in Gremio's colours. His sub appearance lasted all of 4 minutes before he was off again. Mug.

    Leg 2



    Victory Is Ours!!!!!!!!!

    Champions Cup
    Little Ituiutaba had reached the summit of South American football. Football waits for no man and just 5 days later we were into the Champions cup. Scrapping through the group stage we drew Atletico Paranaense and confidence was high.


    The curse of the red cards comes back again. Never mind you can't win them all.

    Mid Season Transfers
    Before the start of the National Championship I strengthened the side bringing in DMC Jose Roberto Fernando, AM L Medeiros, and veteran Brazil international GK Renan. All three would start as first choice and hopefully give us a cutting edge against the big boys.

    National First Division
    The league was a lot harder than I anticipated we really struggled to break teams down at times and despite having a good defence we were picking up a lot of draws. The red cards were also clocking up.

    Despite the numerous draws we were still picking up the points thanks in large part to Di Napoli and his goals. Going into the last day of the season we were in the playoff places and just need a point to guarantee our spot. We played fellow title chasers Corinthians. A 1-1 draw was enough to seal 2nd and a semi final berth against Corinthians!

    The first leg ended in another 1-1 draw making for a very nervy away leg. On transfer deadline day I had signed veteran Brazil forward Pato from AC Milan and he had gone straight into the team he had put in some fine displays already but he was to have a telling contribution to the 2nd leg. The game finished 1-1 again thanks to a 90th minute equaliser from the new boy. The match would go down to penalties.


    Before the final we had the small matter of the Intercontinental Cup


    Inter just didn't turn up on the day.

    Just the National First Division Final to go and here it is:-


    A perfect conclusion to a really enjoyable season to top it all I even managed to fulfil my restrictions as the board agreed to invest in youth development right at the end of my reign.

    Severino was outstanding at centre half again and his team mate Mozart contributed 9 valuable goals from the back. DMC Fernando was incredible if a little violent at times and both Gomes and de Abreu in midfield were stars. Final word has to go to Di Napoli in fact words don't do him justice.

    Handing this over is both a pleasure and a pain. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Ituiutaba and I am sad to leave. I think however the team has gone as far as it can and the new manager needs to perhaps look elsewhere. My restriction would be that you have to move club and when you do you must take 3 Ituiutaba players of your choice with you to form the cornerstone of your new side.

    By Filthy_Monkey

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    If our tenure in Brazil is truly over then what a way to go!

    Our history thus far is:

    1x Brazilian National Third Division Champions
    1x Brazilian National Second Division Champions
    4x Brazilian National First Division Champions
    7x Brazilian Minas State Championship Winners
    2x Brazilian Championship Cup Winners
    1x Brazilian Champions Cup Runner-Up
    1x South American Copa Liberdatores Runner-Up
    1x South American Copa Liberdatores Winners
    1x Intercoinental Cup Winners

    Which is brilliant!

    Here's hoping we can find the same level of success in another country! Aint like we haven't got a lack of options either!

    History updated, and roll on Dermo and then the next round shall start!

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    "Ugh I'm in bits"
    - a typical start to another day in Ireland since we've all been tarred with the one brush a nation of pissheads . . . . why do we get so annoyed with the truth?
    I don't understand it.

    I went down to the kitchen to find this in the middle of the floor:

    First thought was, "I'm regressing into my college ways" (always with the big words hungover, wtf is that all about?)

    I went about making a brew of coffee to start to shake off yet another mother and father of a hangover when I heard this rustling behind me. I ignored it and carried on with a cup of coffee that was so thick you could varnish the decking of ship with one cup . . .only to be interrupted by more rustling!!!

    Finally curiousity got the better of me and I went to investigate. It wasn't coming from behing the table or chairs or from behind the couch but from inside the damn road cone

    "Man I'm really fucked if I think there's something in that cone". 1st thought's was there was a cat or a rat or some random miniature dog inside the thing so I went and fetched a golf club in case I had to take a few swipes at whatever was in there.

    Catiously I circled it thinking it something runs out here I'll probably shit myself (even though that would prob been more from the 15 pints of Bulmers from the night before).

    I got close enough to kick it over whilst the 9 iron was ready for action. What was under there made me think I was still fucking asleep.

    "You've gotta be fucking kidding me"


    "Ya fucking big hairy bastard ya, what ya doing waking me up!?!?"
    "Da fuck . . . "
    "Don't stand there looking like a gobshite, wtf dya think lived in road cones these days"
    "You gotta be shitting me . . ."
    "Right funny fucker ain't ya, waking me up like that. Haha, well I've news for you sonny boy, this hangover is gonna get worse"
    "Ehh (?) . . . wtf . . .?"
    "Think you'll enjoy that hangover in 40 degree heat with humidity you only find at disco in a barn in the summer??? hahaha ya bastard your gonna love this"
    "Jesus I'm still drunk"
    "You ya prick are off to Brazil to manage a football club ya never heard about. Like fuck are ya getting a wish. I only give wishes to the CMSG management team. Now fuck off and leave me get back to sleep"

    BAM - "WTF, the little bastard wasn't lying (hmmm, that so sounds like a lie in . ..)"

    Here I was, in fucking Brazil at the grounds of Ituiutaba in searing heat ready to start a training session. This ain't right. But apparently it was when I took a look at the training schedule and seen the whole squad had been put of GENERAL status. Not on my watch! DEF, MID & FW drills were set-up straight away. Even though I wasn't 100% sure what was going on it seemed like the last half hour had been real and it was time to crack on.

    (I later found out that leprechauns now live in road cones after the construction boom of the Celtic Tiger has driven them out of thei natural habitat!!! What ever that was before fuck knows, tree stumps probably).

    CMSG Ltd’s instructions were simple. Bring 3 players to the new club I had to join (even though this was far from clear if I had to join a club ). Only thing is I wasn’t ready for a new club yet. With my predecessors Copa Libertadoras win we would be the continents representative in the World Club Championship. That was my personal goal for the season. Retaining the Copa Libertadoras was also hugely important as I had been in a small way hoping I’d be the one to crack the clubs duck in that competition.

    On the whole the squad had fantastic quality running through it, especially the youth players my predecessors had managed to bring to the club. For the campaign we’d be using a solid 4-1-4-1 formation and had great attacking options and fantastic choice for the DMC position.

    The squad wasn’t going to need many additions for our assault on the WCC championship. We had only 1 right back but Edilson Bianchi was a decent if unspectacular player. In came 2 freebies as cover, Alexandro Junior on a free and 34 yr old Rincon on a free from Santos. Alexandro could cover both fullback and wide midfield positions so he was a decent, versatile signing.

    The ground had been updated by 5000 seats and the request from improved training facilities by my predecessor had also been approved.

    The start of the season all depended on one thing, “who would we get drawn in the World Club Championship?”. It was surprising then that the board’s yearly expectations were to attain a respectable league position

    1st of all to deal with were 2 trouble makers. Even though Argentine CB Morel Morel was a quality player, the £5 Benfica offered was too good to turn down. The other player was 16 time capped Alexandre Macedo. I couldn’t get him to sign a new contract so I released him. This seem to do the trick as I re-signed him 2 days later!
    Reserve striker Nathaniel Guimaraes joined Cortiba in a £4.1m deal which negated the money spent on ground improvements and gave me some money to play with. Promising Richard ‘Marinho’ Gomes was signed from Vitoria to replace Morel Morel.

    Copa Libertadoras

    We cruised through the groups stages but the last 16 against The Strongest proved a tricky affair which we scrapped through with a 'late goal' from William in the 2nd leg to put us back in the lead in the tie and at worst bring us to extra time.


    That prove not only to be a wobble but a sign of things to come. Having been dominant in both games in Penarol in the group we met them again in the last 8. They proved the better team over the 2 legs and deserved to go through on away goals.


    I was left scratching my head as to what went wrong. Di Napoli’s injury


    just proved how valuable an asset he had been to the side. Our firepower was severely lacking without him. Past seasons hero Geraldo wouldn’t have gotten into my local junior team back home and Pato was proving to be a far better provider than scoring when relied up as the main striker. I was bitterly disappointed with this showing.

    Minas State Championship

    An early loss to Atletico Mineiro followed in the State Championship and I was wondering would the season fall apart before starting. Alas we found new gear when we signed powerhouse striker Leonardo. With the attack now having a focal point again we cruised through the State Championship and once again proved to be the Kings of Minas.

    World Club Championship


    The opening game against Pachuca of Mexico saw us comfortably win 4-0 and set us up with the groups main contenders, Olympiakos of Greece. Fail. Oh how we failed. We lost 1-0 and were completely dominated. Beaten and the news bulletin flashed “Ituiutaba have failed to qualify from group 2 of the World Club Championship”.

    The last game against Pahtakor of Uzbekistan was a dead rubber . . . . or was it. With only 3 groups in the WCC, the best 2nd place team would get the 4th spot. We set out to attack the Uzbeks from the 1st whistle and dually won the game 5-0, BAM, back in the game.


    The semi-final saw us play Italians giants Inter Milan. We dispatched them rather easier than the 2-1 scoreline suggested to set up a final (and revenge mission) against Olympiakos.
    It was hard to believe this was the same team that had beaten us and nearly destroyed the dream in the group stages. We completely dominated the game and only for their keeper we’d have won be 6 or 7. Alas goals in either half from Kleber and Alexandre Macedo delivered us the win and win the crown of World Champions


    Mission Accomplished

    With an unbelievable choice of jobs worldwide I really wanted a job in Italy, Spain or Germany so there wouldn’t be complications bringing in 3 players from the heroes of Ituiutaba. Alas no one was interested in the worlds numero uno gaffer.

    Nope, I was off to complete CSMG’s adventure in:


    the Land of the Rising Sun with Japanese kingpins Yokohama F.Marinos

    The first XI was decent for the J-League but the squad on a whole was truly awful. I got Arry Redknapp cap on immediately and rebuilt the squad – weeding out the rubbish and bulking up the squad with players of a far better quality than before notably and now 34 yr old Alexis Sanchez.

    We won all 6 league games in my brief reign to take us from 13th to end the season in 4th.

    We got to the final of the Japanese Cup only to go out on penalties in a cracking final with Urawa Reds. After 4 goals a piece the match was to be decided on penalties. Considering the 1st choice keeper got sent-off in the last minute of normal time we were lucky to reach penalties. Unfortunately the loss Nishikawa meant Urawa had the upper hand in the shootout and won 5-3. It’s a shame as I’d really liked to have added a Japanese comp so early in the reign and also to give my successor a crack at the Asian Cup Winners Cup. The less said about the exit from the Emperors Cup the better . . .

    The 3 players to join from Ituiutaba were:
    Youngster Adilson Aguiar, DMC Fabio Rangel and top class veteran Javier Pastore. Thus completing my mission and passing the reign’s to next CSMG puppet!

    The next managers task is simple – add 3 more cap centurions to the squad (if the manager changed clubs this rule still applies )

    by Dermotron

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    Season 2014

    The phone call
    Life was dull. I was unemployed and had nothing to do. As I was reading the paper, trying to find a new job, I was interrupted by the sound of the phone.
    "Does that bloody phone ever stop ringing?", I thought to myself. I was debating whether to answer it or not but in the end I did.
    CMA: Hello? This had better be important because I'm doing other things at the moment.
    Caller: Chill dude, this is a call which could change your life.
    CMA: Who is this, please?
    Caller: You don't recognise my voice? I'm ZanSnake, co-manager of CMSG Ltd, just like you. You may have heard that we've just left Ituiutaba after nearly twelve years and are now working with Yokohama F.Marinos in Japan. We have no new volunteers to work for us so we are starting again.
    CMA: Do you not want to start round 2 off?
    ZanSnake: Oh no, I've got too many problems with my private life. I couldn't possibly manage a football club at the same time.
    CMA: Fine then. When do I start?
    ZanSnake: Now. A taxi will be at your house this afternoon.
    CMA: Great!

    After a long flight to Yokohama, I was immediately surrounded by the press as a left the plane.
    Reporter: CMAdventurer, welcome to Japan. What brings CMSG Ltd here?
    CMA: The previous manager obviously felt that CMSG had taken Ituiutaba as far as they could so he fancied a new challenge. It's a challenge that I relish.
    Reporter: Could CMSG be as successful with Marinos as they were with Ituiutaba?
    CMA: I don't see why not. We have a very strong set of managers working for us and not one has let us down so far. I don't want to be the first to do so and neither does anyone else.
    Reporter: What do you want to achieve in your season with Yokohama Marinos?
    CMA: Having seen my predecessor Dermotron do so well with them during his brief tenure, I don't see why we can't be title contenders. I'll have a better idea once I've assessed the squad though.
    Reporter: Thank you for your time and good luck!
    CMA: Cheers but I'm confident we won't need any luck.

    As soon as I arrived at the club, I had a meeting with the chairman Shigeo Hidaritomo, who handed me my new vehicle, which surprisingly wasn't a faggy Fiat for once.

    Considering Derm's success here, I was surprised by his expectations.

    I expected more than that, despite having no previous experience of the J-League. The league contains 16 teams, who play each other home and away. The season is divided into two equal periods, with the winner of each meeting in a two legged final at the end of the season. The winners are crowned champions of Japan. If matches are level after 90 minutes, golden goal extra time is played. Victory by this method earns you two points while defeat earns you nothing, a system which applies uniquely to Japan as far as I'm aware.

    Wheeling and dealing
    If we were going to make a decent challenge for the title, I would probably need to make some changes to the personnel. Veteran Chilean midfielder Alexis Sanchez had over 100 caps for his country and provided some much needed experience. He told me about some other members of the squad and also told me how delighted Dermotron was to bring in a cap centurion. Apparently he expected me to add a few more. I wasn't sure that we could attract anyone decent to Japan but then some guy appeared out of nowhere.
    Dermotron: Greetings CMA! The squad needs some international experience so I say bring in three more cap centurions!
    CMA: Are you having a ing laugh?
    Derm: Does it look like it? F.Marinos must become well known globally so adding the biggest names in world football will go a long way to achieving that.
    CMA: Be realistic, mate. How many big names are going to come to a club who no one's ever heard of?
    Derm: Don't try to get out of the challenge. Gary Lineker moved to Japan at the end of his career so there is obviously some appeal to Japan.
    CMA: Yeah but...
    Derm: No buts! Do it!

    Derm then walked off before I could get another sentence out. I couldn't ignore his instructions as part of my contract said that I must obey any restrictions set by the previous manager. I well and truly had my work cut out. Player search said that there were 19 players with 100 caps or more but only two were said to be interested in joining us. Both were bloody useless but since I was desperate, I had to offer them both good wages and promise them regular first team action. In truth they would not be any more than bit part players. First to join was 33 year old Moroccan keeper Bahim Zaari, who would be my number two for most of the season. The second of three cap centurions I needed arrived a couple of weeks later, a name which will be familiar to many, especially Liverpool fans. Mark Gonzalez, 38, joined his fellow Chilean Sanchez at the club but he could barely walk so he would not start many games. That left me with just one more to find, which was extremely difficult. Many turned us down, including 37 year old Wayne Rooney. The third and final cap centurion was veteran Croatian midfielder Ivan Rakitic, who unlike Gonzalez and Zaari, looked like he had something to offer. He would join on a free transfer from Palermo at the end of the European season, by which time he would be 35.

    With my restriction sorted, I could concentrate on improving the rest of the squad. The J-League allows a maximum of five foreigners in the squad. With five already at the club when I arrived, I had to shift a few out to make room for the cap centurions. Unfortunately this included former Ituiutaba players Adilson Aguiar, Javier Pastore and Fabio Rangel. North Korean defender Jae-Wan Sim joined Sanfrecce for £450k. Other notable departures included winger Takashi Takeuchi, midfielders Takeshi Yamane, Masayuka Ozawa and Kota Yamamoto, and defender Masayuki Maki.

    The club was short of strikers so Brazilian Edson Monteiro came in from Ipatinga for £3.5 million. Perhaps he was a little overpriced but he would be the ideal strike partner for Yosuke Maruyama. Masaki Arai later joined from Albirex for £700k to give us another option. Our other signing of note was left sided player Hiroki Kobayashi, who could play in defence or on the wing. Time to start the season!

    First period
    My first match at the helm was a tough visit to last season's runners up Vissel. For the match, I went for the 4-1-3-2 formation which I used during my last few games with Ituiutaba. We competed very well but fell behind to an early strike from the home side against the run of play. Chances came and went and it looked like we would never score. We finally got the goal we deserved in the 73rd minute through substitute Koichi Sakamoto and it looked like we could push on for a winner. Vissel had other ideas though and Yoshio Maeda, who had been one of my transfer targets, drove home the winner and my reign started with a defeat. For my first home game, we welcomed champions Tokyo Verdy and made them look like anything but champions. An early dismissal helped our cause but the game was embarrassingly one sided, with the 3-0 scoreline not doing us justice. After a 1-0 defeat at Sanfrecce in our next fixture, we won our next four league games, all without conceding to leavue us in a great position.

    Montedio ended that run with a golden goal winner against our nine players. Discipline was to be a major problem all season. Five victories out of our next six left us in pole position to win the first period, we just needed a victory at home to Reysol.

    Damn it! Our first home defeat of the season meant that Vissel won the first period and we were left kicking ourselves. We would have to regroup and win the second period if we were to stand a chance of earning the club's first championship for six years.

    Japanese Cup
    The first round paired us with early strugglers Roasso. Every round except the final takes place over two legs and we were away from home in the first leg. It could hardly have gone any better as we cruised to a 4-0 victory with the home leg still to come. Despite losing 1-0, we were safely through and we were drawn against Sagan from a division below. The visitors shocked us in the first leg by taking the lead twice, with Arai rescuing a 2-2 draw in the second half. We needed to win the second leg and first half strikes from Arai and Yosuke Matsushita put us in control. A Sagan goal eight minutes from time made it a nervy finish but we held on to book our place in the quarter finals. We were handed a tough draw against title rivals Vissel but the tie would not take place until August so for the time being, the league was the priority.

    Second period
    We kicked off the second period with a home match against Sanfrecce. Despite falling behind, Monteiro and Matsushita earned us a valuable three points. An away fixture against Tokyo Verdy was tough enough but being reduced to nine men with just over an hour played was exactly what we didn't need, the second time we had been reduced to nine men during the season. We somehow managed to hold out for the full 90 minutes before playing golden goal extra time. We withstood the pressure in the 107th minute, a Sho Nagata free kick gave us a sensational victory! We followed that up by throwing a 4-2 lead away at Vegalta, making the showdown against Vissel all the more important. Nagata's early goal was cancelled out by Saito for the visitors to leave it 1-1 after 12 minutes. When Vissel were reduced to ten men just before the interval, we sensed a real opportunity to get the three points. We knocked at the Vissel door for the entire second half and the winner finally arrived in injury time through Masato Takahashi to earn us a valuable victory. Four more wins from our next five, plus a draw against Tokyo having yet again been reduced to nine men, left us in a great position to win the second period with five games remaining. I didn't know that it was divided into two periods when I took the screenshot but I think we would have been six points ahead of Vissel in the second period.

    Ivan Rakitic also joined us during this period.

    Japanese Cup
    The encounter against Vissel would provide both sides with a great chance to gain a significant psychological edge on their title rivals. I would have liked the second leg at home but we played at home first, so it was important to take a lead to their place.

    This was the complete performance with a result to match. We completely dominated and bar a miracle we would be in the semi finals.

    Vissel regained some pride by winning the second leg 1-0 but a 5-1 aggregate victory was a fantastic achievement. Montedio were the only obstacle between us and the final. Home advantage in the second leg was helpful but we as good as booked our place in the final in the away leg. A double from winger Hiroyuki Sato separated the sides and made us red hot favourites to progress. Any remaining doubt was eliminated within half an hour of the return as Sata again scored, as did Nagata to take us to the final 4-0 on aggregate. Would we get our hands on some silverware or would Reysol ruin the day?

    The game started off fairly evenly and the deadlock was broken in the 12th minute. A cross from Daniel Carlsson was nodded in by Kensuke Okamoto to hand us the worst possible start. Reysol were growing in confidence and it took a block by right back Toma to keep the score at 1-0. We soon hit back through Yosuke Matsushita, as the midfielder controlled Kobayashi's pass superbly before slotting us level. It only remained 1-1 for three minutes as a Hiraoka cross from the left was headed home by Reysol's Koike and we had to come from behind again. We responded within ten minutes through Shinya Yoneyama's fine half volley. Monteiro then forced their keeper into a save before the referee brought a breathless first half to an end.

    We began the second half like we meant business. Nagata's effort curled just wide while Arai had a header clawed away by the Reysol goalkeeper. The pressure was growing so it was no surprise when we took the lead for the first time through Yosuke Maruyama on 56 minutes. A great run by Matsushita down the right resulted in the perfect cross for the striker to head us in front and send our fans wild.

    It was all F.Marinos as Reysol were struggling to get a foothold. We needed the killer fourth goal to be sure and Arai, Nagata and Yoneyama all missed chances to secure the cup for us. Those missed opportunities looked as though they may come back to haunt us as on 81 minutes, the otherwise excellent Matsushita received his marching orders for a second bookable offence. We still looked in control though and with two minutes remaining, Arai raced through on goal looking to seal it. Instead he was brought down by Reysol keeper Watanabe and the ref had no choice other than to point to the spot. The keeper also had to go as he was the last man, so it was ten against ten. We were so comfortable that I decided to let goalkeeper Yuki Harada take it! He stepped up and coolly sent the substitute goalkeeper the wrong way and WE HAD WON THE CUP!

    Second period: final five games
    With one trophy already in the bag, it was up to us to do the business in the league, which resumed after a two and a half month break. Kyoto Sanga caught us still hung over from the cup success as we went down 2-0 with a disappointing performance. Nervy victories against Grampus Eight and Jubilo left us on the brink of winning the second stage with two games remaining. The final visitors to our stadium were Urawa Reds and victory for us would book us a play-off against Vissel. A 19th minute goal by Sato gave us the start we wanted and we had numerous chances to extend our lead. Our failure to convert another chance made for a nervy game but we were rarely in danger of conceding. We had qualified for the play-offs and would not have to go to Reysol needing something. With that in mind, I made numerous changes so the first choice players would be fresh ahead of the play-off. Despite playing 80 minutes with ten men, we cruised to an emphatic 5-1 victory, with Takumi Harada netting a hattrick. Although he had been a back up all season, it was enough to earn him a start in the first leg against Vissel.

    Play-off v Vissel
    This time, unlike in the cup, we had home advantage in the second leg. The first leg turned out to be a classic.

    It was disappointing to concede the injury time equaliser so soon after scoring ourselves but we avoided defeat and had four away goals to take to the home leg so we were favourites to be crowned champions.

    The second leg was the decider and the crowd were really up for this but at the same time you could sense the tension. This was understandable ahead of such a vital game. The first half was nervy as we missed a couple of good chances to take the lead. It was four minutes after half time when the crucial breakthrough was made.
    F.Marinos 1-0 Vissel (5-4 on aggregate). Moments after Edson Monteiro had a header saved, a Takahashi cross was headed in by Harada to give us some much needed breathing space!

    The fans were in full voice as they sensed that the title was within touching distance. We just had to be disciplined and see out the remaining 41 minutes. We were still creating chances and a second goal was on the cards. It arrived on 78 minutes through Takahashi to end any doubt over the destination of the trophy. Vissel did pull one back five minutes later but they were a beaten side and the TITLE WAS OURS!

    Could we make it a clean sweep of trophies by winning the Emperor's Cup?

    Emperor's Cup
    We were entered at the third round and were drawn against non-league Miyazaki. We cruised through by six goals to one before being drawn against another non-league side Consadole. 5-0 was the scoreline this time and for the fifth round, JEF Utd would be our opposition. They may have been a division below us but they played really well on the day and deserved their 1-0 victory. It was not to be a clean sweep but it was only a blot on what was a fantastic season overall.

    Meanwhile, back in Brazil...
    Ituiutaba faced their first full season since CMSG Ltd left them. They had retained their First Division title at the end of last season and this season started well enough, beating America (Mex) 5-2 on aggregate to win the Inter-American Cup. Sadly, that was as good as it got for our former club. Ituiutaba finished bottom of their Copa Libertadores group containing Chivas of Mexico, Flamengo and Paraguayans Cerro Porteno. They could only manage fourth place in the Minas State Championship, failing to win for the first time in five years. If that was bad enough, their First Division campaign was truly awful, finishing in a lowly 19th position, just seven points above the relegation zone. Looks like they could do with us back.

    Star performers
    Apart from Harada who only made a few appearances, Edson Monteiro was our best performer, averaging 7.74 over the course of the season. Special mentions must also go to Yosuke Matsushita, Sho Nagata, Masaki Arai and Hiroyuki Sato, who all scored very high average ratings. Monteiro was also our top goal scorer with 18.

    The gaffer's thoughts
    It was a very enjoyable season to say the least. We scored plenty of goals and let in a fair few too. This was my fifth attempt at PTP and I don't think I've won anything on this challenge before, so to win two trophies in one season was very satisfying. I thought we deserved to be champions based on how we played and we could have had more points but for the superkeepers. It's a shame we couldn't win the Emperor's Cup but overall, it was an excellent season. I'll be sad to pass this on. I apologise for the slight delay in producing the write up but as said before, I've been extremely busy lately. I hope it was worth the wait.

    Info for AMC
    I've already advised him on what needs to be done in the PM I sent him while I'm sure he has ideas of his own too. His restriction is:
    He may only name (and use) 1 substitute per match, just like the good old days!
    I wish him luck.

    CMSG Ltd stats

    By CMAdventurer

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    Thanks for the responses! As pointed out, the first two cap centurions were crap but there were so few interested that I'd take anyone I could get in any way I could. AMC's restriction could be worse, I initially thought of making it so no subs were allowed at all.

    FM, Di Napoli is still at Ituiutaba but he is homesick and wants to leave. Despite his personal problems and Ituiutaba's poor season, he still had a decent enough season.

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    ***RING RING*** ***RING RING*** ***RING RING***

    Me: Hello

    Mystery Man: You just never learn do you?

    Me: Who is this? What are you talking about?

    Mystery Man: We thought when we lent you that money all them years ago, saving your life in the process, you’d get out of the drug trade.

    Me: What are you on about? I have!

    CMSG Ltd: Rubbish! Who else would be supplying Charlie Sheen!

    Me: But....

    CMSG Ltd: But nothing! Fear not though we aren’t going to turn you over to the police, we having something else in mind. You enjoyed your stint in Brazil as a football manager, didn’t you?

    Me: It weren’t bad, and I suppose it’d be nice to get back to Brazil. I may be able to find some connections there too

    CMSG Ltd: Shame your going to Japan then!

    Me: Japan! But I don’t eat Sushi, I don’t know anything about Japanese football apart from Nakata and Nakamura.

    CMSG: It doesn’t matter, it’s been decided, YOU’RE GOING!

    The Next Day

    Mystery Japanese Man: Hello, I am Ken-ichiro Nakanishi, and I’ll be your assistant manager, and this is my translator, Daniel San.

    Me: Hi mate, so what’s the deal? How much money I got to spend? What’s the squad like?

    Ken: It’s all in the file Sir, you’ll find it all in there, make sure to read it all though!

    Me: Yeah whatever. Now take me training.

    When I got to the stadium - the impressive 72,370 all seater Nissan Stadium, the squad were already going through their paces. However, the training was somewhat unusual to what I thought they’d be doing for the season ahead.

    Pre Season

    First of all I wanted rid of that annoying translator, and had someone in mind who could help. Gary Lineker had spent a couple of years in Japan, and was an ideal choice to work with, but he rebuffed my advances, preferring to stay with Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson on MOTD. So to the playing squad, and obviously it was good, seeing they had just won the League and the Japanese Cup, but credit must be given to the former manager CMAdventurer. I did to decide to bring in several new faces though, outlining £4.75m in bringing in 10 players, with goalkeeper Barbosa a familiar face to those who follow Ituiutaba, although it was versatile attacking midfielder Masayuki Yoneyama a £1.8m signing from Reysol that really got the fans hopes up for the new season. It weren’t all one way traffic though, as 9 players left, including Moroccan keeper Bahim Zaari for £250k, and veteran Mark Gonzalez who retired.

    I’d barely assembled my squad before my first game, the Japanese Super Cup against 2nd division JEF Utd. I decided to go with the same 4-1-3-2 formation that had served the club so well last season. It worked a treat as goals from Matsushita, Maruyama and Monteiro gave us a deserved 3-0 win, and in my first game in charge, I already had won a trophy!

    After the game amid the celebrations though, Ken and Daniel San ran over to me, you not read file, you not read file! What you on about? You only allowed to name one sub, you name 5! One sub? What you on about, there was room for 5 on the bench! Yes but CMSG say you can only use one, or they will send you to jail! What the hell?! All season? They never make it easy do they?

    Japanese League - First Period

    After naming 5 subs for the Super Cup, I thought it best I read that file properly, and I discovered that the Japanese League is split into 2 periods, imaginitively called the First and Second period Not only that, but any game that was a draw after 90 mins, would go to extra time, and if someone won in extra time they would gain 2 pts, with a draw after 2 hours awarding just the one point.

    So with only one substitute available to me, I decided to play it safe for the season by naming Goalkeeper Shinya Takayama as my sole representative on the bench. The first game of the season would see us face Grampus at home, and I named an unchanged side from the one that had won me the Super Cup a week earlier. Unfortunately, it weren't so easy this time around, and at half time we were 1-0 down, not the start I wanted in my first home game. We piled forward in the second half, desperate for an equaliser, and our hard work was repaid in the 87th minute, when Brazilian striker Edson Monteiro scored from the penalty spot. Onto extra time, and both teams lack of fitness showed and neither side looked like finding a winner, and we would start our league campaign with a point.

    It weren't long till we got our first win though, as we won our next game 3-2 at home to Verdy, and we pulled off back to back wins in a hard fought 1-0 victory away at Kyoto Sanga. We were getting some momentum together, and two further wins followed, that saw us hit top spot in the league, although we had picked up a couple of injuries to some of my midfielders, which saw my sub keeper see a lot of game time in the unfamiliar role as a DMC. Due to a lack of DMC for the next game, I decided to change formation to a 4-3-1-2, but with the emphasis on attack, we were hit on the counter attack, and went down 1-0 at Sanfrecce. We returned to our familiar 4-1-3-2 for the next few games, and were rewarded with commanding wins, scoring 8 goals and conceeding 0 in our 3 games, before coming unstuck once again away at league rivals Albirex, which saw them leap above us at the top of the table.

    I hoped to get back to winning ways in the next game, but despite leading deep into injury time 1-0, Tokyo striker Tomita slotted past Barbosa in our goal, and we fell even further behind Albirex. We had no choice to go for broke now if we hoped to catch Albirex and I changed formation once again, to the 4-1-2-2-1 that had served me so well in Brazil. It all worked great at first, dominate 3-0 wins against S-Pulse and Jubilo, but once again our inconsistency showed, as we were crushed 3-1 away at Roasso, who were fighting at the bottom of the table. Going into the last game of the first period we still had a chance of topping the table, but despite beating Verdy 4-0, Albirex also won, so we had to make do with 2nd place.

    Japanese Cup

    As defending champions I wanted a strong show in the competition, but ahead of both legs we were hit with huge transfer blows. First Matsushita who had 7 goals in 16 games, agreed to a £1.5m deal with Sevilla once his contract became unprotected, and two weeks later, summer signing Masayuki Yoneyama was also on the move, upsetting the squad after missing training twice in one week, and he was off to Vegalta for £2m. With off the field distractions, I was proud of my squad as they overcame Reysol 6-2 on aggregate. Up next were top division 2 side Antlers, a potential bannana skin, but once again we came out on top, 4-0 over the two legs.

    The semi final was trickier, with a tough fixture against S-Pulse, but we scraped a 1-0 win away and made sure of our progression to the final with a 1-1 draw at home, although we were down to 10 men after 14 mins of the 2nd leg. So to the final, and we would play Grampus. We fell behind after 29 mins, but hit back seconds later, and on the stroke of half time got a second. Grampus came at us in the 2nd half as expected, but we held on under great pressure to retain the trophy.

    Asian Club Championship

    After last seasons exploits we were entered into Asia's premier competition. First we had to navigate ourselves through a couple of rounds, before making the group stages. In the first round we would face Malaysian side Pulau Pinang, and made light work of them winning 5-0 on aggregate. Things looked a bit harder in the next round, as Chinese side Jiangsu Shuntian would be our opponents, and that's how it proved as we edged them 2-1 in a nervy encounter in China. There was no tough fixture come the home leg however, as we were in control from start to finish, running out 4-0 winners.

    Unfortunatley for me, I won't be in charge come the start of the group stage, were we will face Gyeongnam of South Korea, Singapore Armed Forces FC of... Singapore, and the brilliantly named Semen Padang of Indonesia, I'll leave all the jokes for Fodster, but you should all see them coming!

    Japanese League - Second Stage

    We were firing on all cylinders now, and after starting the second stage with 2 defeats in our first 3 games earlier in the season, we embarked on a historic run of form. Comprehensive wins over Sanfrecce, Montedio, Sagan and Reysol proceeded 3 consecutive hard wins against Yokohama, Tokyo and S-Pulse all by a 2-1 scoreline. Despite our great series of wins we were still fighting it out with Albirex and Grampus.

    That all changed in the last 5 games, as Grampus couldn't keep their title challenge alive and started to fall away, leaving ourselves and Albirex, just like in the first half of the season. The turning point came when Albirex came to the Nissan Stadium, we needed a good performance and that's exactly what we got! Within 23 mins we were 3-0 up, and despite conceeding a couple of goals in the 2nd half, I never felt in danger as we ran out 4-2 winners. The great victory spurred us on to another 3 wins on the bounce, meaning 12 in a row in total in the league, as we sealed the second period by 2 points, and the overall table by one point!

    But that weren't it! We had to play a two legged playoff to crown the Champions of Japan, with myself and Albirex the two teams involved. Luckily our fantastic form kept on going, and after a wonderful 3-1 win at home, we were too strong in the return fixture too, scoring midway through the 2nd half to run out 4-1 winners on aggregate, and thus retaining the title!

    Emperor's Cup

    Yet another trophy to get my hands on, and I wanted to leave with another honour to my name. Just 5 matches were between us and the Emperor's Cup, and despite a long season, I urged my players for one last push. Non League Fagiano left the Nissan Stadium with nothing but a share of the gate receipts, as we progressed through 2-0. It was the same scoreline for the 4th round at home to fellow 1st division S-Pulse, before we would once again face Antlers. For the 3rd time in a row we would be at home, and it was easy stuff, running out 3-0 winners on the day. Verdy stood between us and a place in the final, and we outclassed the side in green, recording 17 shots to their 0, and we were through after a 2-0 win.

    I was all set for the final, when the phone rang in my office. I answered in high spirits, only for my joy to be gone in seconds, my time was up, and someone else would be in charge for the final against Vissel in 6 days time.


    So a wonderful season with the league and Japanese Cup retained, as well as the Super Cup, and progression to the final of the Emperor's Cup and the group stages of the Asian Club Championship.

    To Brazil, and Ituiutaba had an indifferent season. They finished 16th in the National First division, 8 points ahead of the relegation zone, but won the Minas Gerais State Championship 8 pts ahead of Atletico Mineiro. They also made the final of the Brazilian Champions Cup, before going down 4-3 on agg to Vitoria, but in the Brazilian Cup they lost to Goias in the 3rd round, once again 4-3 on agg.

    So for the next manager aka Fodster. I've already sent him a PM with info on the Japanese League, the squad and also the backroom staff. The restriction set which I expect he shouldn't have any difficulty doing between the Emperor's Cup Final and the start of the new season, is.... to sell the Top Scorer, the Top Assist Maker, and the top 3 players by average rating, obviously the top scorer and assist maker maybe one of these 3 players so he has to move on to the next one in the ratings. I think he's got off easy as I was thinking of telling him he had to sell 10 players in all, and not 5

    Best of luck mate!

    by AMC

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    “Wakey, wakey eggs and bacey . . . .not, haha”

    “Aw fuck not you again”

    “Don’t worry ya big fucker, I’m not here to hire your useless ass for CMSG Ltd, I’m here to bring you on the beer”

    “I don’t believe ya but where ya wanting to go”

    “Leave that to me” . . . .

    1st stop was the Rio Carneval

    “You a closet fun boy ya little bastard?”
    “Ah fuck you ungrateful c**t, look at the amount of tits around here, none bigger than yourself mind you . . . hahahaha”

    we done some dancing and pulled some women



    2nd stop was Bastille Day in France


    we done some marching, pulled pouty bitches and ran away from some wars



    3rd was the Royal Wedding

    where we blagged some after party tickets and generally arsed about




    "Hope ya enjoyed your holiday ya hairy bastard, now fuck off to Japan again hahaha"

    "You gotta be . . .. . ."

    So here I was back in the CMSG hotseat with Yokohama F.Marinos in Japan once again and once again with some restrictions . . . .

    Emperor's Cup -

    Disaster in the Emperor’s Cup as F.Marinos are beaten on penalties.

    Loss of star players Sato, Monteiro, Maruyama, Takahashi and Nagata cost the Marinos dear in Japan’s big cup final. Contractual obligations and ongoing transfer deals left the Marinos with too much to do in the final. In a dour game, which only produced 7 shots on goal in 120 minutes, Vissel’s stubbornness and a superkeeper performance from Tatsuya Hashimoto was the downfall for Dermotron’s ineffective side. More will be expected from a side intent on winning the Asian Champions League this season


    With a combined £4.3m + French International striker Frederic Landis from the restrictions set by previous manager AMC,


    it was time to rebuild the squad, especially the midfield. I made a schoolboy error of offering Rakitic a player/coach job as he filled up my foreign player quota and he was to perform at any level. Keeper Barbosa was a good player but was released to make way for imports and we had decent-ish cover in the goalkeeping department. Of the imports, centre half Alex joined from my old, but brief, club Ituiutaba for a partly sum 160k. Young Bulgarian international Yordan Markov was signed on a free and though he wasn't the fitness player in the world, he had the makings of a free scoring midfielder. Getting some of the senior players that were left, back on board was no mean feat as there was uproar over the sales of the clubs stars (even though how Maruyama was a star was beyond me – with the lack of interest in him I wasn’t the only one thinking along those lines!)

    Ridiculous move saw Alex resold a meer 26 days after joining the club for a huge profit when Atletico Paranaense came in with a £1.3m + 25% future sales bid. With the strength we have at the back I couldn’t turn it down.

    It also opened the option to sign another foreign player and there were plenty of class acts about.

    Japanese Super Cup -

    We had redemption almost immediately over our Emperors Cup loss by beating Vissel in the Japanese Super Cup. Even though it’s great to get a trophy early in the season it’s still hard to take that we have only one cup without conceding a goal.

    League – 1st Period
    We coasted through the 1st Period with a record of 13-1-1 with our only reversal coming at home to Reysol.


    The transfers were still coming and going. 2 of note to go were new signings Markov and Faye. The former being too injury prone and the latter being shite. It was a shame to have to release the talented Markov but alas with only one season at the helm I needed winners, not show ponies. In to fill their slots were Argentinian duo, defender Roberto Martinez and attacking midfielder Adrain Capitano,

    both have proved to be fantastic signings for the club. Also following them out the door was French International striker Landis who was a bit over rated in my book, £1.6m seemed a solid deal for a player we’d gotten for free as part of the exchange+cash deal for Sho Nagata to Al Nassr

    Asian Club Championship –

    The tournament I set out to win. What a cake walk. 3 straight forward wins in the group stages set up and semi final with Saudi giants Al Ittihad who well dually dispatched 3-1.

    The final proved a slightly more nervy after against Uzbek super club, Bunyodkor. Less the talents of Rivaldo and management quality of Big Phil, the side proved resolute nonetheless. We done all the attacking but couldn’t find a breakthrough. Queue extra time and the semi-lottery of the Golden Goal. I was nervous for all of 2 minutes when substitute Kenji Murakami scored a screamer of a volley thus bringing us the title and our 2nd bit of silverware of the season. I was disappointed that I was only boosted to 36th in the world rankings after dropping as low as 50th due to poor reputation of the J-League. How and ever, my successor will have a chance to restored CMSG’s numero uno to the top with a tilt as the World Club Championship.

    The sale of Hiroki Koboyashi boosted the clubs coffers by £3.6m. He was indeed our star player but had been moaning for 2 seasons of the sale of a somewhat average player in Yuji Masuda. The big plus is the sale went through the day before clubs could have started trying to sign him for free

    Mid way through the 2nd half of the season, 33yr old Japanese legend Takashi Usami joined the club after being release by FC Bayern. This went down a treat with the board who had strongly vouched for me to sign him. I didn’t mind they’re interference as even with being a little on the old side, he’s extremely talented.

    Asian Super Cup –

    we drew Syrian side Al Ittihad who were quite bizarrely playing in their 13th straight Super Cup. After a completely one affair we also handed them their 13th straight set of silver medals (must be paying plenty of back handers to the AFC Presidents). Goals from Capitano and Usami on his debut sealed the win in the 1st leg and another from Capitano and one from Garcia in the 2nd leg to give us the Cup on an aggregate score of 4-0. The opposition only managed one shot on target in 2 legs and will be waiting awhile to break their duck with that sort of form


    Japanese Cup –

    This team can’t take penos, simple as. After missing our 1st XI due to the 1st round of the ACC being played 2 days before, we lost 1-0 away to Sanfrecce even though we dominated the game. Saito’s sending off in that game proved costly in the end. We completely over ran them in the 2nd leg but only scored one goal to tie up, 1-1. Then the fucking penos. That’s 2 trophies pissed away over not putting teams away. Not a happy camper at all (Early season bogeymen Vissel took it down in the end)

    League 2nd Period –

    We won the 2nd half of the season with 3 games to go and also broke the record points total of 79 points along the way . By winning both the 1st and 2nd Periods there was no need for a play-off as we were crowned champs for the 2nd year running.


    We also snapped up Argentine international striker Luis Sanchez for free and looks to be an outstanding acquisition by any standards let alone the J-League

    Emperor’s Cup –

    Whoever CMSG sends in to take over the hotseat will have the task of gaining revenge for our failure last season in the final when we take on Vissel! Good, beat those bastards silly!

    Star of the Season - Tatsuya Ishii
    Acquired midway through the season, the DMC has the makings of a potentially great player.

    Speaking of potential, there's a bit of a young Keisuke Honda about this fella


    I’m just about happy with the season. Losing the 2 cups on penalties still irks me. Revenge against Vissel in teh Emperor's should be some compensation if we can get it. The squad is in decent shape for a tilt at the World Club Championship as over the course of the season I’ve snapped up basically the best the J-League has to offer.

    Good luck to the next manager in keeping them all happy (or bloating the coffers )

    Next managers restriction:
    Fairly straight forward one. Stay to win the World Club Championship or take a job with a club GUARANTEED to be in it

    by Dermotron

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    Christmas day 2016, and the present's are being passed around from under the tree at my family home by my youngest child, as is the tradition. "This one is To Mum, from Santa" Ry yell's out. Mum unwraps the box and then quickly run's off to the bathroom with her gift, something called a Vibro-overstimulating-multipenetrator with HD 3-D Brad Pitt Hologram, quickly locking the door behind her. “Must be some new type of toilet and shower cleaner. As long as she‘s happy I suppose” I say to myself. “Em, this one is your’s”. Em rips open her gift, an iphone8 1terrabyte. “I’m off to ring my unemployed, face tattooed and multi-body pierced boyfriend Leroy, bye”. Brilliant. “My turn” Ryan say’s, grabbing the biggest box under the tree and unveiling a brand new hover board. “Alright!!!!! I’m off to shred on this thing and then throw rock’s at old homeless people with my mate’s”. Boy’s will be boy’s. What a team of champion’s I have surrounded myself with!!!! Oh well, nought for me as usual, best clean up this mess before I hit the turp’s. I’ll recycle all the wrapping paper and then drink myself to oblivion in the sunshine out in the pool, perfect. As I pick up the paper, I notice a discarded, unopened envelope addressed “To oz, from CMSG”. “Well well well, what do we have here???”.

    “Merry Christmas Mr oz, we hope this chrissy card find’s you in good health and good spirit’s. Actually, we know it does because we’ve been keeping tab’s on you since your last venture with us in Brazil. It is time again. You are off to the land of The Rising Sun, Japan. Yokohama to be exact, to teach those sandal wearing goldfish tender’s a thing or 2 about football, CMSG style. Oh, and there is a little title known as the FIFA World Club Championship Yokohama have qualified for which we expect you to win. Opportunities like this don’t come around every Christmas. Your 1st Class ticket can be collected from the International Passenger Terninal, Sydney Harbour. Enjoy the cruise on the RMS Queen Mary 2”.

    I knock on the bathroom door to deliver the news to Mrs oz. “I’m off to Japan love”. “YES ……YES……YES!!!!!” she grunt’s excitably. “I’ll be gone for a year”. “AH HAH, YES YES……THAT”S GREAT”.

    “She took that well” I mumble to myself as I grab a suitcase and some training gear. And I’m off, sayonara sucker‘s………

    OK, straight to the season and previous manager dermotron had left the club, FC Yokohama Marinos, in great shape with plenty of cash and a decent squad. A cracking season with success in the league and a few of the cup’s left me with very big shoe’s to fill and a board that was hungry for success again. And within a few day’s of landing, and still not knowing most of the player’s at all, I was thrown into the craziness of The Emperor’s Cup Final.


    An awesome introduction to Japanese football for me, although a losing one. Over 50000 screaming fan’s, an early injury to a key player, a red card, disallowed goal’s, extra time. Wow, it had it all. Vissel eventually proved to be to good on the day. Oh well, the lad’s and the fan’s definitely have some spirit, pretty happy all in all.

    I then had a bit over 3 month’s to mould the squad to my own liking, organise training, set tactic’s and learn some of the language so we could kick off the season in fine form. I didn’t do any of the above and instead drank shitload’s of sake and kirin, played pachinko, scoured the country for Japan’s famed used panty vending machines and leered at hot 18yo Japanese schoolgirl’s with short skirts and little white socks, good time’s.


    The sweet smell of Success!!!!!

    Before I knew it, the season had begun. Another cup final, this time The Super Cup. Our opponent’s were Vissel again, and guess what…..


    Oh well, bigger fish to fry with the season proper starting in a week and the Asian Club Championship quarter final’s only a few week’s away. Only problem was my lack of preparation was telling as we lost and drew our 1st 2 league games and also lost and drew our 1st 2 Asian Cup game’s, leaving me winless for my 1st 6 matches in charge at Yokohama. I was being defamed in the press and by the fan’s who had given me the name OZ-trich. Pretty sure I heard a few coaches and player’s mumble it too when I extended a few training session’s. The writing was on the wall, so a tactical change was made (4-1-4-1 to a 4-1-2-2-1) that would hopefully let me see some success during the rest of the season. We eventually prevailed in the Asian Cup quarter‘s, qualifying for the semi’s and eventually winning 9 of 15 league game’s to finish a respectable 4th in the J-League 1st period. Good but a big improvement will be needed in the 2nd period if we want a shot at winning the league.

    Meanwhile, the Asian Club Championship semi saw us drawn against Iranian side Sepahan.

    So off to the final against J-League rival and 1st period champion’s Albirex. It’ll be a tough one.


    Hello, we won something. Sake, cheerleader's and fat cigar’s for everybody.

    What goes on tour, stay's on tour!!!!!
    Winning this prestigious tournament really instilled the team with some much needed confidence. So did the signing of a Japanese representative, 25yo CM Kota Yamamota for a bargain 1.9m from rival’s Alibrex. He signed just before the ACC semi final and it was no coincidence that the team’s form improved remarkably upon his arrival.

    We won our first 4/5 in the J-League 2nd period and were in great form, particularly in defence leading up to the FIFA Club World Championship tournament. The tourney was stuffed right into the middle of our league schedule, but would definitely take precedence. If we were lucky enough to make the final, we would be required to play a ridiculous 8 game’s in 15 day’s!!!!!!! We drew Bolivar (Bol), Extremadura(Esp) and Al-Hilai(Sud). Look’s like we missed what seemed to be major threat’s Milan and HSV. Extremadura will be tough but I’m confident of getting out of this group. So here’s how it played out…..


    So after a tough 1st match against the Sth American’s, but we qualify for the semi’s and are only 180 minute’s from being crowned “the best club side in the world“. Crazy!!!! When the semi draw was made and we drew the best 2nd placed team, Cruz Azul of Mexico, and missed HSV (who drew Jorge Wilstermann of Bolivia. WHO??????) I was kissing little Japanese assistant coaches and manager’s left, right and centre.


    Fucking hell, I know it’s considered a bit of a Mickey Mouse tournament, but let me tell you that when the semi was over and we were through to the final, the thought that Yokohama could be Club World Champion’s in a few day’s had everyone in and around the team absolutely switched on to the nth degree. We were pumped and ready to take on the those crazy Krauts in Germany for the crown. Anyway, without further ado, CWC final, Yokohama vs. HSV, the match.......


    The moment's......


    Well there you go. In between the craziness in Germany, we had to play in another cup, The Asian Super Cup, and yet again, our opponent’s were (and runner's up for the 14th straight season ) Al-Ittihad of Syria.

    Yep, yep. It’s all coming together now. The press and fan’s have now dropped the nickname OZ-trich and have replaced it with GODZILL-OZ, the monster who came from the sea. I like it. We are absolutely flying in the 2nd period of the league with a few squad player’s, Miuri and Hashimoto in midfield particularly, being asked to step up due to a lot of injuries, and really delivering the good’s. Player’s who I didn’t initially rate at the start of the season are jumping out of their skin to represent Yokohama, the champion’s of the world. Our Japanese Cup run coincided with this late run of form. We squeeked through the quarter’s 1-0 over Nagoya Grampus and were drawn against our nemesis, Vissel, in the semi’s. Having lost against them in my previous 3 battle’s, 2 of which were Cup final’s, I was dead keen for the lad’s to take it to them. Argentinian Luis Sanchez was my champion, He scored a valuable 90th minute away goal in the 1st leg and 2 home goal’s in the 2nd leg to book a Cup final against Sanfrecce. The Japanese Cup Final…..


    A tight affair that we never settled into whilst our keeper and captain Teki played his worst game of the season. Shit.

    Onto the final few game’s of the league and we have wrapped up the 2nd period of the league early and are all looking forward to taking on 1st period champion’s Albirex in the 2 leg final. Albirex have had a horror run, finishing 12th in period 2 after a lot of their player’s left, including the excellent Yamamoto who came to us. We go into the match as raging hot favourite’s.


    League champion’s. A tight yet excellent victory against a hungry side that came to play. As you can see from the screeies, it could easily have gone either way.

    Also, I must send respect and commiseration’s to arch enemies Vissel, easily the most consistent team all season who ran 2nd in both period’s and only 2 point’s behind us in total.

    The Emperors Cup was due to kick off in 4 day’s, but GODZILL-OZ had had enough and needed to return home, so I resigned on the day of the League victory. World Club Champion’s, Asian Club Champion’s, Asian Super Cup Champion’s, J-League Champion’s. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 losses in Cup final’s mean’s it’s a long way from a perfect season but a highly successful one will do me.

    My top player’s of the year are ;

    Sanchez, my main man upfront has to be #1. Played most game's and dominated most of them, fantastic season......

    Sano get's #2. My rock at right back, absolutely outstanding all season, wouldn't have had any success without him, respect......

    The like's of GK and skipper Seki, DM Ishii and CM Garcia we're also intergral to our success. I would have them at any club.

    I returned home just before Christmas 2017. Ry was under house arrest for assaulting homeless people and had grown morbidly obese, Em was pregnant with triplet’s to Leroy, who hadn’t been seen for 4 month’s and Mrs oz was still in the bathroom. I knocked on the door, “I’m back babe”. “AHA….AHA…..YES, THAT’S GOOD”. Home sweet home……………..

    Next up for CMSG is The Eejit, who will be moving on from Japan after our FIFA CWC success. It was Mother’s day irl when I finished up so I set him the challenge to manage at Motherwell or if that’s impossible, back to the mother country, England. Good luck darling………….

    by ozchampman

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    Eejit: Oh yes Pixie ! Just a little bit ….. Oh ! right on the money baby ! …. What again ? Are you insatiable ? Why don’t you do that thing with your ……

    Buzz Buzzzzz ….. Buzz Buzzzz ….

    Eejit (think): What the !

    Buzz Buzzzzz ….. Buzz Buzzzz ….

    Eejit rubs his eyes and stretches, before picking up the phone from the table beside his single bed which is still ringing.

    Eejit: I hope this is ing important at this time of the ****ing night.
    Caller: Sore wa dono yō ni sugu ni koko o norikoeru koto ga dekimasu moshi cmsg kabushikigaisha no kanri suru tame ni anata no bandesu ka?
    Eejit: ing hell ! It’s me that’s supposed to get the ing Chinese takeaway as the wrong number, not the other way round. I’ll yell you where you can stick your Chicken Fried Rice, right up your number ….
    Caller: G’day cobber, yoos get used ta talkin' ta the locals here. Strewth, them whackas are mad as a cut snake !.
    Eejit: Who the is this ?
    Caller: Oz ! …. Ozchampman, former jackeroo of F. Marineros. Don’t want to big-note oneself, but did I tell ya I won the World Club Championship ? Too Right !
    Eejit: And what has this got to do with me ?
    Oz: Ya better get your freckle over here faster than a dingo that’s nicked a snag from the barbie. As of 10 minutes ago yoos became manager of World Club Champions Yokohama F. Marinos and the dipstick chairman hazza special announcement ta make. Got a stubbie in the fridge if ya can get here in 24 hours, then I’m back to the lucky country to find a mappa tassie. Fair dinkum cobber.

    Less than 24 hours later and with one small can of Ozzy lager inside me ….. (Why is ozzy lager like having sex in a canoe ? …. They are both fing close to water !) ….. I was in the office of Shigeo Hidaritomo, Chairman of Yokohama F.Marinos.

    : What do you mean I’m sacked. I’ve only just bloody got here.

    Shigeo: You must understand, Eejit San. CMSG Ltd have taken our club as far as they can. We can do no better than being World Champions.
    Eejit: Don’t you Eejit San me Shuggie. Let me tell you this. If you thing a bampot like you can take me away from the greatest dream ever, just when Pixie Lott was about to …. well never mind …. and fly me half way round the world just to sack me, you’ve got another think coming. I’ll have you know Sunny Jim, that you can’t sack me, by the way.
    Shigeo: I think you’ll find in the contract …..
    Eejit: You can take that contract, put it with the “F” in the club name and stick it where your beard can’t reach. You can’t sack me ….. I resign !

    Confucius says “The superior man, when resting in safety, does not forget that danger may come. When in a state of security he does not forget the possibility of ruin. When all is orderly, he does not forget that disorder may come. Thus his person is not endangered, and his States and all their clans are preserved.” But Confucius, we’ve left Japan and I have to find a job in England for CMSG Ltd to take forward. There was plenty to choose from, some big names, and some smaller ones, but bearing in mind Oz’s reasoning of Mother’s Day, one club stood head and shoulders above them all.

    I have this picture of Ozchampman, devotedly sitting on his mother’s knee while she reads him a story, pausing only to down a stubbie and crack a fart. I have this image that Ozchampman’s mother has a pet name for little Ozzie and so 2 weeks after the incident in Yokohama, I find myself presented to the massed press outside the home of Darlington !

    In typical style, I kissed the badge and told anyone who would listen that Darlington is the only club that I had ever wanted to manage and that I had been brought up on stories of Darlington greats like …… well they surely must have had one great at some point in time !

    So what of Darlington FC. Well the recent history is about as interesting as their former players. They appointed Brian Laws in 2008 and he achieved a double promotion, into the 3rd division and upto the second division at the first attempt. Since then, they have been a mid table side with only 2 Vans trophy finals (both lost) to raise the blood pressure. Although the finances were good and there was £1.2 million for spending on new players, the situation on the field was perilous, and would have been much worse had it not been for a 4-1 win over Barnsley just hours before I was appointed.

    Assuming we could pull clear of the bottom, there was still half of the season to play. We were just 12 points behind the last play off place which was a realistic target. 19 to catch automatic promotion would need a lot of luck. 26 points behind leaders Q.P.R. looked way beyond us, but first things first. The squad.

    24 players with 4 in the treatment room and going into the busy Christmas period when we would play 5 games in 12 days was asking a lot, even if all of the players were super stars. They weren’t.

    Hodgson looked a decent keeper while Joseph and Weaver were the pick of the defenders protecting him. Up front, Bell had been shunted to the stiffs, despite looking the pick of the bunch. The rest of the squad were journeymen, at best ! We needed numbers, and before the end of December 5 new faces had been added, mainly defenders or wingers, and all on free transfers. Richie Holloway (DMC) and Adam Newell (SC) joined on loan from Grimsby and Cheltenham.

    The backroom was in a bit of a state. While Mark Clyde looked a decent assistant, some of the coaches left a lot to be desired. There were very few backroom staff available, so I was fortunate that scouts Keiran Lee and Mike Oliver looked better as coaches than they did as scouts. Jay Lucas came in to join Keiran Smith as the only scouts.


    What a start !

    Right from Newell scoring just 7 minutes into his debut against Mansfield, this was as good as it could have been. The second goal may have been an own goal, but it had been coming and Mansfield can have no complaints. It was largely a reserve team that faced Grimsby and despite the lack of talent, we dominated from start to finish. Midway through the second half, Grimsby opened the scoring, against the run of play and it looked as if we would be pointless until Groves popped up in injury time to volley home Morley’s knock down.

    The Cheltenham game was just a dream. It took 25 minutes of constant pressure before Holloway found Prior free in the box and the winger had space to turn and fire a rasping drive into the bottom corner. The relief was short lived as james went straight up the other end to level the scores. Bell put us back in front, with his 1st for the season, 10 minutes before the break. Newell set up Holloway to extend the lead just after the break, and in a mad last 12 minutes, Newell, Bell and Newell again completed a club record win.

    The icing on the cake was the Manager of the month award for me and young player of the month award for Richie Holloway. A £50k bid for Holloway was rejected, but we have submitted a bid to get Newell on a bosman at the end of the season.

    On the down side, Singh and Griffiths joined the injury list although Barry Spencer returned.


    Despite the reverse at Luton, a game we deserved at least a point from, but were thwarted by a MoM performance from their keeper, this was another great month. 6 goals from Guy Bell, including a hat-trick against Shrewsbury in the Van’s Trophy proved is value in promoting him from the reserves.

    The Shrewsbury game was a bit special as I thought we were going out. 0-0 at halftime, the visitors were awarded a penalty when Spencer was adjudged to have played the man instead of the ball. It was a tough call, and the red card was harsh (it was appealed without success). Hodgeson saved the penalty, but just minutes later was powerless to stop Lodge heading home a corner. A goal and a man down, we needed a super human effort. That superhuman was Guy Bell, with 3 headers in the 66th, 88th and 90th minutes.

    No awards this month, but being just 2 points away from the play-off spots is reward enough. Q.P.R look to have escaped the pack, but 13 points to Tranmere ….. Game On.

    Of the field and Alan Roger joined as a Physio while Adam Watt became our third scout. Adam Newell has signed on the dotted line and will be a Darlington player next season.

    The injuries are clearing up with just Morris and King unavailable. Both should be back to fitness within 1 week.


    And then it all went horribly wrong.

    Richie Holloway’s red card cost us the chance of a win at Southend, but that was not too bad as Guy Bell gave us the win at Wolves that put us 2 points behind Colchester and a win there would put us in the play-offs. Bell and Bailey put us 2-0 up in under half an hour. With Bristol Rovers drawing, I said the fatal words “Nothing can possibly go wrong now !”

    Fox pulled one back on the stroke of half time, but we were still in full control as late as the 68th minute. That was when Robinson levelled. Baker put Colchester ahead with still 11 minutes left and it was all out attack as Morley came on to switch to a 4-3-3. Within seconds, Bell was pulled down in the box and Morris converted the penalty. Surely a point salvaged, but no. In the dying seconds, Mick Steele was left unmarked to keep all 3 points in Colchester and we fell 5 points off the pace. Worse was to follow as we were super keepered out of the win at Scunthorpe while the 2-2 draw with lowly Swindon was mainly down to pathetic finishing. Just 4 from 14 efforts hitting the target.

    In the Van’s trophy, we left it late in Blackpool. Morley netting an 86th minute equaliser and then grabbing a golden goal to win the tie, however the resultant trip to Grimsby ended the run, the home side scoring early and then shutting up shop.

    And so we end the month with a run of 4 games since our last win and we urgently need to get the promotion challenge back on track. Just 5 points off the playoffs, there is still all to play for, and automatic promotion is not out of sight, although games are running out to reclaim the 13 point deficit on Tranmere.

    Q.P.R. had tried to sign Richie Holloway and after blocking earlier bids with bigger ones of our own, Q.P.R. kept coming back. Eventually we both had £300k bids accepted and Richie chose Darlington. He rewarded us with another Young Player of the Month award.

    Also joining was Palace defender Jacob Farrell who can play anywhere across the back line, but will mainly be used as a right back, which is the problem position. He cost £55k.

    In the back room, Damian Franjic joined the coaching team while Philip Pearson completed the physio room, where Bell, Yates, Pearce and Baxter were all in need of attention.


    Why is it that anytime we get close to the playoffs, the team throw in a Horlicks of a performance ?

    Henderson and Burton put us back on track against Gillingham and a goal from Prior at Hartlepool sent us into the play-offs for the first time in the season. Form had returned just when we needed it most. Then Hodgson has his worst performance of the season, letting in 3 at home to Notts County in what should have been a 6 pointer. Oakes, Griffiths and Holloway all scored equalisers ! We were chasing points again, which we did with a vital Guy Bell brace at 10 man Tranmere and another for the striker at home to Exeter. Back in the playoffs for a second time and 3-1 up with 24 minutes left to play at Plymouth, we proceed to let in 4 and so we end up 1 point outside the play-offs and 6 games left to play.

    Automatic promotion is looking out of reach and Q.P.R. will be champions unless the F.A uncover a dodgy player contract.

    Just as the transfer window closed, 20 year old keeper Martin Forrester signed from Bristol City. Largely untested, he is one for the future and may make Hodgson up his game now he has competition.

    The end of month awards give me my second Manager of the Month trophy, while Guy Bell deservedly collects Player of the Month.


    Due to technical difficulties (I forgot to take a screen print) no league table has been posted !

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going (then let it slip at the final hurdle.

    Another unbeaten month confirms our place in the playoffs. Highlight was thrashing the champions 3-1, although it has to be said, they were the better side and should have been well clear of us before Frank Fenton was sent off. May and Singh scored late goals to put us right in the chase for second as Notts County and Tranmere both slipped up. Bell and King put us within 2 points of automatic promotion with already relegated West Brom the next in the target of the Darlington steam roller. Just when we didn’t need it, the bottom side pulled off the defensive performance of their season, scoring midway through the first half and only conceding one in the second half when put under a barrage of shots. With Tranmere getting tanked 5-1 by Bournemouth and Notts County going down to Southend, those dropped points allowed Blackpool to leapfrog everyone into 2nd place, 2 points clear of ourselves, Tranmere and Notts County, with Southend, Bristol Rovers and Gillingham all fighting for that final play-off place on the last day.

    Luke Samuels, a defender from Gillingham has agreed to join on a Bosman deal at the end of the season, although looking back, I can’t see why. I was also able to appoint 3 scouts, so the new manager should have a decent network to utilise for next season. They have currently been sent to scour France, Sweden and to look for young talent. Going into the final leg of the season May and Morris are the only injury worries.

    Looking at goal difference, if we beat Grimsby and Blackpool fail to beat Mansfield, Tranmere would need against Rushden by 6 goals more to take the final promotion spot.


    Final table and playoff final have been withheld to maintain the suspense

    So, 90 minutes of football to decide on who will join Q.P.R . in the first division next season.

    Our game at Grimsby was virtually over when Guy Bell scored in the 5th minute. Spencer added a second after the break, so all eyes were on Bloomfield Road where Blackpool were 1 up on Mansfield. We listened as the Mansfield defence blocked wave after wave of Blackpool attack but despite the wishes of all Darlington supporters, there was no breakaway and no dramatic late goal. Blackpool had been with the leaders all season and probably deserved to avoid the playoffs. Tranmere managed only a draw, so they would play Southend in the play-off, while we would face a Notts County side wondering what had happened to their season. They scraped into the playoffs after being second with 2 games to play !

    County were no match for Darlington. Bell and Joseph scored in the home leg, with Holloway making the tie safe early in the second leg. Southend won their tie 5-3 on aggregate.
    So, 90 minutes at The Millenium Stadium to decide who would join Q.P.R. and Blackpool in the first division next season.

    Or so we thought. To cut a long story short …. First half Darlington 0, Southend Keeper Matthew Everitt 0. Second half Darlington 0, Southend Keeper Matthew Everitt 0. 13 shots, 12 on target, no goals !

    So, 30 minutes of extra time to decide who would join Q.P.R. and Blackpool in the first division next season.

    Or so we thought. To cut a long story short ….. Extra time Darlington 0, Southend Keeper Matthew Everitt 0.

    At this point in a normal story, I would post my update, with the entire season about to hinge on the penalties, but that isn’t allowed.

    So, 10 penalties to decide who would join Q.P.R. and Blackpool in the first division next season.

    Or so we thought. Pounder scored the first for Southend, which was replied to by Henderson. Cross put Southend 2-1 up with Bell on the spot to take our next. He went for power, and Everitt managed to stick out a leg and make the save. Connolly gave Hodgson no chance making it 3-1 which was the score after Everitt pulled of yet another miracle save from Yates well placed spotkick. The final nail in the coffin was driven home by Lundgren and we were left to drive home to Darlington wondering about what might have been.


    This league is not great, so with a couple of signings (2 are lined up, but you may want to cancel them as I am undecided) promotion should be well within reach. In Hodgeson, Joseph, Spencer or Lambert, Holloway, King and Bell you have the makings of a decent squad.

    As for a restriction, I’m going to set something different. Getting Darlington promoted is tough enough without some idiot making it harder, so what I have done is PMed 4 pictures (along with the save) to Filthy_Monkey and I want him to use all 4 in his write up !

    I should mention the save. It is taking about 7 minutes to load or save, so anyone who likes to CtrlAltDel should just give in now ! Once loaded, it plays at a good speed, but best to make sure you have a decent session before staring to play. It also seems to use up a lot of memory as I get shortage messages if I have any other applications active.

    Good luck Filthy_Monkey.

    by The Eeijt
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    As I stepped out through the doorway the light burned my eyes. I instinctively raised my hands to protect them. The outside world was so bright, or was it the inside that was so dark? It may have been only a few years since I was last 'outside' but in reality it felt much longer. I never meant to kill that prostitute and I didn't deserve to end up like this. What the fuck was I meant to do now? I am better than this and if it wasn't for those cunts at CMSG I wouldn't have ended up in this mess. We had made a deal. I filled their trophy cabinet and in return they were meant to wipe my slate clean. Apparently my failure in the Champions Cup meant I had defaulted on my side of the bargain and they had no option but to renege on theirs. It was all academic now - they were fine, I was fucked. I picked up the pace and started the long walk away from this place.

    I hadn't been walking for more than five minutes when a faceless black German super saloon pulled in front of me. The rear passenger door opened but there was no further sign of life. Shit, what the fuck was I going to do? Yeah like my life couldn't get any worse. What have I got to lose. After much internal monologuing I de cider to get into the car. The moment my arse hit the seat the slammed shut on it's own and then, along with all the others, it locked.The car kept driving and driving until I didn't know where I was and I sure as hell didn't know where I was going. I decided I may as well sleep.

    When I opened my eyes I was outside a rather tidy looking football ground. Something wasn't right here, I could feel my pulse quicken and butterflies in my stomach. It was if my subconscious knew something was about to happen and was waiting for my conscious self to catch up. A saw movement from a small doorway at the back of one of the stands. A young lad came over to me and without saying anything he handed me an envelope and left the same way he had arrived. I opened it and as soon as I saw the crest on the letterhead I felt sick. CMSG Ltd.

    The letter explained to me that they had arranged for my early release from prison on condition that I help them with their latest project, Darlington. Their last manager, a man they affectionately referred to as simply 'The Eejit', had left abruptly despite a rather successful season in league 1. The SNP had apparently won a series of landslide victories whilst I had been detained at her majesty's pleasure culminating in Scotland finally gaining back it's independence. Unfortunately for the Eejit Anglo-Scottish relations soured further after this and just last week the final cards were played. England had decided to close the border with Scotland and had begun aggressive deportation of what were now being called 'foreign nationals'. This lead to a crisis meeting at CMSG and their best solution it appeared was….me.

    In 'The Eejits' haste to leave he had left me a few rough notes on the state of the squad and a couple of incoming transfers but information was very thin on the ground and matters were made worse by the fact I hadn't watched a single football match in Europe for almost 10 years. If I was going to do this, and let's face it I had no other options, I was going to have to wing it all the way.

    In 'The Eejits defence he had left the club in a very sound financial position despite the impending ethnic cleansing from Whitehall. In addition to that a lot of the players had contracts with tasty minimum fee release clauses to try and tempt some of the bigger fish. On first inspection for the playing squad I must admit I was midly disappointed. Aside from a couple of gems at the back the rest of the team were distinctly mediocre. Closer inspection of the other sides in the league confirmed that it wasn't just a problem at Darlington, it was across the whole league. This gave me increased hope for the season ahead and just meant I would have to recalibrate my expectations of what makes a good player. No Fabio Di Napoli style heroics to come this season, this season will be much more 'Emile Heskey'.

    A quick trawl of the transfer market left me even more depressed as there didn't seem to be anything out there that was any better than what I had already. I changed approach and decided that I simply needed to get out of this division by any means necessary, we could build for the future later. I started looking at veterans from the leagues above who were coming out of contract and this gave me a much needed shot on the arm. After many protracted negotiations deals started to be tied up.

    I had particularly high hopes for current internationals Bakker and Mardov who clearly must have been drunk when signing the contract with us. Also of note are former Scotland international Liam Caddis former England centre back Tom Hall and Spanish goalkeeper Sergio Asenjo. These golden oldies and misguided others would certainly help take the club to the next level as they were a cut above the rest of the fodder in this league. The only player to join for cash was Oliver Foster who had been scoring plenty of goals for Oxford in the league below and seemed to be worth a risk at £375k.

    Next I had to decide on the tactic. I had always been an advocate of 1 up front and it had worked like a charm at Itiutaba. However the cavalier approach from Brazil just wouldn't work with these players so I decided I would have to setup strongly and try and keep things tight.

    So to that start of the season and the board didn't seem as up for it as I was.


    The season started as well as I could have hoped with 5 wins out of 5 including the league cup. This took the mighty Darlington to the top of the league and in the process gave me the first manager of the month award for the season. Liam Caddis also won player of the month and to be honest with performances like that, who could blame him.


    Into September and things continued much the same aside from a slip up away to Colchester United. It was another to see a repeat of last month with both Caddis and myself receiving our just rewards.


    In October things started to get a bit more difficult. A draw against Grimsby and being knocked out of the League Cup by struggling EPL side Everton were not disasters and we remained top of the league. Off the pitch though things were a bit different. Yordan Markov had decided that after just 12 games he was too big for the club and wanted to leave. I guess we at least know how long a Bulgarian hangover lasts. Naturally I told him to go fuck himself. He was still playing for his country despite playing in League 1 and if he kept up the good form he would have a medal in his back pocket and we could sell him at the end of the season. He wasn't happy.

    Still at least the on field performances kept me rolling in clover and saw me take another manager of the month award. A big injury to key midfielder Andy Parry marred the celebrations slightly but I felt we had enough cover.


    November was a quiet month with only four games including an FA Cup win over fellow League 1 side Notts County. Nothing much to report here. No manager or player of the month awards, just 2 dropped points at Exeter.


    December proved a lot more exciting for a number of reasons. First there were a shed load of games including the LDV Vans Cup and the FA Cup. Good news from the physios saw Andy Parry return to action in double quick time and he contributed enough in December to win the player of the month award. The whole team were playing well especially the defence who didn't concede a goal in any of the 8 games. Unfortunately other sides noticed this and open season began. I lost both my Captain (Hall) and his centre back partner (joseph) to release clauses in a matter of days and things were looking quite stretched. Whilst the money for Joseph was good there was nobody of any real quality to spend it on.


    Into the new year and a frankly crap start saw us lose 2-0 away to Wolves and take our first reverse of the season. The two goals did nothing to help our bid to keep the goals against column in single figures either.

    Other than that result things went pretty well. We managed to knock EPL side Watford out of the FA Cup and maintained our lead at the top of the table. We did lose a second league game of the season but this can be put down to the enormous strain of our unexpected success. Bids were raining in for our entire back line although we were unable to do business whether we wanted to or not.I was having to rotate the squad already and couldn't cope with a further drop in numbers. Matters were not helped by Markov again asking to leave. I couldn't let him go but I also had to prepare for the worst. I brought in 3 players to cover him in case he decided to go AWOL and also managed to finally get some quality back into the back line with the signing of Eric David, a former France U21 international no less. Andy Weaver managed to take the player of the month award this month with a string of fine performances. Normally a bench player he was the ultimate beneficiary of the rotation policy I was having to employ to keep everyone fit.


    February arrives and we suffer our first heartbreak of the season losing out in the LDV Vans semi final to Sunderland on penalties. We dominated both leagues but just couldn't convert our superiority into goals. I'm worried this may be a pre cursor to player burnout and decide to bring in further reinforcements. I pull off what looks to be the signing of the season by bringing in Swedish international Anders Svensson from Watford. Surely the most talented player to play at this level for a long time.

    I decide that with so many new players arriving at the club and the disappointment of not making the Vans Final the players need a break. I decide on taking my league of nations on a day trip to Paris (Darlington can't afford a Dubai training camp). The Europeans all love a bit of culture and what better place for that than the Louvre. The British players can amuse themselves by looking at the nude statues.

    Back on the pitch and we continue to stretch our lead at the top of the league table. The bookies stop taking bets and all we need to do now is keep our heads and see this one through.


    March sees the start of something big about to happen. We fluke an FA Cup draw managing to get fellow League 1 side Southport in the quarter finals. The place is buzzing as the players start to feel like something that would have been unthinkable at the start of the season might happen. We do indeed go on to beat Southport to make the Cup semi finals!!!! In the same we we also confirm our place in the playoffs. It is still the second week of March!


    April begins and within 3 days we are named champions. Nobody can catch us now and with the FA Cup semi's to come it is a welcome relief to tie this one up with 6 games still left to play.

    The day after Pim Bakker decides to do a Markov and wants out. What an ungrateful cunt. Needless to say I told him to jog on.

    Two day later and the team of the season is announced with only two of my boys in it

    The real business of the month arrives. FA Cup Semi against Championship Birmingham City.


    Incredibly we were in the final. Truth be told we had a lot of luck in the draws facing only one Premier League side to get to the final. You can only beat what is in front of you and that is what we had done.

    The league form continues and the records and awards start coming in. First we break the League 1 points record and follow it up with another manager of the month and player of the month double.


    Final month of the season and we have the big one to look forward to. First of all though we have the business of seeing out the league.

    To be honest I was sad to see the season end. We had performed beyond all expectation although it's amazing how quickly you adapt to this as I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed that we concede 18 goals by the end of the campaign. Crazy. We finished with a record points haul a goal scoring record and probably the biggest goal difference ever seen (+81 for the mathematically challenged).

    The FA Cup final was now upon us and the demolition of League 1 gave us real hope of winning a completely unlikely cup victory. Tottenham would be difficult opponents however. Despite them being a Chamionship side they were a Premier League club in all but name. They had bounced back from relegation to the Championship with not only winning this years league but also a record points haul just like us. They would be a Premier League club again next season. Enough background here is the final…


    To be honest we could feel a bit hard done by. Just moments before Tottenham score their second goal Caddis had a goal ruled out. Tottenham perhaps just did enough and their class certainly restricted our attack more than any side this season. The unfortunate downside of Tottenham being champions of the Championship and not the EPL means no UEFA Cup football for Darlington next season as a consolation.

    After the game i decided it was only fair to take the players out for something to eat. We had plenty to celebrate for the season and I needed them to stay together for the challenges that lay ahead. I managed to get us in somewhere that I thought the boys would be comfortable with.

    When we were all fit to bursting we all clambered back on the coach for the journey back up to Darlington. We had already heard from CMSG that they would like to meet the players and management team back at The Darlington Arena to thank everyone for the season's work. When we arrived there were handshakes and pats on the back for everyone. A faceless suit who I had not seen before came over and expressed the gratitude of CMSG to me for the efforts of the past 12 months. He told me I should pop along to my office where there was a surprise waiting for me.

    I climbed the stairs to my office and opened the door. It was dark inside and I could barely see anything. I carefully made my way to the window and drew back the blind. I suddenly became aware of someone in the room behind me….


    CMSG said I would find you here…..

    …..This is for my sister you bastard.

    by Filthy_Monkey

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    This post is mainly aimed at Merk as he is the one taking the baton next but it should give everyone a heads up as to who were the main players at Darlington this season.

    Markov - AKA "The Cunt"

    As the name implies this guy is a cunt. The thing is he is also one of the best players. He twice asked to leave because he thinks he needs a bigger club but he is also quality. Now Darlington are in the Championship I would recommend giving him another go. Be mindful of his £1.4m minimum release fee. If you are going to keep him get rid of it early.

    Bakker - AKA "The Other Cunt"

    Bakker is another who asked to leave during the season but again he is quality. He actually played himself back into the Dutch team whilst playing in League 1. He should be more than good enough to build the Championship team around.

    Oliver foster

    A signing from the lower leagues and he plays a bit like it tbh. He needs a few chances to convert but he is a solid performer. I would question whether he is good enough to be used as the main striker in the next division up.

    Enrico Scarano

    A free transfer signing from Liverpool and a great performer for me. He has experience but he is another year older and like all Darlington's other golden oldies he will need to be rotated to get him to the end of the year. A definite keeper.

    Eric David

    Signed mid season and fitted right in. His age and versatility are key and you should get another 2-3 seasons out of this guy. Great player.

    Andy Parry

    This guy was the lynchpin of my defensive midfield and started the season really strong. The problem is his age. His physical attributes are really on the slide and I'm not sure whether he has it in the tank to do a full season as first choice at Championship level. He does strike a brilliant freekick.

    Liam Caddis

    Caddis was my top man last season and was head and shoulders above everyone else in League 1. He played at the heart of the midfield and pretty much every goal went through him at some stage. If he performs to the same level you have a star. He is starting to show his age but that doesn't stop around 5 clubs a week trying to take him off Darlington for fuck all. Keep your fingers crossed he still has the magic.

    Anders Svensson

    This boy was my last signing of the season and he really could be the jewel in the crown. He is by far and away the most skillful player at the club and at 30 should be hitting his peak. He hasn't had many games in recent seasons and as a result he suffered a series of injuries when I threw him in at the deep end. If he stays fit this guy could be dynamite.

    Merk - As a restriction I am going to try and keep it simple. It's hard enough trying to cope in a higher league without someone trying to handicap you so all that I ask of you is that you give something back to the fans and sign a talismanic striker so that the kids have got a name to put on the back of the shirt. Ideally he should be young but see what is available. My stipulation is that he has to be an international and has to finish the season with 35+ goals in the league. Good luck mate.

    by Filthy_Monkey

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    Sir he is awakening!”

    Good, then he is ready for the task ahead of him!”

    But, are you sure about the plan?”

    Words awoken me as my heavy eyes opened. I looked out, but a lare of thick glass blurred my vision – denying the possible envision of the people talking about me.

    He is the next one – but, he has a different course.”

    As I shook my head to awake in this little space I have, as the liquid I laid in started to drain, a large ache started to build up in the back of my head, Ut was like I had been on a drinking binge the night before, and now I was having the world's worst hang over. As the tube opened, I finally saw the person who was talking about. It was the same image as before....


    Nice to see you remember me Zan!”

    “What the hell is going on here? One minute I was getting it one with Ke$ha, the next I am being awaken by you!”

    It is your turn, once more!”

    “Screw off! I am retired from that shit! Permanently!”

    Look – Zan – we can either work together, or your forced to work with me! Take your choice.”

    Reluctantly, I was commenced to CMSG Ltd. Head quarters, and was told the plan ahead of me.

    We and the FA have a quarrel, and instead of our noses being in there asses, we have decided to leave English Football and venture onwards in another country, and club and even an era!”

    “And you want me to start the revolution with another league title?”

    Actually, no. You are to be punished!”

    The word punished seemed to escalate the majority of my confusion. Punished? For what!

    “Excuse me, why am I being punished?”

    You! You abandoned responsibilities, so we had to take action! You delayed the course of action, so the divine justice had to interrupt! Now, you are to do a season which shall be run by our own restrictions, we are to pick away at you 'managerial' expertise for one season, fail and then you are the pinnacle of failure will gain nothing but shame, succeed – and you should be held in glory for a triumphant task that has been exceeded!”

    For five minutes, I was told of the news of what had happened since by 16 year sleep – no wonder my head hurt – but my form was the same: the AWESOME one still is AWESOME! But as the disguised man said, my future was a test.

    In the news, it became public about CMSG Ltd abandonment with Darlington, after only more then two seasons there!

    Will applications to Spain, Germany, Holland and Italy, I was offered a role in a 'not-too' bad side Reginna, but the 'divine justice' said otherwise.

    But soon another opportunity was given as 'crappy' Spanish Second Division B side Logrones C.F.

    And, without my consent, I was forced to go to the club.


    Lorgrones CF, a football team that dissolved in 1998 (Update fail, I suspect (2008 IRL)) didn't really have anything distinctive to the team, except that half of the team had requested to leave, which didn't really paint the picture of an 'easy' ride with transfers, and with the looming image of whatever 'Him' had planned – it was a horror film in the making.

    Logrono itself, though, was a lovely place to be spending the year in. With some nice looking scenery around.

    But this wasn't about the perfection of the town, nor the football club's dubious existence, but more of the fact that something was planned to make me fail for the first time in CMSG Ltd's honest challenge. Because I couldn't match the previous manager's restriction, at all, I wouldn't be able to have one of my own to the next one, and my restriction from the 'head' would be more severe.

    “Spider-man, Batman? Whose next cartoon characters?”

    I use the faces of those who fight for justice as a humble dedication to them. I use that known image to enforce my own ruling to those who are ordered for it”

    “Okay, I didn't ask for your life-story!”

    Anyway, you shall be forced to play with a series of tactics I shall post to you. The number of the majority of games you would be foreced to use them shall depended on the success you have with that said tactic.”

    “Sounds easy to comprehend.”

    That is not all. You also have to sign a number of English and French players from the short-list, and sell as many of the original players as possible.”

    “Easy enough!”

    That was my forced task to deal with these two restrictions – seemed easy enough.


    With such a shitty team, I already anticipated the expectation:

    And it seemed simple enough. To battle relegation, with the shitty tactics given to me to play, but I wanted success, no matter what!

    Transfers (Decent Ones) and Tactic One

    First off was the transfers. First important players that came in was two Goalkeepers, Italian William Anastasi who was 30, and French Pierre Benhassen who was younger by three years, for those who too stupid enough to do the maths or can't be arsed, he is 27.

    Both seemed contented enough players to fight for who was in between the posts or not. The next three player were the defensive back line. Niels van Dam, the Dutchmen centre back looked set to be my best signing, but time would go against that, find out later. Gary McGuire was brought in for options, but also to help with 'English-French' restriction. Mark Krimp is another Dutchmen, like van Dam, looks brilliant! But performance towards the end say otherwise.

    The next four important signings were all for the attacking side of the team – trying to build something which was transparent when I arrived. The first was winger and central attacking midfielder Romain Acedo, the Frenchman was vital as his brilliant creativity would mean we could have earned ourself a play-maker. Damiano Bellucci looked set to be out biggest threat, an the Italian did that during the course of the season, as you will read on. Bert van der Pas an good looking striker, would have wanted him to play better and looked set to have done something with the early start of his career here. Daniele Micheli looked set to be a deadly poacher for us with such a high amount of finishing,but....

    For the rest of the transfers between my arrival and the start of the season, here is the list of going-ins and outs:


    ================================================== ============================================== 2019/0 Transfers ================================================== ============================================== Date Player In From Fee ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 20.6.19 Roberto Álvarez Free Transfer Free 20.6.19 Ramón García Martín Calahorra £10K 20.6.19 Wayne Darby Free Transfer Bos 20.6.19 Daniele Micheli Foggia £75K 20.6.19 Gary McGuire Rotherham £40K 20.6.19 Mark Krimp Go Ahead Eagles £60K 20.6.19 Mick Mitchell Free Transfer Bos 20.6.19 Martin Futcher Free Transfer Bos 20.6.19 Steven Murray Free Transfer Bos 21.6.19 Glenn Cole Free Transfer Bos 29.6.19 Richard Martin Grimsby Free 1.7.19 Jonathan Vieira Racing CF £230K 3.7.19 Joe Wright Free Transfer Free 11.7.19 Pascal Gay Saint-Etienne £210K 3.8.19 Anthony Davies Newcastle £24K 12.8.19 Damiano Bellucci Empoli £350K 18.8.19 Gianni Amadio Novara £60K 18.8.19 Martin Oßwald Hoffenheim £130K 18.8.19 Jean-Luc Dupont Free Transfer Free 18.8.19 William Anastasi Gela £22K 18.8.19 Damien Devaux Sainte-Geneviève £7K 19.8.19 Pierre Benhassen Sénart-Moissy £9K 19.8.19 Romain Acédo Racing CF £550K 19.8.19 Bert van der Pas NAC £100K 19.8.19 Régis De Castro Paris-SG £18K 19.8.19 Niels van Dam Aachen II £60K Date Player Out To Fee ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.6.19 Pablo Bermúdez Released Free 20.6.19 Jesús Enrique Palacios Cornellá £7K 20.6.19 José Manuel Aspas Avilés Bos 20.6.19 Josu Gama da Silva Binéfar £8K 22.6.19 Patrice Evra Le Pontet Free 5.7.19 Iván Fernández García Llanes £20K 15.7.19 Eneko Cañas Endesa Andorra £30K 18.7.19 Xavier Pérez Lucena £30K 18.7.19 Juan José Vila Cerro Reyes £14K 20.7.19 Sergio Álvarez García Lugo £35K 27.7.19 Carlos Morán Lugo £70K 31.7.19 Jesús María González Fern Lugo £24K 1.8.19 Roberto Fuster Las Palmas £50K 1.8.19 Héctor Galán Horadada £7K 9.8.19 José Manuel Mora Patronato £9K 9.8.19 Ignacio Sáenz Endesa Andorra £8K 10.8.19 José Antonio Molina Hassel £22K 10.8.19 Francesco Migliaccio C.D. Alcalá £28K 14.8.19 Luis Vélez Llanes Bos 17.8.19 Miguel Ángel Izquierdo Panaitolikos £8K 18.8.19 Rafael España Llanes £35K 22.8.19 Francisco Rodríguez Delca Released Free 22.8.19 Héctor Corral Lucena £40K 22.8.19 Juan Manuel Franco Lucena £16K 22.8.19 José Miguel González Garc Released Free
    After the completion of a squad, the next thing was the first tactic – which seemed a little odd and weird:

    In the shape of a 'Z' I made the team for the first game of the season:

    But the result was, unbelievable!

    An perfection start to a, what I thought would be, a dreadful season! But that one way win extended to 4 win out of 7 games, before I got the second tactic. But with that one piece of form, it saw us be in first place for two weeks, and now 9th place in the table, with a grasping reach to the promotion places.

    Tactic Two

    Another weird tactic to be used, with an another letter, this time being an 'A'. With a tactic which virtually had no central defenders, it looked like we would be creamed for our first game with it, but it seemed not to be as:

    It seemed the left backs and the right backs looked set to use the attacking virtual to add to the teams overall attack. In, just after 3 games, which saw us, win one, lose one and draw one, we sat just one place below from what we had earned with the previous tactic, but still in touching presence of the top four:

    But that one loss did seem to piss off the board, as it was our rivals which creamed us:

    Tactic Three

    Another weird tactic, and another letter, this time an 'N' – which when all the letters aligned spelled my name 'Zan' – but I just kept on thinking about what I had to face ahead. The tactic which made no sense as there were virtually no defence nor attack, the result was surprising! The surprise started with the first game:

    With a win already, another came on the horizon with a shocker over League favourites Atletico Madrid B 4-2, then a 3-2 win over Real Sociedad, the run was then stopped by a sudden 2-3 defeat against Gimnástica, we then temporarily bounced back with a 3-2 win over Arenas therefore ending the run with the third tactic with four wins out of five. The table on the other hand:

    We had broken into the top four with only a one point difference between us and Getafe B.

    Tactic 4

    Another lettered based tactic which, this time, was an 'S' which could mean he was attempting to spell my name out throughout the season? The tenure of this tactic, though, was the same as the second tactic – 3 games – at the start of which was kind of a bad omen:

    With a defeat with a new tactic in front of more than 14,000 spectators, the form really improve to much as we went on to win one and draw the last game in the 'three game tenure'. A run that watched the downfall from seventh to eighth, as the next tactic was enforced. The half-way point was met and the table looked still hopeful.


    With most of the season gone, I had no hope in the striker I had and was forced to make only one signing with the money I had. £325k gone, and now I had Alfonso Torres who I hoped could become as deadly, as he looked!

    Tactic 5, 6 and Finally 7

    After paying off a reporter to follow 'Him' I learnt he was staying at a local hotel.

    After breaking into his hotel, and routing through his belongings I discovered the next couple of tactics he was going to assign me with. With 18 games into the season, and with the winter break ahead, I wanted to try and push on for a promotion place while I still could, but after the discovery of the next three tactics, my plans seemed to have been dissolved.

    But the whole package together I discovered what I was being forced to spell – 'ZANSUCK' – and if I hadn't discovered the tactics now, I could only image what the rest would spell, and the immense bad results we would be forced to endure! As I found other pictures of tactics, I decided to burn them instead of looking at them. And as I was about to burn the last, I was found by the person who was forcing this atrocity on me and the fans!

    So you have found out where I was and decided to burn that, which, is your punishment. Foolish! If you don't complete your punishment, then you will lose that which is in your southern region!”

    “What! You couldn't mean....”

    Yes, and it is tremendously too big not too live without!”

    “Not my feet! I know they are big, size 13, but still! Come on, be human!”

    No, I wasn't talking about your incredibly large feet, I was talking about your tremendously large unit!”

    “Not that! I just bought that from IKEA last week! It was meant to be shipped in yesterday, so it is forced to be held in Portsmouth while I am here in Spain!”

    Are you a frigging idiot?”

    “We shall wait and see, but since I have burnt the 'evidence' there is no tactics to be forced on me!”

    Actually, you forget the ones in your hand and have already seen!”

    “What about them?”

    When we kidnapped you, we put a chip in you forcing you to do our deeds when evidence has been seen!”


    Meaning, as that one has seen those tactics, you will be mentally obliged to do the deed!”


    I am, indeed, the perfect one!”

    “Perfect one? I think I have heard that before, but who....”

    It doesn't matter! Get back into the football instead of writin- I mean speaking of this non-football dialogue! People love football, women and Roman Generals! Not some stupid non-football action hero bullshit that is a metaphor other things!”

    “Roman generals? Who wouldn't love them! Blood and gore!”

    Roman Generals don't just kill people! They can travel into the past and shag women! And manage a football team, and....”

    “You know, that sounds familiar... Is that the plot to the next Back to the Future film?”

    What? No! Will you just piss off!”

    “ I never really got that. 'Back to the Future'? But they are going into the past from that one day, not the future as it would actually be the present to them – not the future! Especially since they have no existence in that one space of time, unless they were meant to create a paradox where he was meant to go back and change the 'present' in order to find his more favourable world!”

    I have a gun...”

    “Okay, I will be going now then....”

    With that little-large chat, I acknowledge I was forced to play the tactics, but as there was no evidence of how many I decided to play each tactic just once, now after the half-way point I could attempt to rescue the season – but I had to hope the results, but the results said otherwise:

    A dud.


    And one last one to capture the trilogy of duds! But, with them over and done with it was time for me to try and salvage the season! The 'rescue of the season' had begun, looking at the table, any hope of promotion was dead in the water:

    But I had to have some kind of faith as the season laid ahead.

    The Ending Stance

    As much as I hoped as the tactic above worked and that the future would have seen a turn around, it didn't. Defeat after defeat, game thrown away by each game. The fans didn't deserve to see this. The 'ending stance' against CMSG Ltd and 'Him' didn't happen, as the results just didn't occur:

    With 'Him' on my tail I decided to give up early, with seven games left of the season. I was passing the torch over, to give them a chance to keep the flame alive.

    The table spoke for it self, but the progression through my realm, really didn't do anything. And since I wasn't going to be able to get a restriction anyway, it all slotted into place to walk away as I could.

    As 'Him' broke into the hotel room, with a Glock in his hand, I was awaiting. It had become to much for me – and I had failed. His plan maybe was to kill me after all, maybe it wasn't. But all that matters was that the fans was going to get a chance to see that this season could have hope, with the next manager being ready, more ready then I. He saw me in the corner, and with a smile he held the gun against me head. He pushed the barrel into the centre of my forehead. The cold steel ring pierced my skin with a sharp shock-waves blurting out of my spine, This was it... The Awesome One... Zan The Man... His brains was about to be blasted across the walls of a hotel room in Spain.


    His evil grin largened as he loaded the gun, pulling back on the shaft (Ha!), as his hungry finger placed itself on the trigger. The pressure was on my shoulder, I could have done something to avoid it, but my judgement was against me. The cold and eerie atmosphere intensified as I drew a long and heavy inhale, which could be my last. His stance was ready, and as the clock ticked away the seconds, I close my eyes awaiting for the end.


    As the sound of a bullet went off in front of me. I opened my eyes, to see the figure ahead of me.

    “It was about time Niko, man!”

    Hey! You know me, better late then never. Now, go down stairs your trasnport awaits.”

    “What about him?

    Are you talking about 'Him' him, or him him?”


    Well, the dead guy, me and him will sort out – who is making sure no-one was about as I killed the fucker!”

    As I said that, him entered.

    Yo Zan.”

    “Hi Zan...”

    You better get going, I don't think 'they' will wait any longer.”

    “Will do...”

    God, it's good to know people. I ran down the hallways, entered the elivator and exited the hotel to the morning light. I walking into the car park.

    And then I saw who awaited.

    “Here I am!”

    I shouted to here, as I jumped on and put on the helmet, starting bike.

    Where to know?”

    “How about Peru?”

    Okay, weird but okay!”

    And then I drove down the road, as the sun shone down on us. Who said, there wasn't a happy ending?

    THE END...
    OR IS IT?? Spoiler:
    My plan had worked! The 'switch' with the other Zan confused them all, and think it was I who escaped to Peru with Ke$ha, leaving the 'other' Zan doing the last seven games. But really, I t would be me or all along! My devious plan had to the most cleverest ever! As I have a chip which makes it impossible to 'harm' Him, only the 'other' Zan could be used in this plan as if I was there, I would have been forced to tell Him all about the plan. I am so AWESOME, but, as my relaxation time by the pool.

    It was interrupted by a good looking woman in some sort of costume.

    You really think that would have worked on all of us, Zan?”

    “I am sorry, but I don't have a clue, what the hell you are talking about!”

    Your ignorant brian, really believes that me – 'Her' – wouldn't have been able to conjure up all of your plan? Your stupidity exceeds even the basic levels!”

    “Look – You can either keep talking, or head to room 201 and get ready for the best night of you life!”

    Look, you have seven games to avoid relegation – now go and do it”

    She then walked away, leaving in a fit of disbelief.

    Being the AWESOME one, i of crouse was able to save the team on the LAST DAY of the season with a 1-0 win. And now, everyone would be chanting my name!

    And in the hotel room when i got back....

    "You have done the deed, Zan. Now i have another task for you to complete!"

    "Sure, let me get some whip cream from the fridge!"

    But in the other room was another person awaiting for me.

    "Hey Zan, can i join in?"

    Sometimes, you GOT to LOVE LIFE!

    THE END.

    By Zansnake

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