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Thread: Dislikes another player

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    Dislikes another player

    Hey guys,

    I've been searching the forum for information on this and couldn't find anything so I started a new thread.

    Basically, It's my 3rd season managing Ipswich Town and one of the best players in the game, Taribo West, has just had an outburst criticising his teammates after only two losses, and one of those losses was in the European supercup against Juventus.

    This made most of the squad dislike him, so obviously I criticised the player and warned him for unprofessional behaviour.

    It also made Anelka request to leave the club as he dislikes West and dislikes my Assistant manager for some reason (maybe it's the assistant's low man management attribute, it's only 13)

    I never normally buy temperamental players like Anelka but I really needed to sign some world class players at my team to challenge for Europe and the title and I managed to buy him for 5 million and he has become my star player.

    He hasn't caused me any problems except for missing training once, but I decided to ignore it. Anelka's good enough he doesn't need to train every day. Have a day off mate. I don't care.

    However now I've had to put him on the transfer list at his request, but that's fine since his value is now 14 million.

    Anyway, as a result my entire squad has turned against Taribo West who is valued at only 5 million but his stats are amazing, I would not sell him for less than 15-20 million. Of course this will probably never happen as this is ChampMan 01-02

    What should I do:

    sell the incredible Taribo West for a lower price than it would cost to buy a player like him? This will make my team happy again,


    keep him in the team and just have a squad full of unhappy players (does unhappiness really affect their performance anyway?)


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    I wouldn't worry too much about it. Morale isn't that important in CM. However, I've found that unhappy players more often than not will reject new contract offers. So... you might lose players on free transfers later on unless you can make them happy again.

    So, I would sell West anyway. And Anelka too, he's gonna throw a tantrum every time you do something he doesn't approve. Like substituting him. Ain't no room for brats in my teams.

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    I personally wouldn't accept any transfer requests. What I'd have done is said no, then placed him on the list at YOUR request as he won't come off it now until he's settled down again.

    You could ride it out, sometimes players do settle back down again.

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    I once bought Anelka just to fine him each week and put him in the reserves. Can't stand Le Sulk.

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    Sell West and buy Espin who plays in the same position but is probably even better.

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    Well, now knowing that West will spit on his mates for any reason... I would sell him than keeping a bag full of snakes hissing at each others. Players dislikes are stored in the save, so I think the squad won't calm before he left the club.

    The real problem is less his ratings than how will react the medias, and how many times they will add some fuel on the fire. You're doing fine obviously and the opinion about you must be high. How cool is your chairman, and does he think something about West ? Remember that acting against the boss and the fans erodes your reputation... sometimes really fast.

    A question : in this case, do you think the players upset after the outburst were especially targetted by Mr. Veryangry or just randomly chosen in the squad ? I once took a look at "the targets" ratings (they received 6) before approving "the shooter" and to my astonishment got positive feedback from the fans. Of course, it depends of what kind of tragedy you want to manage...

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