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Thread: Player Manager (PS1)

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    Player Manager (PS1)
    Came across this video of Player Manager on the Playstation and got to re-visit some childhood memories. I spent so much time playing this game!

    Things I remember:
    - you could not start a new game as a Premiership team. You had to start in lower divisions and get promoted or apply for better jobs

    - you could buy anyone for any club. The transfer system was seriously flawed! Transfer fee was all that mattered. If you offered 51% of the players value, the CPU would counter your offer and quote a slightly lower price. You could then offer 51% of the reduced price and get another offer. Repeat. If you had the patience you could get any player for 1K. I was patient... Ronaldo for Barnet, anyone?

    - matchday; three options, "predict" "highlights" or "fast scanner". Predict was text-only, highlights showed some poor animations and fast scanner had dots flying around. With predict and highlights you couldn't influence the game at all (no subs, no tactic changes) so I always went with fast scanner.

    - team morale, visible in the boot room, your players would either stand up and look happy (good spirits), sit down (laidback) or look all depressed (poor morale). Winning games boosted morale, but for some reason morale got poor if you won too much! I often went on long winning streaks and the team were super-depressed anyway. Bringing in a major transfer (no cut price deal!) boosted morale slightly, but once you had won 2-3 more games it was back to awful. Losing games didn't help either. I never figured out what I was supposed to do when morale dropped.

    - player ratings after games: player performance were rated in CM-style. But in this game players could get a 0. And even negative scores. GK's were famous for getting -1 if they had a poor game.

    Did you play it?

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    Hmm, I had a PS1 and I'm racking my brains here but I just can't recall if I played on this one.

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    Not sure I did either, LMA Manager 2002 on the PS2 was the one for me, so good I picked it up for 50p about a month ago for another bash at it

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    I remember I really wanted Premier Manager (98?) but it never came to the local stores so I had to settle with Player Manager. It was surprisingly fun despite all its flaws!

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