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Thread: Manchester City (trunky)

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    Manchester City (trunky)

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    "Mr trunky to see you Boss."

    "Send him in Tony."

    "Right away Boss."

    Tony was a huge man. In trunky's mind he looked like a gorilla who had been shaved and then squeezed into a suit. An expensive suit. A very expensive suit. The suit fitted trunky's current surroundings perfectly. Marble floors. Expensive looking vases filled with expensive looking flowers. The chair he was sitting in felt old. And expensive. Hanging from the ceiling were two glittering chandeliers. The whole room felt, expensive. Classy but expensive. Tony stooped a little to open the large double doors in front of him before beckoning trunky. When Tony beckoned you stayed beckoned. trunky leapt up and followed him into the room beyond the door.

    If the previous room was expensive then this new area took expense to a whole new level. Bookcases lined one wall, filled with just the right amount of books. A fire roared on another wall with just the right amount of very comfortable looking chairs in front of it. A large desk sat near a window, a vast window partly covered by vast deep red velvet curtains. The whole room oozed comfort. Comfort and expense. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble to make this room feel welcoming which was at complete odds with the man who sat behind the big desk.

    The Boss as everyone called him, everyone alive that is, was a large man. Not large as in shaved gorilla large but large as in LARGE. He was that large that he seemed to float behind the large desk. He motioned with his large pudgy hand at trunky to sit in one of the comfortable looking chairs in front of the desk before standing up and extending a hand. trunky could now see the chair that he had been hiding. The Boss was a large man.

    "Mr trunky, do take a seat, and welcome to Manchester City", said The Boss with no hint of warmth before once again hiding the chair behind him. trunky sat. It seemed rude not to.

    "I would imagine that you have a lot of questions but let me explain my position first", said The Boss. trunky forced a smile and tried to relax into the chair. "I have bought this fine club", continued the very large man in front of him, "To make it the best in the World. On and off the pitch. To achieve this I want one of the best managers in the game. That's you just in case you were wondering." The Boss smiled. trunky inwardly shuddered. You didn't outwardly shudder in front of The Boss. trunky then smiled.

    "There is one small caveat that comes with the role and that is this. You can only have Italian players at the club. I don't care if they are Argentinian Italians, Welsh Italians or Italian Italians but they must be eligible to play for Italy. The job is yours and I won't take no for an answer. You start as of now. Questions? None? Good. Tony will see you out."

    As if by magic Tony appear at trunkys side and escorted him out before handing him over to an equally large shaved gorilla who guided the still stunned brand new Man City manager through a series of corridors before opening a door, motioning trunky in, and closing it after him.

    It was a large office with all of the usual office type furniture. trunky sat behind the desk and finally took a breath. It would appear that he was the new manager of Manchester City. Quite what his now old club, Portsmouth, would make of it he wasn't sure but once The Boss hired you, you stayed hired. Unless you died. trunky outwardly shuddered. It was his office and he could do what he liked in it.

    "I guess I had better start", trunky said to no one in particular.

    "That would be a good move", said a voice from the corner.

    trunky jumped outwardly. It was amazing what you could do in your own office. He looked towards the corner and then wished he hadn't. A very small ugly man looked back at him.

    "I'm your assistant. Luigi. Anything you want, I'll get. Anything you need, I'll get. Anyone you need killing, I'll sort it, no questions."

    For the second time that day trunky shuddered inwardly. It might have been his office but he wasn't stupid.

    "I was joking about the killing, probably", smiled Luigi before extending a small ugly hand. "let's get started shall we?"

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    Luigi? Any good with sinks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erkifino View Post
    Luigi? Any good with sinks?
    Think his brother is.

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    That's the one.

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