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Thread: Food, Glorious Food

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    I've got probably about a dozen "go-to" midweek meals that I've basically done often enough to not have to read the recipe. Tonight I made one of them, thought I'd share it for vegetarians (or aspiring vegetarians), but I'm not vegetarian and bloody love it. Tomato & courgette risotto. I remember when I used to be intimidated by making things like risotto, lasagne etc. - how foolish I was, it's a piece of piss (also great for lunch if you make too much).

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    Pasta wise I love this carbonara

    You need

    150g bacon
    30g onion or shallots
    20g of cooking oil

    Combine them into a pan and Cook until the Bacon is partially cooked
    Cover with foil or place in insulated container

    Boil and cook pasta
    Combine in a small bowl 3 eggs and as much cheese as you want, grated

    Combine everything in a large bowl and serve

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