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Thread: Graphics Queries

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    I have tapani 2.21.1 and have enabled colored attributes. But the attributes aren't colored, is there somewhere I can turn that on?
    Thank you!

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    you can load the tapani patcher and your exe, and press detect to see if coloured attributes is ticked.
    Flex 2 is also able to add coloured attributes

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    Hi there graphic geniuses!

    So I've been recently experimenting with putting club badge backgrounds into my game and, for the most part, it's going okay. The biggest problem I'm having is with the colour white and how to make it dull enough that it doesn't overwhelm the foreground colours so that you can't make out stats or finances; but I also don't want to keep having to constantly put a darkened filter on my badges so that all my whites turn out cream or beige.

    I was wondering if anyone had any tips or programs that they use to get the white dull enough but still white enough for the game (if that makes sense at all)?

    At the moment I use paint to turn my jpg's into bmp's and then photo editor (the one that comes with windows 10) to mess about with the filters and get the background dark enough to go into the game. My skills on a computer are probably about intermediate tbh.

    Any help would be great though lads

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    to create them I use the "" program is very simple. to reduce the problem of white or very light colors, I usually put on a black layer in which I set a certain transparency value (128). explained so maybe it's unclear, but if you use that program everything will be clearer.

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    I think I posted this before in the wrong way so I try this thread:

    Its about creating your own background and Menubar installation

    I have read the threads and followed the instructions and either I am stupid or I am slow

    1. I have followed the Tutorial: How to install a Menubar ( and every step went beautiful until I start the game.
    My new menubar is not shown. Its all same as before.
    What am I doig wrong? As said I followed exactly the tutorial and everything was just fine.

    2. I have read the threads with creating just ONE background and this RGN file shit is making me frustrated. First I tried to use the converter in the download section to take a BMP and convert it to a RGN file but all I get out of the converter is a file named just FILE and not RGN format ?????

    So I went on reading in the treads about using the picture editor instead to create a RGN file and it all went fine doing so with a BMP file in 800x600.
    So next I find a guy who does not find the file in the created Pictures older. It does not save in there. He said on his computer it was saved somewhere else on the computer.

    So daaaaaaa, where is it? I am using windows 10. I guess that is the main problem that the damn file gets saved somewhere else on the computer. I cant find it although I search for it.

    Anyone knows where the file is located so I can move it to the data folder and rename it to "default_pic.rgn" as describd in the comments.

    Please, I need help

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