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Thread: Gotta Catch 'Em All!

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    Hi all,

    won the first cup: Irish Munster Senior Cup with Cobh Ramblers.


    Sorry for the messed up view but every time I try to upload a picture the forum says it's not a valid file.

    Question: The next Cup on the list is the Irish Leinster Senior Cup but I'm also on my way to win the division. So I need to resign before the title win in order to comply with the rules of the challenge?

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    You don't have to resign just yet if you don't want to; it's just that the title win won't count as one off the list. You would have to win it again later after winning the Leinster cup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Effiong unmarked! View Post
    You don't have to resign just yet if you don't want to; it's just that the title win won't count as one off the list. You would have to win it again later after winning the Leinster cup.
    OK! Thanks for the clarification Effiong.

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    Welcome aboard this challenge! Nice to see more people picking it up

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    It's been a while, but...

    2039 and Linfield are taken to Irish cup glory and number 10 is in the bag as we are finally off to mainland Europe and Finland!

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    After becoming League of Ireland First Division winners with Cobham Ramblers (too soon for the challenge), I applied for the job at Wayside Celtic.
    They were still in the Irish Leinster Senior Cup, so perfect to try to win it.
    And I did it!

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    After about a year out it was Jakobstads Bollklubb who took a chance on me midway through the season as they sat in 6th place in the Ykkonen. With a new look 451/433 formation we slowly climbed the table, and in less than 6 months at the club, we had won the northern section, and went on to become champions with an away goals win in the playoff finals.

    Next up we will be off to neighbouring Sweden

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    No such success for my Finnish team, though we did slightly better than last year. Another 2nd place, but this time we got to the play-off final instead of only to the semi final. Maybe next year we can take the 1st place...

    Some key players leaving after this season, but I have some very promising looking players ready to replace them so I think we'll be up there next year as well.

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    Aaand I forgot that the play-off final loser plays another play-off against the 11th placed team in the top division. Here we met my old team Mariehamn, and I did now with HJS what I did with Mariehamn 4 years ago - promotion without winning the league. Once agian I have to either switch club or get relegated again to have another go at winning the Ykkonen.

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    Three new job opportunities revealed themselves, two newly promoted clubs (though with decently filled squads), and one well known name from the start of 0102 when they wree in the Champions League. I declined one of thelesser clubs to get the chance to manage one of the bigger Finnish clubs, who are now somewhat forgotten in the 1st division.

    There were some unhappy players (as always at a new club), some because of lack of first team football, some because they wanted to move to a more financially stable club. I can't really blame the latter ones...

    Losing 237 million pounds every month sounds like a reciepe for disaster, and not something that I have any chance of fixing on my own unless I stay here for the very long haul (and that's not the plan). At least I have a pretty full squad (only one DMC, else enough players in each position) four scouts and room for more players in the squad.

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    A heads up for those attempting this. I have been doing something similar and I am now in the year 2082. The problem is with the database size. If I save it uncompressed, I get a comp_stats.CCP 6033 error when I try to reload. It is OK when uncompressed, so best to be prepared when the save game gets too big. My uncompressed size was 2,115,557 KB
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    Just lost the Swedish Divison 1 promotion playoff on away goals for the second season in a row.


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    I took a break but I'm back.

    In season 13, Shamrock Rovers finished top of the First Division and got promoted to the Premier Division. This should help us in our continuing quest for the Leinster Senior Cup.

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    Lets have a long fly from Turkey to Argentina for Copa Argentina..

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    It was 33/34 season when i got this youngster in Denmark..

    For sure he looked brilliant at his age lets see how his career so far...

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    Another season done, and Finland is turning into some kind of quagmire for me. 3rd club, and for the 3rd time I win promotion from the Ykkonen without winning it... We also got to the cup final which we lost to another Ykkonen team, so overall it was a very good season for the team, just not quite good enough for me to move on from Finland.

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    Another early exit in the Leinster Senior Cup.

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    I'm gutted. I didn't bother reading this thread as I didnt understand the title! - I would have loved this challenge! I thought I would have a little go and see how far I got. I'll be honest I had a go with Cobh before succeeding with Limerick (assisted by Cork who were knocked out early!).

    My plan is to move to an Irish Premier Division side but since I won the cup not one job has become available! I haven't offered any new contracts and my Limerick team is breaking up. It is now September. I need to jump ship before the new season starts. I did get to the final of the LOI cup which should help my reputation.

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    Well not good news this time..

    I try to have backup files always helped a bit in this case but still angry of the errors i got and saturn says not fixable :/

    Had a good team with Estudiantes blah now i will use the backup i had better than nothing anyway..

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    That's bad news. Good job you took the backups.

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    Third time lucky in Sweden!
    This time unbeaten all season, and got the job done in the playoffs.

    12 down and now home to Scotland for the Challenge Cup and League One.

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    S14 was a bit disappointing. It was nice to see my old club Limerick getting their first Premier Division trophy though.

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    I'm in!

    However I've done the patch to replace South Korea with China and cant get it to change back. So will have to skip those and maybe just do China instead...

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    Another season, another Finnish team. And still no end in sight for my finnish adventures (though I'm having quite a good time over here so that's allright). After jumping off the rising ship going by the name of FC Haka, I took over newly promoted PS Kemi Kings, my first endeavour into the northern half of Ykkönen.

    The squad I took over wasn't the worst I've seen by any measure, but it was very thin and a massive recruitment effort was undertaken. 17 players arived in the pre-season transfer window, with another three arriving in the summer. Not knowing what to expect from this bunch of players, I hoped for an upper half finish (board expectations were to avoid relegation), but we exceeded those and were fighting for promotion until the end, actually having the 2nd place for much of the season until we stumbled into a four defeat run in August. I think things look promising before the next season, and we already have some arranged deals for players coming in in February and I will not be surprised if next season gives me another "promoted without being champions" badge as that seems to be my thing in Finland.

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