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Thread: Days between 2 matches

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    Days between 2 matches

    Hello guys,

    I have a question and I don't know if anybody asked before...

    How is it possible that in a season, I've played in 29 april and 1st may and 18th 20th and 22th may? I've lost some matches because I had players too tired

    Minimum it has to be 3 days between 2 matches not only 2!


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    The match scheduler in the game is pretty flawed.
    Especially when you play games in EUropean competitions, you'll often get many normal competition games moved because of scheduling conflicts.
    These moved games get pushed to wednesdays, usually, but if you play in a competition where you play a lot on Wednesday, you run into issues.
    The scheduler wants all competition games to be played before the last round (which should be fixed).
    If that's difficult, you get what you saw: a few games with just one rest day between them around the final round of the competition.

    You'll need to field a few reserve/youth players in the less important or easier games in that busy block.
    Unfortunately, there's no way around this in the original game.

    Maybe there's a patch that makes this less of an issue, but I'm not aware of one. Maybe someone else can add to this?

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    Unfortunately I've got 3 difficult games in 5 days! So with reserve/youth players It was difficult win

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    A lot of work has been done on this

    I think a lot of it is in saturn patches

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