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Thread: New database question

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    New database question


    I am new to the website, and it's pretty great.

    I've downloaded multiple tools, followed some tutorials, made some exe editing with OllyDbg and achieved some of the results I wanted, but got stuck in other goals.

    My favorite season ever is 2000-01, so I really wanted to have 00-01 db into cm0102. After validating it with the official editor, and running it through cmdbsort I managed to export it into a .csv using Database_Exporter_v1.01. I didn't find anything on how to create a blank DB, so I downloaded Dermotron's Empty Database to use as a base, though not ideal due to changes in clubs etc.

    That is when my problems start. I tried different tools to import players from the csv into the db, including Legion and archibalduk' Updater, but all failed. I even tried using either of them to insert just 5 players as a trial run, but failed miserably.

    Could anyone please enlighten me on how to convert, import/export, inject or whatever, the entire staff data from the cm0001 database into cm0102?
    It would mean a lot to me and I am starting to get really frustrated.


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    Oh itís a bit of an effort.

    when I did the cm3 update for 0102 and 0001 I used John Lockeís legion in flex but that was entering every team squad individually into a blank DB and takes ages as you need to type the team in, find the right one and plonk it in. There is 96 teams in England leagues alone. There is also a limit to how many times you can insert teams into the dB. Worth it if you can be arsed. Also lots of team name are different between 0001 and 0102 and depends if it lets you get the free transfer in the dbs as it only has on a couple of dbs and doesnít let me get ones from 0102 dbs.

    nowadays people use csv files but I have only tried that once but couldnít get it to work.

    why not just play 0001 or put 3.60 dB into 0102 3.68 would be easier.
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    That is a shame. I wondered if there could be a quicker way. I had considered the club names differences, but Iíd planed to compare the name of the clubs which had at least one player assigned in 0001 to the 0102 clubs spreadsheet.

    Anyway, I couldnít get it to work... I think Iíll stick to do it by hand, just open side by side 00-01 and 01-02 Tri Wasanoís editor, and just get down to put players back to their clubs from 00-01. Some new youth prospects like Tevez and Mascherano will already be available, Iíll just have to recreate relevant retired players.

    I prefer some options 0102 provides, more editing tools, the possibility to use VAG rounded and have that 03-04 look, possibility to change foreigner restrictions (essential for me).

    Since I have cm/fm from 00-05, 07-08, 09-18, Iím also filling out gaps in relevant players and adjusting them to what I believe they actually became. Itís just for my enjoyment, but itís getting quite epic. In around 2050, when I finish doing this, iíll Share it here

    Thank you so much for your reply

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