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Thread: Monthly installments in transfers

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    Monthly installments in transfers


    I have been wondering for a while, what the monthly installment tabs actually brings to the game in reality. It's obvious that the thought behind it is that the transfer fee is to be divided up over 6-, 12-, 18- or 24- months, but is it benefitial to do that?
    The reason I am asking, is because I recently fired up a rags-to-riches series on youtube, where the player uses monthly installments every transation, whereas myself I have never done so in the past.

    - Does it leave more of the transfer budget to spend, since it is to paid off later, rather than now? (I've tested this, and it seemed to drop the same amount, regardless of the monthly payments), or is it:
    - It leaves the balance more intact (since the paysoffs haven't occurred yet, so you're more likely to get an increase in the transfer budget) [tested this, and it seemed to me be that the balance dropped less with monthly installments than w/o].

    Anyone able to fill me in?


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    I think that the biggest advantage is that you can sell a player within a couple of months and donít need to pay the remaining payments (that is a bug)

    Not sure on your questions but I thought it was your first option until your test

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    In leagues with low TV money or low prize money they can be a great way to manage your clubs finances. Once you go into the red the calibre of free player or bosman drops a fair bit due to the wages you can offer but once you've a positive balance it can help a lot. Even that freakishly good lower league player that costs 40k is still an option with some sort of positive balance.

    For instance getting 6m over 24 months means you'll have 1.5m to last between each installment. Where as you get it in a lump sum you are likely to over spend it there and then which will likely result in selling your better players to balance the books by the end of the season or near the end. This doesn't matter a huge amount when you can get into Europe by spending everything but ideal for lower leagues

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