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Thread: TOURNAMENT #141 - Bubble Elements Arcade

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    TOURNAMENT #141 - Bubble Elements Arcade

    As the winner of Tournament #140, James_y has opted to choose an existing game for our next tournament.

    Please register to participate in this tournament here.

    Eight players are required and you will have three attempts to get the highest score.

    The winner will then be able to select a game for the next tournament whether it be one of the existing games within the Arcade or a new one that will be added to our collection from this website:

    The winner will also win 100 vCash added to their current stash for 0102Bet.

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    Closed the browser by mistake


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    Ok I know I picked another crap one.... this game is badly flawed as I found out in the first round against Mark. I struggled to win my game but I fought back and won which is when I realised you get more points the longer you take to complete it... Clearing it quickly should be what wins you the game and the least points should be the winner as all you need to do to get high points is stick around longer. Sorry all for that bad game....

    To play it safe I'm not going for a new arcade game next time.... let's stick to a good one we've already got... fancy rolling the dice and playing some Yahtzee?

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    yahtzee is ok

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    My bad, never saw that the tournament had finished.

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