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Thread: Member of the Month - November 2019

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    Member of the Month - November 2019

    At the end of each month, a new thread will appear where members can put forward their nominations for who they think have been an integral part of the community in the past month. Who will you be nominating?

    Please put forward ONE nomination and why you feel that particular member should be named 'Member of the Month'?

    Nominations can be for a number of activities ranging from scouting for the update teams, writing a story, running competitions, releasing a popular download or even just helping to 'Keep the Game Alive' by being a regular poster.

    The nominations are then put to a vote to the community where the winner will receive the status as Member of the Month and 100 vCash. It should go without saying that you cannot vote for yourself!

    A full list of winners since the MotM award was introduced to the community can be accessed here:


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    I'm gonna go for Mark - probably gets taken for granted and often overlooked when it comes to MotM because we're so used to him doing lots! I know he's been working with our hosts to get the annoying pop-ups sorted (even if it's not quite sorted for all) and finishing the fifth season of Vipers was no mean feat

    That's on top of all the 'business as usual' stuff we have come to expect - posting CDs to buyers, administering the VIP system and arcade tournaments... probably plenty more!
    Run out of vCash? You can request a recharge here!

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    SteveHarle. Whilst most of the rest of us on the Update Team are taking a bit of down time to build up to the January windows opening, Steve is keeping things ticking over nicely.

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    Can't fault the above 2 nom's

    I'm going to throw AMC into the mix for CML game but also (with the challenge team) driving work behind the scenes to get a new challenge out. When you see th work, ideas, tetsing etc put into it, you have all the more for the team - but he's doing a fine job of navigating that "ship" to the port!

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    3 good nominees already but i'll have to go for riise

    constantly working hard each day at the bookies and I love his forum to football game

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    PilgrimPete for me, some top scouting on some of the English teams, he has provided some very valuable and detailed information to improve the quality of the data we are using for the updates - keep it coming!

    I know I can only vote for one but I have to give mentions also for:

    Gibclaret80 - love the Gibraltar info provided on the scout page!

    Redknapp69 - I swear I see him on pretty much every thread on here chipping in with something, fair play mate great all rounder.

    BeezerCeltic1967 - had some good debates over the last month or so about things in terms of future changes to the database and its great to have someone who actually knows about Scottish football to help update it as I was wading through mud trying to do what I could LOL. No matter what you say though, Scott Brown is still absolute toilet though mate i'm not having it ha ha.

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