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Thread: Playing with each other without being in network game (Competition Suggestion)

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    Playing with each other without being in network game (Competition Suggestion)

    Hey guys, we know network gaming is almost impossible cuz of lag or getting more than few players at same time for a game is hard.


    I'm going to suggest a way we can compete against each other in a league format.

    Back in the day i played a lot of FIFA and on forums like this one the community created league system which could work in CM0102 to.

    We used to connect to each other using hamachi and play friendies home and away.

    Then we reported the results in a thread on the forums and the standings were created that way.

    It worked cuz if a season was a month, you have 30 days to arrange day and hour with your opponents and play the games.

    This could work here aswell.

    Here is how:

    We can start with a ChampMan Premier League including 8 or 10 teams depending on the interest.

    Random draw for teams, we'll use only top teams from Europe.

    Then we can use benchmark save in mid season and we'll connect and arrange friendlies home and away.

    Later on we report the results in the current season thread and mods update the standings.

    On the following season there will be a DRAFT phase where the manager who finished first in the Premier League can pick any team he wants, then the second manager, the 3rd and so on.

    This is good way managers to get their hands on better teams and it is the most fair way!

    Now i don't know how important are friendlies but that's the easiest and fastest way possible.

    The rest of the rules we can figure it out later on, but u get the idea.

    What do you guys think?
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