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Thread: Influence of league and team in the game

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    Influence of league and team in the game

    Hello guys!

    I'm a long time player of CM01/02, but there is something that have always puzzled me, and i haven't seen address in the forum (at least i haven't found the thread). Even edditing the game, to give a club the maximum facilities and setting the league to it's highest rating, i notice a big difference if i am playing with Real Madrid or FC Porto (for example). Even with wib-wob tactics and players with high intrinsic attributes, it is harder to dominate the game playing with Porto. Players and coaches don't evolve as fast, as they do if they are in Real Madrid, and winning is simply harder. As an example, with Man Utd i've won the Champions League three times in a row easily, and with Porto i've won one time in 5 years (with the same tactics and selecting the same kind of players).

    Do you guys have the same experience? Can you help me out to edit the game to even out the odds with lower grade teams?

    Thanks guys!

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    Yes I have been having the same kind of thought lately, I guess it's something to do with the leagues reputation maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexCardoso View Post
    Players and coaches don't evolve as fast, as they do if they are in Real Madrid
    club reputation gives a boost to training:

    Quote Originally Posted by teh1234 View Post
    What impact on training club reputation has? I ran some tests and it appears to be quite strong. Dunno if it's related to player unhappiness.

    Best training grounds
    Best coaches
    Player's scout rating: 60% (determination = 20)
    CA/PA 97/200

    Club reputation: 10000
    1 season: 70% 136/200
    2 season: 72% 148/200
    3 season: 76% 173/200
    4 season: 81% 195/200

    Club reputation: ~0-1000
    1 season: 65% 125/200
    2 season: 66% 126/200
    3 season: 71% 141/200
    4 season: 71% 141/200
    5 season: 73% 157/200
    6 season: 74% 160/200
    7 season: 77% 168/200
    8 season: 78% 172/200
    9 season: 79% 173/200
    10 season: 79% 175/200

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