So I been working on a new setup, which as you can see, Ive called it "Boom Bang" ideally looking for feedback if anyone out there does testing etc..
So I spent a while with the player instructions, doing much live play tests, and yesterday kicked off a network game via SV8 using it, and so far... so good
It creates plenty of goals, abit like the old days of CM, but like any hardcore attacking setup, will be exposed at the back, and tends to concede a few. Like many, Ive struggled with SV8, but I seemed to have turned a corner with this tactic, which in theory, is an old fashioned 4-3-3

Still looking for more evidence, but I feel the Left and Right handed Striker should be a out and out Striker position, with the middle being a Forward. All 3 needing the obvious attributes, Finishing, Pace, Off The Ball

The 2 MC's, at first I had as AMC's, given the arrows, but standard MC's will work. Dribbling, Passing, Flair being key

The 2 full backsm Ive toyed abit with making ther arrows longer, but like any other, Pace, Crossing, aloing with the defensive ones, but something I noticed yesterday - if you're gonna extend the arrow, then maybe get a player than can also play DML or DMR too add that attacking style

2 Centre Backs, pretty standard, but ensure 1 them, or possibly both, has good pace, and utilise that player to man mark the opponents Striker.

DMC needs to be key here, a real powerful player, like your Roy Keane, and someone with a high aggression, so again, Roy Keane would be perfect.

GK, all the standard attrbiutes

Note - I've only been working on this via SV8 so cant say how it will flair up on other patches/updates. Its a non-wibwob from start to finish and still tweaking here and there, I just wont get much time during the week