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Thread: The 1,000 Goal Challenge

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    2 more seasons completed and he is at a very round 500 games which is good for those with OCD. Our consecutive Champions League wins was stopped losing in the final last season but this season it was brought back to Oakwell to make it 6 out of 7 years. The League was won in both seasons and is becoming a little easier. Wolves and Leicester are the usual challenges.

    The previous season was much more productive but we are still ahead of schedule.

    9 seasons in and we are nearly half way there.

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    Looking very good indeed mate.

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    Season 13 is done, and for a change Torres underperformed not because of injuries, but just because he wasn't great.
    He played almost all games we had: 68 games (albeit sometimes getting subbed off because of fitness), 64 goals scored.
    That's less than 1 in 1. Last time that happened was nearly a decade ago. He still won World Footballer of the Year though.

    Overall it was a pretty tough season. We were three games behind the rest all season, which made the team think we sucked.
    We did, sort of. We scored a lot less points than previous seasons, but we still ran away with La Liga.
    And with the cup, and with the Champions League, and a few other minor trophies.

    We did have a rather poor goal scoring record, mainly because some of the support guys ran into a lot of injuries.
    And my goalie sucked. I sold Cech because of his age, and I already had his replacement.
    But that guy did not play according to his stats at all...
    But I have another one, and he played really well the last few games, so he'll probably become my first goalie from now on.

    I have a busy transfer summer ahead of me. Maxwell and Xabi Alonso have unprotected contracts, and so does Terry.
    Alonso doesn't want to prolong, and I'm thinking about letting Maxwell go, and getting a younger player instead.
    Terry I'll probably keep, despite his contract being unprotected. He's 33, and I don't think anyone will pick him up.

    Anyway, we're now at 748 games played, 791 goals scored, and Torres is now 30. Should still be doable, but it's getting tight...
    The kid's stats for this season:

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