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Thread: CM 00/01 Database Indexing

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    CM 00/01 Database Indexing

    For those of you that have worked with blank databases in CM 00/01; how do you clear it out entirely and get it to save, especially as it has a lot of items are linked to the .exe?

    In a similar vein, when editing clubs in the vanilla database, they get listed alphabetically by their short name. However, they also appear to have some sort of hidden index value that denotes their position in the list. This causes them to show up out of order in new league tables in the games. For example, if I change the short name 'Orient' to 'Leyton Orient', at the start of the season the club still shows up in the league alphbetically as if it starts with 'O', rather than 'L' (i.e. it doesn't change its relative order in the database). It's only a small thing, but it irritates me. Is this fixable?

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    I had a blank database I used, not sure if still have it or what exe it is compatible with now.

    but I basically just deleted every player bar 1 with the deleted button held down. I then used cmdbsort to remove errors.

    the game wonít run without sufficient players, some leagues it just causes chaos.

    i have for all mine used the cm3 leagues, Italy, Spain and Sweden Are the main pains as there are so many leagues and teams and need sufficient players.

    what database you trying to do?

    currently working on CM2 using the games to look at the squads and positions and the CM2 boak editor to Nick the stats. Then if the position the player was in then was clearly wrong I use 0102 and check online what a players best position was.

    it is great fun but very time consuming, just one person doing it but figure I will play this forever like my 93 version as it is so much fun. Also working on though stopped currently on 1989 or 88 version canít remember which, borrowing from the chap who did it for 0102 and that is great fun also but a long term project I might not bother to complete. 98 is finished, 93 is pretty much the same and plodding though CM2. Done England, Scotland, Italy, France in full and currently in Germany then have Holland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Scandinavian leagues to do. Spain and Portugal are a nightmare with common names do leaving them to last though have done Barcelonaís Real Madrid.

    Regarding long and short names, it doesnít bother me. Once I have carefully put all the correct teams into the correct leagues I am all good and work team by team, removing players and adding new ones.

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    Thank for taking the time to respond so thoroughly. I must admit, the blank database question was more of a curiosity; I'm never going to have time to build one from scratch. I was just wondering if it produced the same indexing issue I highlighted, and it sounds like it does. The developers' own tools probably accounted for it, but expect there are quirks from the community having to reverse-engineer their own. Still, it's a bit funny the included editor behaves as it does.

    It would be amazing if they released the source code for this one day. I've never played Football Manager, but I guess some aspects of the game engine are still built off Championship Manager, so that won't happen. Still, one can dream...

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