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Thread: My CM0102Loader

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    My CM0102Loader

    I made a Loader (rather than a patcher) for CM0102. This lets you play CM0102 with the year changed and very popular patches without ever modifying any files.


    CM0102Loader v1.7
    Loader for Championship Manager 01/02


    CM0102Loader is an .exe file you put in the same directory as your CM0102.exe (only works with a clean 3.9.68 version). CM0102Loader can patch the .exe in memory and changes no other files - so there will be no permanent changes.

    When you run CM0102Loader.exe for the first time it will create a CM0102Loader.ini file in the same directory with the following default options:

    Year = 2001
    SpeedMultiplier = 4
    CurrencyMultiplier = 1.0
    ColouredAttributes = true
    DisableUnprotectedContracts = true
    HideNonPublicBids = true
    IncreaseToSevenSubs = true
    RemoveForeignPlayerLimit = false
    NoWorkPermits = false
    ChangeTo1280x800 = false
    AutoLoadPatchFiles = false
    PatchFileDirectory = .
    DataDirectory = data
    Debug = false
    It also applies some patches by default that you cannot manipulate (these are Disable Remove CD Message, Remove Splash Screen, Allow CM0102 Window Close, Idle Sensitivity and things to make CM0102 more portable (remove memory check, location check, etc))

    You can set which .ini file CM0102Loader loads by passing a parameter (e.g." CM0102Loader.exe different_settings.ini"). But by default it will use "CM0102Loader.ini".

    The AutoLoadPatchFiles option, when set to true, will look for .patch files in your CM0102 directory and apply those too. A good source of .patch files can be found at: (click Download)

    DataDirectory allows you to set another directory for CM0102 to load its data from. This is normally the Data directory. But you can now copy this directory in the same folder (e.g. Oct2019) then maybe copy over the October 2019 update from into the new directory, then set DataDirectory = Oct2019 and then it will load using the 2019 data.

    This Loader was built with Visual C++ 6 so that it can run on Win95 as easy as it does on Win10. Which also should work on things like PlayOnMac, etc.
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    Amazing work Nick.

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    New version out (updated first post too):


    CM0102Loader v1.2

    * Can now set the .ini file from the command line optionally
    * Can set the PatchFileDirectory that the patches are loaded up from (by default it is "." which is the CM0102.exe directory
    * Can now have paths with spaces in the .ini file (and it will ignore quotes if you add them in too)

    You can probably see why I created this - I want one directory with ChampMan0102 installed with just the original .exe sitting there alongside CM0102Loader.exe. But every data update in its own directory in there, along with it's own .ini file. Then just shortcuts I can use that load CM0102Loader.exe Oct2019\Oct2019.ini and that set the year, the Oct2019 data path, patches, etc just the way I want them and with it never destructively changing the files.
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    New version out (v1.7):


    The reason for this version was a request I got regarding a saved game:
    I don't know if you can help me but I'm in the middle of doing the Gotta Catch Em All Challenge and suddenly the game shuts down.
    It doesn't matter on which date I am, I hit continue and the game quits to the desktop.
    I investigated this and it would act just as described above. However, if I loaded the exe in Ollydbg and ran the game then no crash would occur (?! *) - however running cm0102.exe in Olly is extremely slow.

    So I am wondering if other people have had this issue before and if so, my loader now has a setting that can be set to "Debug = true" in CM0102Loader.ini. That will load the exe in debug mode, so no crashes (for this issue at least), and will run as fast as a normal.

    EDIT: *I now know why this is! When using a debugger it uses what is known as the "debug heap" - you can turn off the use of the debug heap with the environment variable _NO_DEBUG_HEAP = 1. With that set, the crashes still occur. So something about the debug heap (maybe alignment) is working a lot more safely than the standard heap.
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