Hi All,

I am trying to set up a network game with my brother. The first time I ever done this. I see lots of info on doing this for 01/02 but not for 00/01 (my personal fav version)

Some info to help with any advice.

- We are not in the same physical location so it is over the internet I am trying to do it.
- I have followed a lot of the advice for the 01/02 tutorials to see if that would work.
- I have installed Hamachi and used the IP in the .net file.
- I have managed to create a new network game and I can play it but my brother cannot join it using the Hamachi IP.
- I have turned off firewalls.

Is there anything else I can try?
Does my borther need to connect to the Hamachi network?

When I look at my computers network settings my wifi account has internet access but my hamachi one says "no internet access" does it require internet access to work?

To try out if it is working should I be able to "join" my network game on my own computer or will that never work?

Many thanks for any help!!