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Thread: Hamachi tips and tricks

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    Hamachi tips and tricks

    Useful Tips and Tricks for Hamachi

    Here are a few functions of Hamachi that are useful for Champman.

    Visibility in different groups
    If you play with a few different groups of players, chances are you have multiple groups you are part of on Hamachi. When playing a game you may not want to appear active in other groups to avoid messages from them. All you have to do to switch a group off is double click the name of the group and it turns grey:

    Group Options

    You can right click your Group for options on that group:

    Open chat window will let the whole group see the chat at once. This is handy for troubleshooting or smack talk if you are playing a game!

    Set Access allows you to lock the group or set it so that new members apply and you decide if the can join or not:

    Peer Options

    You can right click on the others in the group to get further options:

    Chat will open a private chat between only you and this person.

    Diagnose is handy if you aren't able to connext. Hamachi will analyse the connection and suggest what the problem could be:

    click the details option for more info:
    (9/10 connection fails will be due to firewall)

    The Details option (after right clicking the peer) will let you look at this screen:

    Change will let you set the name of that peer to whatever you choose, and not what they are currently displaying. I find this handy for keeping track of everyone, as they will have different computer names to their screen names on the forum.
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    Thanks for posting this Chris, I wonder if I had the group "switched off" the other night.

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