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Thread: 93/94 For 0102

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    Thank you sir.

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    Hi CAM F/all

    As promised I am doing the greek league and players. SO far I have almost all apart from some 1st division teams which is the easiest part. Only thing is that I have them in XL tabs and I still need the painful task of adding them one by one in the database!

    1. Is there any import from excel files possible rather than one by one? I know there is a tool for editing but I could not open it in my mac (very annoying doing everything in mac), most important though it said that the XL sheets do not have the full player info and attributes but only some so not sure I should mess about with them

    2. The greek league in CM01/02 has 14 teams but in 93 it had 18. Is there any way of increasing the teams to 18? From what I have read it is very difficult. The only think which I believe is possible is to replace the greek league with a different one that has 18 teams. I guess as long as I replace it with a non-playable league that should not be a problem but there should be other issues like who counts as a foreigner, eu nationals etc. etc. If it is too involved I will not be bothered with that

    3. I see that all transfers are much lower than in CM2001/02 and teams have less money but the greek teams are left as they are (I guess given that they are not playable). I can reduce their budget based on my judgement but if you had a "formula" for this happy to do it that way. After all it is your project and do not want to mess too much with it and change the dynamics!

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