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Thread: Colored Attributes

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    Colored Attributes

    Is there a way to edit the colored attributes? I have all popular patches Saturn patch, Nick's patcher etc. so I do know how to apply colored attributes, I want to know if I can edit the colors and apply my own ranges somehow. For example I want 1-5 white, 6-10 yellow, 11-15 orange and 16-20 red.
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    I have gone nuts looking for this info but I cant seem to find it!

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    Sadly it's not easy - try loading up a hexeditor, going to byte: 0x5660F8 and changing some of the numbers there.

    Or if you can use Ollydbg:
    009660E8  /$  52                        PUSH EDX                                 ; cm0102.009660E8(guessed Arg1,Arg2,Arg3)            <----- This is the function that selects the color
    009660E9  |.  8B5424 10                 MOV EDX,DWORD PTR SS:[ARG.3]
    009660ED  |.  66:8B0C55 F6609600        MOV CX,WORD PTR DS:[EDX*2+9660F6]                                                        <----- this selects the two byte (WORD) color code based on the attribute score
    009660F5  |.  5A                        POP EDX
    009660F6  \.  C3                        RETN
    009660F7      90                        NOP
    009660F8      14                        DB 14                                   <------ this and below is the "table" of colors. Change these to get the results you want.
    009660F9      C6                        DB C6
    009660FA      10                        DB 10
    009660FB      C6                        DB C6
    009660FC      0F                        DB 0F
    009660FD      C6                        DB C6
    009660FE      0E                        DB 0E
    009660FF      C6                        DB C6
    00966100      8C                        DB 8C
    00966101      B5                        DB B5
    00966102      0B                        DB 0B
    00966103      E7                        DB E7
    00966104      88                        DB 88
    00966105  /.  F7C4 FFC0FFE0             TEST ESP,E0FFC0FF
    0096610B  \.  FFE0                      JMP EAX
    0096610D   .  FFE0                      JMP EAX
    0096610F      FE                        DB FE
    00966110      80                        DB 80
    00966111      FE                        DB FE
    00966112      E0                        DB E0
    00966113      FD                        DB FD
    00966114      80                        DB 80
    00966115      FD                        DB FD
    00966116      80                        DB 80
    00966117      F4                        DB F4
    00966118      80                        DB 80
    00966119      F3                        DB F3
    0096611A      C0                        DB C0
    0096611B      F2                        DB F2
    0096611C      C2                        DB C2
    0096611D      F1                        DB F1
    0096611E      62                        DB 62                                    ; CHAR 'b'
    0096611F      F1                        DB F1

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