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Thread: New Position Training Bug?

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    New Position Training Bug?

    Something I've noticed and cant seem to find anything about it in the search.

    I had my training set up with say Intensive skills then everything Medium for midfielders and then New Position = Midfielder and New Side = Centre, in case I have a AMC or something that I want to train up in that position.

    Now on the march update, I have Matthew Longstaff, Ruben Neves and Billy Gilmour that are all DMC but have 20 for CM. After being in this training regime, they suddenly go to 1 for midfielder? I then took the new position and side off the regime and edited them back to being 20 but after a couple of weeks they return to 1. The worst thing with Gilmour he only now gets 15 for cdm, so he basically has no strong position.

    Has anyone come across this or done any research on it?


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    I've had this 'issue' a few times.

    I had Ryan Giggs go from AML to FL
    I've had De Bruyne go from AMRLC to FLRC too.

    Similar to you, the 'midfield' changes from whatever it is to '1'.

    I think it's something to do with a bug from the training as it only happened what they had a 'new position' (even though that would have been set to Midfielder)

    Any help would be appreciated

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