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Thread: CM 01-02 Editor

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    CM 01-02 Editor

    hi, everyone. My name is Miguel, im 46 yo and im from Portugal. at this moment, im playing cm 03-04, cm 2008 and fm 2012. ive been following your work since 2 years ago. ive tried many times to install cm 01-02 and it works, but the editor gives me a headache. im trying to put my club, Desp. Beja, from portuguese third division or lower league to portuguese llB south division, swapping with Maritimo B. when i finaly made this changes in the editor, i open the game and gives 2 errors: v3.9.60 cpp 6360, when i click ok, appears another error: v3.9.60 cpp 6394. if press ok, appears the first error again. can someone, please, help me. i really like to play this game again. thanks in advance

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    Can't say I know much about the editor but i'd install the 3.9.68 patch which removes bugs from the original game

    With the editor - ensure you run it as administrator otherwise it won't save your changes

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