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Thread: Basque Regens

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    Basque Regens

    Hi, I am playing with Athletic Bilbao, original game. After some seasons, there are less Pays Basque Nationality. Now is 8th season and there are only 375 Basque players,a season ago was 405, season before 426. In the future there willl be no one. Is there a solution to fix this?
    In official patch after 8-9 seasons was only 100 Basque players.

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    Looks like it could be something the update team have looked into ahead of the new update as per the last few posts here,

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    There are ways to remove the restriction so a given club can sign anyone; I realise that isn't really the point - but if you've got a save that you want to keep and have no other option then you could remove the restriction.

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